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2020.10.25 04:10 ezlezl Tap Water SEO site: 13 mo

Howdy reddit, I've been writing posts about a content site I've been working on.
Last month I got a lot of good feedback that helped out a lot. This month I have some interesting updates and I've written a ton.
The singular purpose of the site is to answer the question:

"Can you drink the tap water in ?"

For any given place. I came up with the idea when I was traveling and while I was in an Airbnb in Thailand, I typed Can you drink the tap water in Bangkok? into Google.


The goal of this site is to be the #1 or #2 search result for the above query for every city in the world.

Month Summary

  1. Fixed a bunch of the issues that were reported to me by other redditors when I posted last month. These were absolutely valid. We had just released a new UI for the site and a bunch of stuff was terribly broken. Not all fixed yet, but moving there.
  2. Entrusted strategic ownership to Mike, who has been working with me since May.

Traffic Stats To Date

Month Visitors
Aug 2019 0
Sep 2019 35 (+30)
Oct 2019 261 (+230)
Nov 2019 709 (+440)
Dec 2019 2,043 (+1.3k)
Jan 2020 4,766 (+2.7k)
Feb 2020 6,994 (+2.3k)
Mar 2020 9,741 (+2.7k)
Apr 2020 6,886 (-2.9k)
May 2020 10,971 (+4.1k)
Jun 2020 15,423 (+4.3k)
Jul 2020 26,316 (+10.9k)
Aug 2020 39,925 (+13.6k)
Sep 2020 48,373 (+8.4k) (new)

Slow Progress

One thing I've found frustrating over the last 4-5 months is how it feels like we're moving really slow.
My "day job" is building startups, and I am more accustomed to moving really fast and updating features, pushing fixes immediately. Instead here, sometimes we'll have an obvious bug, but it could take weeks to fix.
I sometimes get impatient with tasks that don't get completed, especially if they seem relatively easy, but I came to the realization this month that it's a bit unfair to treat the project in this way.
So as an example, last month, a bunch of people reported that our city autosuggest is total nonsense and doesn't suggest good cities. That is (I think) still an issue. I think what's happening here is that it's just listing other cities by the date they were entered into the database, which is generally not the way humans sort cities. Even a quick fix like "sort by population descending population size" would dramatically improve the user experience, but we haven't implemented it.
As another example, the time from redesign being completed to deployed was over 2 months. This was due to a miscommunication. Mike (project manager) had communicated with Filip (our freelance developer) that we wanted the new design implemented. Filip quoted "40 hours".
What he did NOT communicate was that this was (A) engineering hours, not calendar hours (B) he was currently busy so would not be able to look at it yet (C) it would take over 2 months to get 40 hours of work into it.
Of course, this is not Filip's fault or Mike's fault.
I think I had just been unfairly comparing progress on this thing, which is a priority for nobody, to progress on my day job, where many people are focusing their full time efforts on it.
This mindset shift has helped me feel a bit more patient about the work progress on the site and accept that some of the "to do" list items may persist for months at a time.

Fast Progress

While actions feel slow in the moment, I had another realization a few days ago, which is that despite FEELING slow when I want something done but it takes weeks or months, I'm super happy with our overall progress.
It was just the beginning of this year that my goal was to get to 100 visitors per day. If you look at the above table, in December of last year we averaged 60 visitors/day and we broke the 100 visitor threshold in January.
Now we're regularly touching that volume every day.
So while the actions seem slow, it's rewarding to see that the results march forward, even though we aren't touching it every day.

Tasks completed in the last month

A bunch of new design bug fixes. The new design was pushed right before last month's post. There were a lot of problems with it, which redditors kindly pointed out. A bunch of these have been improved, but we still have more to fix.
Fix a scroll problem with our map.
Start looking for a new developer to add to improve our velocity (still continuing to work with Filip, but just want to have someone else that can work on it to increase our speed).

Next Steps

I'm effectively carrying my task list forward from the previous time, since none of them got executed.

Reviving an old split test -- oops I killed that too soon.

Just 2 months ago, I announced the "handwritten vs programmatic" split test inconclusive. I had previously just handwritten a bucket of articles and compared the performance over 10 weeks and found that our handwritten articles did not perform significantly better as a group. (More in this post where I talked about what we did and shut it down)
Well, I called it too soon.
I had asked my VA (Drew) to keep tracking this, but on a monthly cadence. When reviewing it this month, I found that the handwritten bucket of cities has definitely outperformed the programmatic ones.
As you can see, in this traffic chart of both buckets (aggregate traffic for entire bucket), you can see I ended the experiment pretty much exactly when the traffic started to diverge.
Further, if you look at each city individually, it's clear that the handwritten bucket didn't perform better because of just one outlier driving the entire bucket performance.
6 out of 14 cities in the handwritten portfolio had statistically significant gains over a 5 month period.
0 out of 14 cities in the programmatically generated (control) portfolio had statistically significant gains in the same period.
Sooooo.... Good news and bad news.
Good news: We know EXACTLY how to increase traffic for the site.
Bad news: It involves hand writing 30,000 articles.
I'm not really intending to do that though, but will move towards experimenting with:
  1. being clever about targeting which cities are actually worth hand writing (high search volume, low competition)
  2. using AI content generation to supplement for search
  3. pull in more data sources across the board to improve the quality of all pages
But it does inform strategy because it makes it clear that we CAN use hand written content as a tool in the toolbox for competing for high value pages.

New Domain

One thing we've been talking about is changing the domain name. The original domain name is kind of crappy, long to type, and doesn't feel like a brand. We want to switch it and intend to do so soon, but are just dreading (A) potentially screwing up the domain switch and (B) it sounds like even if you DO a domain switch perfectly, you'll still lose SEO at first (and hopefully get it back).
Since we've just barely crossed the 50k traffic threshold, we're JUST eligible for some forms of ad monetization, so it's tempting to run the ads first, then switch later. If we switch it over now, we'll likely fall below the threshold and won't be able to monetize immediately.
Whelp! I wrote a lot, I think! If you made it this far, congrats! I know that's a huge wall of text! :)
See y'all next month!
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2020.10.25 03:41 ASICmachine Two data points. Bitcoin price 6 months post-2016 halving vs. Bitcoin price 6 months post-2020 halving. (x-post from /r/Cryptocurrency)

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2020.10.25 03:29 sgtslaughterTV Two data points. Bitcoin price 6 months post-2016 halving vs. Bitcoin price 6 months post-2020 halving.

Disclaimer: I am not a financial advisor, please do your own research.

Graph 1: 2016 post-BTC-halving price performance graph Graph 2: 2020 post-BTC-halving price Performance graph
Disclaimer 2: These are two imperfect data points, you could even argue and say "cherry picked" data (since we are not technically six months post-halving for Bitcoin yet, that day comes on november 11th). I just thought it would be fun to discuss this as I took two random screenshots of bitcoin's price performance on coingecko.
Graph 1 highlights: Day 1 price: $638.32 BTC. Lowest price on that graph: $517.13 BTC. Highest price on that graph: $1130.85. Final price on the graph: $894.03. (roughly 40% increase)
Graph 2 highlights: Day 1 price: $8752.62 BTC. Highest price: today's price. Lowest price: $8604.75 (May 12th 2020) Today's price: $13,106.05 (roughly 49.75% increase).
"History doesn't repeat itself, but the charts do rhyme."
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2020.10.25 03:22 Sammael_Majere Is there anyone in the liberal/leftosphere that defends liberal states/cities?

I don't know if others have caught onto a common line of attack against the broader left. It tends to focus on bashing liberal states and cities like California or cities like los angeles, san francisco, New York, etc. etc.

Then you start getting right leaning people or even mixed politics people like Joe Rogan leaving places like California for so called conservative states. Often, to move to the most liberal parts of those states btw like Austin. But the narrative reminds me a great deal of the "I left the left" grift videos that used to flood out. Now it's "Why I left California"

And what tends to proceed is a panoply of right wing attacks on taxes, regulations, environmental restrictions, mixed in with more universal antagonisms like cost of living and the homelessness problems.

I happen to think some of these are real problems like cost of living and homelessness, there are problems that need to be addressed in liberal/left states, but the narrative paints areas where liberals and the broader left as these complete shitholes while conservative areas are pristine lands.

I happen to know a lot of that is complete bullshit. There was an article written a few years ago by Will Wilkinson about why Trump demonizes liberal cities that went into details about how much better larger liberal cities were doing economically, and where most of the wealth in the nation was produced. Hillary got in trouble talking about some of this data, but I think it's a perfect thing to bring up when conservatives are trying to paint liberal governance as generating nothing but decay. The areas with HIGHER taxes, MORE restrictions on the freedom of men with increased regulations, the very things conservative claim lead to diminished capacity seem to not be holding the liberal cities down:

There is a fantastic chart from the article that shows where most of the wealth is produced in modern times in the country.

The MAKERS, are mostly in those big, blue progressive, LIBERAL counties, not the don't tread on my shit kicker libertarian free for all regions.

None of which is to say that those liberal cities don't have issues, the concentrations of wealth and power make it harder to live for poor and middle class people. That is not a good thing, neigher is increased homelessness. But this kind of blanket railing on areas governed by liberals is getting on my fucking nerves, and I was wondering if anyone, ANYONE in the left youtube sphere actually tackles these anti-progressive narratives? Because right now they seem entirely unchecked.

I am tired of hearing some dipshit conservative bitch about a Californian moving to Texas and demanding they don't vote for what they say turned California into a shithole.

Never mind the fact that it's not what conservatives think about their locations is the draw. When asked why Austin Texas for Elon Musks Giga factory vs Oklahoma, he mentioned that the people that worked at tesla would rather live in and around Austin. Those LIBERAL progressive cities, and culture, and PEOPLE are the fucking draw, that is the magnet that welcomes people in from all around the world, not some crusted over you BETTER look and believe and THINK like ME or ELSE conservative regions. But no one, no one puts up a robust defense of liberal culture, cities, life, it's just left open for conservatives to slag. Please, someone tell me someone somewhere is defending us.
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2020.10.25 03:10 Veagar98 A measured Response to Destiny's latest "Free Trade" video

A critique of Destiny’s Free trade video from a leftist Will be mostly focusing on the Drug and patients and suing country’s specifically ethyl Corp vs Canada.
First issue I have with Is Destiny is his conflation of pharmaceutical company’s and bio tech company’s and later that public universities do not play a significate role in the creation of new drugs. “The importance of new companies for drug discovery: origins of a decade of new drugs”
Overall, of the 252 drugs studied, pharmaceutical companies were attributed 147.2 WDEs (58%), biotechnology companies were attributed 44.1 WDEs (18%), universities that transferred their discoveries to biotechnology companies (U→b) were attributed 40.3 WDEs (16%), and universities that transferred their discoveries to pharmaceutical companies (U→P) were attributed 20.4 WDEs (8%). Two key characteristics of the 252 drugs were also analysed: the extent to which they addressed unmet medical needs and their scientific innovativeness. The assignment of priority review status by the FDA, which is granted to drugs that are anticipated to provide substantial benefit over currently marketed drugs, was used as an indicator for the first characteristic. Considerations related to the novelty of the mechanism of action and/ or the chemical structure of the drug were used for the second characteristic (BOX 1; see Supplementary information S1 (box), note 4). With regard to addressing unmet medical needs, of the 123 drugs in the priority review category, 56.6 WDEs (46%) were attributed to pharmaceutical companies, and 66.4 WDEs (54%) were attributed either to biotechnology companies (29.0 WDEs; 23%) or universities (37.5 WDEs; 30%) (TABLE 1). In addition to the important finding that biotechnology companies or universities provided more than half of the overall discovery contribution for drugs in this category, it is also noteworthy that a substantially greater proportion of the total number of WDEs attributed to biotechnology companies and universities are in this category, rather than the standard review category. For example, 65% of the WDEs attributed to biotechnology companies are for the 123 drugs in the priority review category, with 35% in the standard review category, whereas the corresponding figures for pharmaceutical companies are 38% in the priority review category and 62% in the standard review category. In the assessment of scientific innovativeness, of the 118 drugs considered to be scientifically novel, 51.5 WDEs (44%) were attributed to pharmaceutical companies, and 66.5 WDEs (56%) were attributed either to biotechnology companies (29.9 WDEs; 25%) or universities (36.6 WDEs; 31%) (TABLE 1). Thus, biotechnology companies and universities provided more than half of the discovery contribution to scientifically innovative drugs. Similarly, a substantially greater proportion of the WDEs attributed to biotechnology companies and universities transferring to biotechnology companies are scientifically novel (68% and 69%, respectively) rather than follow¬on products. The opposite is true for the WDEs attributed to pharmaceutical companies, with 65% of these WDEs corresponding to follow¬on products (TABLE 1)
That aside I take issue with density’s conflation of R&D and “bringing a drug to Market” he will often say well Pharma company’s Spend X to bring it to market making it seem like the money is spent on phase 1, 2 and 3 trials when in fact I sizeable amount of the money is spent on Marketing and Sale’s for example
In 2015, out of the top 100 pharmaceutical companies by sales, 64 spent twice as much on M&S than on R&D, 58 spent three times, 43 spent five times as much and 27 spent 10 times the amount.
Out of the top 100 pharmaceutical companies in 2015, 89 spent more on M&S than on R&D.
On a side note for information on why Drug Prices are so high and how to fix it I’d suggest listening to these videos for more info on the topic
Why are prescription drugs so expensive and what can we do? Mayo Clinic
What Drives Drug Pricing? The Aspen Institute
U.S. Drug Prices: Why Are They So High? Harvard University
Second Major issue with Destiny is on his Ethyl Corp Vs Canada Case (yes it was the one Michael Brooks brought up I’m defending his honor)
Destiny may have just read a biased article about it in the past but there were 3 main reasons for Banning MMT in Canada one was it Damaged emissions diagnostics and control equipment in cars
Studies performed by the auto industry have consistently found that the use of MMT® in gasoline led to vehicle problems that included increases in engine-out HC emissions, sparkplug misfire, exhaust valve leakage, varying degrees of catalyst plugging, tailpipe emissions increases, and/or exceedances of applicable emission standards. The auto industry studies also indicate that vehicles designed with the most sophisticated emission control systems—in particular, those with HDCC catalysts—are most susceptible to being adversely affected by the use of MMT®-containing gasolines. Given the fundamentally different conclusions reached by the auto industry and Afton, the Canadian Government considered conducting an independent or “third party” review of the effects of MMT®. This review became moot as the result of the voluntary phaseout of MMT® use by Canadian refiners from 2003 to 2005. However, data collected in anticipation of the review, and while MMT® was still in use in Canada, clearly demonstrate the adverse impacts of MMT® on advanced technology vehicles. These -3- data demonstrate that the use of MMT® in Canadian gasoline adversely impacted at least 25 models of 1999 to 2003 model-year vehicles produced by nine manufacturers, which accounted for approximately 85% of Canadian light-duty vehicle sales in 2006. The means by which MMT® adversely impacted these models include severe catalyst plugging. Similar plugging was not identified on these models in virtually identical vehicle operating conditions in the United States, where MMT® is not in widespread use. Also, after MMT® use was voluntarily halted by gasoline refiners, data demonstrate that catalyst plugging cases in Canada quickly diminished
And Secondly that there were potential Health and environmental impact from using MMT First of all the EPA in America tried to ban MMT But secondly and most importantly the only Meta-Analysis I’m aware of in existence advises against the use of MMT
Metallic additives like manganese-based MMT, iron-based Ferrocene and lead-based Tetraethyl Lead all face similar constraints. Each is a cause of concern to automakers due to metallic deposits that shorten the lifetime of engine components and harm catalysts necessary to meet emissions regulations. The health impacts are likewise worrisome. The low cost of metallic additives does not reflect the high cost of health impacts nor the cost of repair and replacement of vehicle components. For all these reasons it makes sense to use the precautionary principle in setting regulations for use of metallic additives in gasoline. Without a high degree of confidence that adverse impacts will not occur, the ICCT recommends that countries avoid use of manganese-based fuel additives like MMT in gasoline. Many costeffective alternatives for boosting octane exist and each country and region can determine which alternative works best for them. . This action puts governments on a path to securing air quality improvements and enabling dramatic emission reductions to protect public health and the environment. The ICCT urges policy makers to pursue the course that is in the best interest of the public they serve.
Destiny also has previously said Canadian investigations into MMT found nothing but left out the other half of the study he cited
Unfortunately, only one general population epidemiological study has successfully evaluated the association between MMT and health outcomes. Researchers based in the United States and Canada published a study in 2007 that looked at health records and ambient concentrations of manganese in two Canadian cities - Hamilton, Ontario, where a ferroalloy plant was the dominant manganese emission source; and Toronto, Ontario, where vehicles were the dominant source (Finkelstein & Jerrett, 2007). In Hamilton, researchers found a significant association between airborne manganese and incidence of Parkinsons disease at an odds ratio of 1.034 (1.00-1.07) per .01 µg/m3 of Mn. In Toronto, where historical measurements of manganese were unavailable, researchers were unable to see an association between Parkinsons and total suspended particles, a proxy measure for manganese. With such low contrast between exposure levels and a small sampling period, the study may not have been sensitive enough to detect a relationship. A follow-up study is being planned.
Leaving all that a side it doesn’t matter and destiny doesn’t understand Chomsky’s Critique, Health and safety/environmentalism are a defense under NAFTA. All Ethyl corp had to prove was that An American Company lost money due to legislation passed when Canadian Company’s didn’t and since Ethyl Corp was the only Company that used it in all of Canada they won. To quote Barry Appleton, Canadian lawyer for Ethyl Corp
It wouldn’t matter if a substance was liquid plutonium destined for a child’s breakfast cereal. If the government bans a product and a U.S.-based company loses profits, the company can claim damages under NAFTA.”
That aside I would love to See Desinty’s Response to the “Report on the Impacts of the Renegotiated North American Free Trade Agreement By The Labor Advisory Committee on Trade Negotiations and Trade Policy” Its main points being 1) Was the NAFTA renegotiation process transparent and democratic? No. 2) Does NAFTA 2018 include strong labor rules with swift and certain enforcement? Requires more work. 3) Does NAFTA 2018 eliminate private justice for foreign investors (ISDS)? Partially. 4) Does NAFTA 2018 create jobs by adding enforceable currency rules? Minimal Progress 5) Does NAFTA 2018 strengthen rules of origin? In part 6) Does NAFTA 2018 protect responsible government purchasing and “Buy American” policies? Unknown. 7) Does NAFTA 2018 improve screening for foreign direct investment? No. 8) Does NAFTA 2018 improve trade enforcement as part of a robust manufacturing policy? Partially 9) Does NAFTA 2018 promote transportation safety? Yes 10) Does NAFTA 2018 eliminate Chapter 19 obstacles to trade enforcement? Yes. 11) Does NAFTA 2018 include rules to combat tax dodging? No 12) Does NAFTA 2018 remove rules that undermine protections for workers, consumers, and the environment? No 13) Does NAFTA 2018 include commitments to invest in infrastructure? No. 14) Does NAFTA 2018 protect consumers and ensure financial stability? No. 15) Does NAFTA 2018 protect intellectual property while ensuring the right to affordable medicines? No. 16) Does NAFTA 2018 prohibit global corporations from using NAFTA to capture public services for profit? No 17) Does NAFTA 2018 add strong environmental rules with swift and certain enforcement? Minimal progress 18) Will the USITC update its modeling of trade agreements? Unknown
I would also like to hear Density’s response from left leaning economists and their Critiques of Free trade
Making Globalization Work Joseph Stiglitz Talks at Google
The economics of populism by Dani Rodrik
Dani Rodrik – From Globalization To Hyper-Globalization and Back
Professor Paul Krugman - What did we miss about globalisation?
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2020.10.25 02:53 Aluh3s Question season NEW PRINCE OF TENNIS GENIUS 10 (last) chapter 2

Question season NEW PRINCE OF TENNIS GENIUS 10 (last) chapter 2
people to see if someone solves something for me that I do not understand about the last season NEW PRINCE OF TENNIS GENIUS 10 (last)
Chapter 2 that at the end of the chapter Inui is going to play against the one who beat Renji Yanagi (Akuto Mitsuya, the one who taught Renji data tennis) after he passed all the data.
And here comes the strange thing, in the next chapter where we want to see how this unfolds we are shown a flash, a game already started inui vs akuto and with Renji awake and then nothing else is known about what happened (beyond another screenshot at the end of the chapter) and it is not mentioned again and they go to the game of Seiichi Yukimura (the one who takes your senses) against Tetsuhito Fuwa (the dark-haired man who has his eyes covered with a bandage).
And it gets even weirder when at the beginning of chapter 4 there is a kintaro toyama match already started against a guy called Izō Hakamada who has a bleeding head and makes a movement called vanish I really don't understand anything when and how it started this game
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2020.10.25 02:37 500scnds [Table] I'm Jeff Galak, Professor of Marketing & Social and Decision Science at Carnegie Mellon University. I have published dozens of academic papers on decision making, consumer behavior, and more. I have also recently launched a new YouTube channel called Data Demystified. AMA! (pt 2/3)

Source Previous table
Questions Answers
the below has been split into three
Hi Jeff, thanks for doing this AMA! 1. As you said, studies have shown that relationships show the strongest correlation to happiness. Do you think people can be happy from “one” good relationship, maybe one with a loved one - or do we need multiple relationships to be happy? Or does this depend on the person? Yes. The evidence is clear here. Few amazing relationship are far more beneficial than many shallow ones.
2. I’m a lawyer - how do you think data can benefit the legal profession, and how can it benefit me (as an individual)? An understanding of statistics and probability has a huge role in the legal profession. I don't know what type of law you practice, but plenty of civil litigation between firms relies on data to support expert testimony. Lawyers, juries and judges largely lack the intuition and knowledge they need to interpret results of such expert testimony. You personally...think of every time you ever see a data point (political polls, stock prices, product prices/attributes, weather forecasts, etc...). Those all have some form of data and/or statistics in them whether you realize or not. Understanding data very broadly would help you engage with all of that more richly.
3. What’s the one thing we should consider when making decisions, that we don’t consider too much? Most decisions don't matter all that much. We spend a lot of time worrying about mundane decisions and shouldn't!
the below is a reply to the above
Haha I love the answer to Q3. :) It’s honestly refreshing to know that, thank you. Are there any decisions that do matter? Thanks! And, of course. Who you date/marry matters a LOT. Where you live matters a lot. Whether to have children or not matters a lot. I think you get the idea. What doesn't matter is which smartphone you buy, whether you get Italian or Chinese for dinner, or whether you watch this terrible Netflix movie or that one :)
Might be a little late but worth a try. Someone asked about loot boxes in video games, I'm fascinated by the psychology and marketing ploys that manages to constantly get people to buy the product despite the lack of positive reinforcement in the end result (as you know the items that are mostly desired tend to have a 1% or less chance). Right now a game I frequent has discovered through their research that losing increases more playing. They've used this information to artificially alter a player's matches to increase the likelihood of defeat. Despite the amount of frustration this causes a player, when presented with this information and proof (the official patent practically verbatim says this in the abstract itself), it doesn't seem to change their desire to play. Are habitual behaviors that much stronger than removing frustration? This is not something like having a messy room where the mess may not bother the self, thus the cleaning doesn't really remove any undesired feelings. My real question though is what are some concepts, theories, etc. that are employed by this gaming companies to play on the psychology of their players especially with monetization? I know of concepts like anchoring, conditioning, sunk cost fallacy, loss aversion to name a few but have no idea where I could find more. Another thing that's pretty fascinating, games these days are designed where at least 5 years worth of basic content is stripped from the base game and drip fed for years to come at a price. Even with evidence from predecessor games that had these features in their base game, players rejoice at a company releasing it two years later in the new game for a price. That's fascinating! The idea of forcing a loss is really intersting. Would you mind posting which game that is and where the patent filing is? I'm quite curious. The idea does make sense though...if the game can get people hooked on the mechanics and winning is the ultimate goal, then by increasing the odds of losing, they keep you hooked for longer. As in, if you win, you're done and more on to something else. But if you keep loosing, there's reason to stick around.
And I think you've covered the bulk of the "tricks" they use. The biggest one, by far, is the constant reinforcement in the form of points, awards, achievements, etc... all that have no real value. People like getting positive reinforcement and it motivates them to stick around. Imagine the alternative: a game where you never get feedback on your progress...that's a hard game to stay engaged with.
the below has been split into four
Hello sir. Hope you and your family is doing well in this pandemic. (1) I have a couple of questions. How does it feel to be a long term professor at a prestigious institution as Carnegie Mellon? How do you think this has prepared you for being an optimal source of knowledge in your field? Thanks for your questions!
Like with any job, there are ups and downs. I LOVE academia. I have the freedom to ask questions of the world that interest me and the tools and resources to answer those questions. That's truly amazing. CMU has provided many opportunities in the form of research support and access to resources. I also have amazing colleagues in the Center for Behavioral and Decision Research who motivate me to do great work. But like anything, there are cons. There is a lot of politics within academia and I can't stand any of it. It's impossible to avoid and makes some days unenjoyable. On the whole, I love my job.
(2) According to you how would companies which are currently surviving this crisis be able to focus on making a sustainable income as well as providing it's workers a pension to work? A purely subjective opinion. Wow, that's a big question and the answer greatly depends on the company. If you're Apple, I'm sure the employees will be fine. If you're a small business like a restaurant, that's a whole other issue. I hope that governments around the world will provide aid to businesses that are struggling, but with the current administration in the US, I'm skeptical much will happen.
(3) How would this crisis as whole impact students from around the globe i.e. Students(domestic and international) who are both in the process of applying as well as those who are going to apply in the next year or two?
(4) What according to you is the key to happiness and Do you consider gift-giving for moral relief(giving gifts to atone for guilt) as not counting as much as giving for the sake of giving? Thank you so much. Have a great day!! All research points to relationships being the key to happiness. Strong and close relationships are the number one predictor of overall happiness and well being. Cultivate them.
Gift giving has MANY motives. Sometimes it's just to make someone else happy, sometimes it's to fulfill an obligation. Sometimes it's to make yourself feel good about yourself. Those motives influence the types of gifts you give and the utility they provide the recipient (and giver). They are all, however, gifts.
the below is a reply to the above
Well...I agree with you there! A gift is a gift! No matter the cause of giving. I couldn't help but notice that you didn't answer the third question(probably because of my awful formatting). As a future applicant I'd really appreciate it. Thank you! Sorry, let me try again. When you say "not counting as much" that can be from the giver's or recipients' perspective. For the giver, if they internalize the gift as some kind of penance for a bad act, then sure, it counts. For the recipient, they probably have no idea what drives the giver and as long as the gift is minimally acceptable, they will be happy with it. Does that help?
the below is a reply to the above
Sorry I meant the third question. Autocorrect 😅. THIRD. My apologies Sorry, totally missed that one somehow! For ugrad and MBA int'l students (I'm at the business school) the biggest hurdle will be visas for entry to the US. I have absolutely no idea how that will play out. The current administration is making it very difficult for int'l students to get entry visas, so unless they change their policies (or are voted out in Nov), that's going to be a real challenge. For domestic students, if anything, they'll have an easier time getting into programs because of the decrease in int'l applicants (less competition).
For PhD students, there is a different and bigger problem: what happens when they graduate. Right now, many (most) universities have hiring freezes. That means that the students who are graduating now are completely screwed. But that also means that next year (assuming the pandemic is gone and schools are hiring again), there will be double competition for academic jobs (those who are graduating on time and those who couldn't get a job this year b/c no one is hiring). That will then cascade into the next year. I suspect it'll take 5 or so years before the academic job market will be back to some sense of normal
[deleted] Oh god, if you want to have impact, DO NOT go into academia. Go be a social worker. Or a teacher. Or work for a non-profit. Academics, with very few exceptions, actually change the world in any way. Most just sit in their offices thinking highly of themselves. The way to actually have impact is to apply your research somehow. That could be consulting, educating others, or writing for a wide audience (i.e. not academic journals).
More generally, you are right to be worried. The academic job market is going to be a disaster for the next few years. There is almost nothing to be done about that. Even the start PhD students are going to struggle. It sucks.
So what can you do? If you really want to do research (which, to be clear, is awesome and can be really rewarding), look for companies like Google that have "People analytics" (that's their version of HR) and do research internally. Or find a boutique consulting firm that focuses on behavioral science (BEESY is one, Ipsos has a Behavioral Science dept, etc...)
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Hi Jeff! I’ve always been interested in data analysis as a career but always feel lost whenever trying to path out an appropriate direction to become something like a data scientist or a researcher. I have 2 questions around data that I was hoping you could provide some insight on. 1) I would imagine that research papers require an extensive amount of data (at least I hope they do) to make inferences. My question is what is involved in gathering all of this data to test a theory/hypothesis? Highly varied. Almost all the work I do involves primary data collection. As in, I conduct experiments with human subjects. Other research uses archival data like sales of products or behavior on a website. Depending on what you want to answer, you will follow different approaches.
2) I see that your YouTube Channel is about the intuition of data but will you also have videos regarding those fundamentals behind the analysis (regression analysis, etc.)? If not do you have any helpful resources where one could develop these analytical fundamentals? I will, but the goal is intuition first. Other resources: coursera has fantastic data science courses. I recommend them quite a bit!
Why don't you use your powers for good? I try to! I sit on the board of a large local non-profit and give them as much advice on this stuff as I can. I also do some pro bono consulting for non-profits. It's not enough, but I try.
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Good Job, I'm currently watching Century Of the Self, and it's put a bit of bad taste in my mouth for "marketing" "Marketing" can be very evil. No doubt about it. I try to stay far away from that side of things as possible.
If you had a grand message to the world In The interest of happiness, young and old poor or rich what would you relay? Wow...way to be me on the spot! JK
I'd probably say that we should spend more time focusing on developing strong relationships than we do right now. We're all very caught up in getting better at something or getting more stuff, but research tells us time and time again that enduring happiness comes from the people we care about.
Have you done any research on consumer profiles based on political leanings? Do conservatives or liberals have different buying habits? In general, what are some of the best insights you’ve found in your research? I haven't looked at purchasing behavior based on political ideology. One that I have looked at is how political partisans respond to political lies. In short, Republicans and Democrats are fast to excuse lies from politicians within their own political party...but mostly if those lies are policy oriented. If they are personal lies (e.g. I'm awesome because I can bench press 10000lbs), most people tend to find those lies unacceptable. And I'm sure people will be quick to say that Republicans are more willing to excuse lies than Democrats and that's MOSTLY not true based on the data I have.
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That seems to contradict the most prominent Republican: Donald Trump who famously started his presidency by lying about his inauguration attendance. Not trying to pick a political fight mind you, but the whole “personal lies” thing doesn’t seem to apply there. Of course, you're right. Trump is the exception to everything, this research likely as well. Our work tries hard to avoid anything to do with Trump b/c he really is an exception in many ways. But even for Trump, our work suggests that Republican voters are more likely to excuse lies of his that support policy position than just prop him up somehow. Ultimately, though, yes, Trump break a lot of research...and a lot of other things too!
Hello, and thanks for doing this. I just have one question: ¿What would you say is the best way to make a costumer profile on young internet users? Like for a company that sells educational textbooks transforming into a company that has an educational streaming plataform where students receive the information true a videogame format. Sorry if I'm not clear enough, english is not my first language. I teach Marketing Research and get this type of question a lot. The truth is that without resources (e.g. money), doing something like this is hard. If you have a budget, I would hire a reputable consulting firm that specializes in online marketing and they will guide you with your specific application. Good luck!
What are your thoughts on the field of behavioral economics and how it relates to decision making? Are you looking to get me in trouble, b/c that's what's gonna happen here. Behavioral economics has its place, for sure. Let's decompose that a bit, though. There's behavioral and there's experimental.
Experimental I will admit, I am not a huge fan of. The experiments they run tend to be incredibly artificial, making their insights less than a great reflection of reality. The concepts are often just rehashes of social psychology for decades past, but with econ'y terms tagged on. And there is very much a holier-than-thou attitude about the discipline.
Behavioral, on the other hand, uses concepts in economics to explain behavioral phenomena more generally. Sometimes that's with experiments, but more often it's with real world data. I'm a big fan of when this is done well. Plenty of synergies between what they do and what decision making researchers and psychological researchers like me do.
Hi Jeff! Have you ever found in your research, results that were opposite to your initial hypothesis? If so, what was the most interesting time? Thanks! Not quite opposite, but we'll go with it. A while back a very famous psychologist published a paper "proving" ESP existed. I don't believe in ESP, but I thought it would be awesome if this psychologist were right. As in, it would be pretty cool if ESP were real. So I bet a colleague that we could replicate that original results. About a year later that colleague and I (and two other colleagues) published a paper that basically shut down all belief that the original finding of ESP was true. I happily lost that bet.
As a food service employee I am trying to figure out what’s next in the business post COVID-19. Do you have any thoughts on creative ways to grow business right now beyond offering curbside and delivery? Ditch the restaurant entirely. It's not a new model, but it should be bigger than it is. If I'm going to order deliver, why do I care what your restaurant looks like. Go rent some space in a commercial kitchen and make me a yummy meal that arrives at my door. There's definitely more of this these days, but I'm still amazed at the persistence of physical restaurants in so many cases. There's an amazing Chinese food place near me that doesn't even have seating, just a counter. The issue is that they are paying top dollar for rent on that space (it's in a high cost area) when all their business is takeout/delivery. Why not ditch the high rent and keep most of the business? Anyway, that's where I see this going.
Where do you think the culture is heading to? And, as the amount of people with depression increases and the majority of jobs get automated, would this have an impact on the economy? people without jobs become unhappy. Wow, that is WAY outside my expertise. Culture is highly fluid and we basically have no idea what will come next. (as an aside, if you can predict the next cultural change, let me know and we'll make billions!). So I have no clue where culture is going.
As for depression, that's a big issue and could be on the rise due to pandemic loneliness. Clinical psychologists will have their hands full for a while. I just hope people seek the help they need.
And as for automation, yes, that will change the economy as it has for decades now. How will gov'ts respond? I don't know. I hope we consider things like a universal basic income to help people avoid poverty. After that, it's anyone's guess.
Hi Professor, Thanks for doing this Ama! I'm currently getting an MBA in marketing and have been working on a few research papers focusing on the change of buying habits and the permanence of covid related purchasing behavior. Do you think consumers will continue to buy as they have over the past 6 months or is the uptick in online and delivery services temperary, particularly grocery delivery? 95% temporary. People like to go out and do things. Once the pandemic ends we'll be back to business as usual.
How do you feel about the way research papers are published? How has your school accommodated international students during the pandemic? Papers: lots of ways to answer this. I'll focus on open-access. I can't stand that papers that I work on, which are reviewed by referrees who don't get paid, edited by editors who don't get paid, are then profitted off of by private publishers who keep science from the public. That is insane. I strongly support open-access journals like PLOS ONE (where I am an editor). That said, the "private" journals are still the most prestigious in my field and if I want to advance in my career and make sure that my PhD students advance as well, I'm stuck submitting papers to them. It sucks.
Intl Students: I believe all classes must be accessible via remote learning. Even if they are held in person (few are), they need to stream the class to students who can't physically attend.
Hey Professor Galak! Thank you so much for doing this. I have always been fascinated by every topic that you just mentioned and in fact I have just recently presented my master thesis entitled "The Hedonic Stigma: How the consumer’s memory seeks shelter from hedonism in utilitarianism". Since I am still curious about a lot of things regarding the research I did and consumer behavior in general... Do you recommend any book that really made an impact in you or changed the way you see these complex topics? Thank you so much in advance. P.S. : By the way I just subscribed to your channel, best of luck! First, thank you! There is one book I have in mind and I can't think of the title at all. It's in my office on campus which I can't currently access thanks to Covid. It's a short book with a blue cover (not helpful, I know). It's about social psychology and had a lengthy discussion on pluralistic ignorance (one of my all time favorite topics in psychology). I remember that was the first book my advisor in grad school had me read and it changed the way I looked at people. Maybe someone on here knows what I'm talking about. The book was profound to me because it made me realize the interconnection between people and how others influence our decisions and preferences.
I don't actually plan to set foot on campus this semester so I can't even promise to get the book and tell you anytime soon. But if you can remember, ping me in like 3 months and I'll get it for you!
the below is a reply to the above
Thank you so much for your time! Hope I remember to talk to you again so that I can find that misterious book! Stay safe! If I think of it, I promise to send you a PM!
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This sounds like it might be "How We Know What isn't So" by Thomas Gilovich. It's not, but great book and Tom is awesome. I've known him for years and aside from being an amazing psychologist he's just a super nice guy.
Hi Jeff! I think I’m too late but had one question. Without giving away my identity, my father is a long time professor of marketing and consumer behavior at a university. I’m sure you know each other or of each other in what is a relatively small field. What do you think about this crisis around replicating results? My father (as he nears retirement from teaching) recently has questioned so many of the studies he taught his students for years. Feels like so many of the surprising results that are taught are surprising because they’re not actually accurate. How can the field (and many other social science fields) fight the urge to look for surprising, counterintuitive results and still remain interesting and relevant? Your father is right to be concerned. I've been part of the Open Science movement as well as took part in a major replication effort showing that most studies don't replicate. It's a huge problem, but it's getting better. Journals are starting requiring authors to submit materials, data, code, and make statements declaring use of good research practices...universities are being much more careful in their promotion processes when evaluating faculty...and the tide is starting to shift away from sloppy and sexy research towards more rigorous work. So yes, a lot of the really flashy stuff is questionable, but almost all research isn't that flashy. I worry a lot, but I do think things are improving. Say hi to your dad if he knows me :)
Hi Jeff, Economics undergraduate here, I feel like in a lot of ways your work is very intertwined with what research has been coming out of the "behavioral econ" field in the past few decades. In your view, can controlled experiments in researching human psychology/preferences/interaction provide researchers with meaningful data? If so, what needs to be done to make sure that those research environments are not too "sterile", in that they no longer reflect outcomes in the real world? Yup. Almost all of the new "findings" in behavioral econ are just psychology findings from decades ago. Economists put their own flavor on it, but it's almost all a rehash (with some exceptions, to be sure). Often you find something like this: psychologist learned something 30 years ago, but the studies were pretty low powered and didn't incentivize participants. So a behavioral economist redoes the experiments with more power (bigger sample), incentivized participants, and then claims that they discovered something new. In reality, they often just re-discovered something that was already known, but tested the idea within the economics paradigms of research. Yes, I'm being cynical, but that's been my experience by and large.
As for sterility, you can learn a lot from the lab, but generalizing to larger more representative populations, with more realistic stimuli is important to verity what is learned in a lab.
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Thank you for answering! If I may ask another question, what are some questions on the cutting edge of the psychology of decision making? What are big topics that haven't yet been answered? I don't know, but I hope what happens is we actually have some direction. Right now, everyone just studies whatever they want, regardless of importance or value. That's fun, for sure, but doesn't move a field forward. What we need is to come together and define the 10-20 BIG questions that need to be answered and then all agree to work on those questions. Other fields have done this (see Math:, so there's some hope for us too.
Hey Jeff! I've started learning and gaining more interest in how data is involved in making decisions and the benefits of continously learning organizations. Even today, I was watching a video by a CMU PhD candidate (Jabe Bloom). I don't have a Masters in anything yet, but I have wondered if I would enjoy going to grad school and learning more. Do you have an experience to share or advice about when going back would or wouldn't be a good idea? I think you would have interesting thoughts based on being a Professor and having researched Design Science. Thanks! Really hard question to answer and it depends on the type of graduate work you want to do. If you just love learning, getting a masters in something like psychology or decision science is a no brainer. Masters programs let you dig in to topics that you find interesting and might even use for your career. Go for it.
On the other hand, if you are thinking about a PhD, that's a different story. Being an academic has less do with learning, and more to do with creating knowledge. A lot of students who are straight-A students fail in a PhD because they can't make the leap from learning to creating. So if your passion is to create knowledge, a PhD is for you. If you just want to learn (nothing wrong with that!!!), a masters program makes sense.
Professer Galak, thank you for doing this. I don't know much about Marketing, so I got some perhaps basic questions that I have been curious about for you: As we are still in the middle of the pandamic, many of us are doing more (even more than before) online shopping. What do you think are some of the major consumer decision making difference when it comes to online shopping vs inperson shopping. Do you think different factors can affect consumer happiness for the same product purchased through different channel? Definitely not a basic question! There's a lot here, but I'll focus on one thing: transaction friction. With inperson shopping, to buy something, you have to actually get off your butt, go to a store, and find what you want. With online shopping, you can just click "buy now". That means you'll have way more impulse purchases and way more wasted spending. We already saw that before the pandemic as Amazon and the like took over retail. Now we'll see more of it. It doesn't help that pandemics bring anxiety and fear...two things that are known to increase desire to shop (think "retail therapy")
We all tend towards anthropocentrism and exceptionalism, and rationalise our own behaviour. In your experience, is human behaviour more complex or less complex than we often imagine? Is free will often an illusion and are we more predictable than we imagine? I remember watching a tongue-in-cheek BBC documentary from back in the day, where people suffering relationship difficulties were offered advice from a relationship therapist, who was actually a dog trainer. It was quite interesting how much a few biscuits and cups of tea seemingly improved troubled relationships, as they taught partners to use what amounted to classical conditioning instead of berating each other. Both. We are easily manipulated and influenced by our environment. Much more so than most people realize. On the other hand, humans have the capacity to really surprise even themselves. Just look at what humanity has accomplished despite all our shortcomings. It's kind of amazing when you really reflect on this.
I've been reading that decision-making depends critically on the emotional parts of the brain. For example, a truly Spock-like person would be indecisive to the point of paralysis. Unfortunately, emotion also pushes us toward confirmation bias and in-group vs out-group bias, which is not optimal. Are there tricks/brainhacks for preventing emotion-based bias? For example, in the case of a yes/no decision, could we flip a coin and inhabit the "yes" emotional world for a day, then switch to the "no" side and inhabit it for a day? After that, an emotion-based decision might be less biased? Great question with a lot to unpack. First, biases don't require emotionality. Most biases are purely cognitive in nature...meaning you they don't involve emotions at all. Things like confirmation bias, in-out group bias etc all don't involve emotions (they can certainly be emotional, but they don't need emotions to operate). So I think what you're thinking of is what is known as System 1 vs 2 processes. System 1 are the automatic behaviors that happen quickly and often result in biases. System 2 is the more deliberative way of thinking that can have other biases, but not the kind you're thinking of.
Now to emotions, yes, they matter a lot and emotional decision making is its own sub-field in psychology. Strong emotions CAN push people to act quickly (system 1), but that's not always the case.
So how do you prevent some of these errors in judgments? First, pre-defining how you plan to make a decision is important. Come up with rules that you plan to follow and stick to those. Don't let emotions or circumstances change that. Second, if you find yourself highly emotional for whatever reason, DON'T MAKE IMPORTANT DECISIONS! It's less about bias and more about tunnel just can't focus on all the things that matter. Finally, sometimes, emotions HELP decision making. Fight-or-flight responses are a real thing and they are typically triggered by extreme fear. You don't want a slow deliberation if someone is about to punch you. You need to react. Right away. So in those cases, emotions can actually be very beneficial.
Hey! Ive got a question! Why even though we all know that companies put price tags like 4.99€ on products to trick us in believing they are cheaper than they are, they keep on doing it. In fact lately ive noticed that they started putting 4.98€ instead, can you explain why do they keep doing what we already know why its done? Does it really trick us? In short, it works. People are what we call "cognitive misers". They are lazy (me too, by the way...all of us). Sure if you focus carefully you'll see that 4.99 is just 5, but most of the time we don't have the mental energy/capacity to do so. So we see 4.99 as 4. That might make the difference between you buying something and firms keep doing it. 4.98, is the same basic idea, but it also helps with online searches. If you sort by lowest price, 4.98 will come before 4.99.
I work in the tourism marketing field - do you have any insights on how to convince people to visit other places in their own country rather than travelling abroad? Obviously COVID has made this aspect fairly important as most of us can’t travel internationally. Until people feel safe, they won't travel anywhere. Once some level of safety is reached, perhaps focusing on the fact that some local tourism doesn't require air travel, which may still be perceived as a risk. Once we have a vaccine and it is well distributed, you'll be back to the normal operations of tourism. Some will go domestic and some will go abroad. I suspect that in the initial recovery there will be much more int'l travel. People will want to get as far from the home they've been cooped up in as possible. Good luck!
Do you fit your theories into ACT-R? If so, how do you reconcile its decay model with real life? I am much more a social psychologist than a cognitive psychologists, so I honestly don't ever think about ACT-R or other cognitive models like it.
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I'll redo my original question then. How do you account for decision changes over time? E.g., A person doesn't buy a car initially, but buys it later after one week. I don't understand what you mean by "account"? My research is almost entirely experimental in nature, where I randomly assign participants to various conditions and observe the causal consequences of doing so. People can change their minds all they want, so long as they don't do so differently across conditions (which is where random assignment comes in).
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My question is what is you explanation (theoey/hypothesis) for why people change their minds? Sorry I wasn't being clear. Got it. Preferences are largely constructed based on context (see work by John Payne). That largely explains most changes of opinions/choices.
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Sounds magical. What contexts change decisions and how? This is getting confrontational, and I'm sorry if I contributed to that. Constructed preferences refers to the fact that decisions are highly influenced by contextual factors, most prominently other options. Things like the compromise effect, decoy effect, default effect, etc... all demonstrate that people's preferences can change very easily just by virtue of the environment that those decisions are made in. In other words, preferences are very malleable. For a great review of this, I suggest this:
Be safe.
if your so smart why didn't you buy tsla at $200 per share? Who said I was smart?
Is it really correct to have two ands in your title? Sadly, it is. "Marketing" is one area and "Social and Decision Science" is another area. So I'm both "Marketing" and "Social and Decision Science". It's ugly, I know.
Hi Jeff! Im curious about gift giving from a marketing perspective. Do people value physical gifts more than a “free webinar” or downloadable booklet? And do they only value those later free things if they consume them or if they just sign up for them? Gifts from firms are very different than gifts from people. For the latter, we understand that the motive is USUALLY to do something nice. For the former, we undrestand that the motive is get me to do something (e.g. buy a future webinar). That said, gifts from firms to increase participation, but I don't think they are any more effective than, say, a price discount or a "free intro" promotion.
How can I, a finance student, develop more of my marketer side? Thank you for the hard work professor The easy answer is take marketing courses. Short of that, consider a Coursera course like this one:
(I have no affiliation with Coursera or that course...just seems reasonable).
Can your studies be replicated? Have you tried? I sure hope so! I've replicated plenty myself and other labs have replicated lots of my work, but not all of it. Across all my published papers, there are more than 100 experiments. The reality is that some are just not interesting enough to others to bother replicating...that's just part of doing science...some of it is big and important and some proves not be...though it's often hard to tell in advance which projects will be impactful and which won't. For those that have been replicated, I believe all have confirmed my original work.
Besides online shopping, what other big shifts in consumer behavior are you seeing, or theorizing will change dramatically, through this pandemic? I think you'll see a split among people in terms of digital engagement. Some will just dig in all the way and live on Netflix. But some will go the other route and explore nature for the first time, or play more board games, or read more books.
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Thanks for the reply. What of deep-seated attitudes like those that seem to be present in those from the Great Depression, e.g. thriftiness? The Great Depression lasted for a decade and, as much as this pandemic sucks, it is nowhere near as devastating financially as the 1930s were. So no, I don't think you'll see that level of thriftiness. I'm hopeful that we'll have a vaccine in a year or so and in 2-3 years we'll have largely recovered financially. Maybe I'm being too optimistic, but that's all I have to keep me going :)
Are you a cat person or a dog person? Why? I have a cat, but I want a dog. my cat doesn't do anything and just takes up space. A dog would be fun to play with and bond with, but I have two young children, a career, and a pandemic to deal with. I just don't have capacity for a dog.
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I see. Thanks for answering. Can you give out your top 10 TO READ BEFORE YOU DIE books? It can be a mix of fiction, non fiction, self-help, depressing, life changing books. :D I appreciate the spirit of the question, but books are so individualized. What I find amazing won't be what others do. That said, just off the top of my head:
1. How to lie with statistics.
2. Ender's game
3. Predictably Irrational
4. Night
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Thank you for the answer again! Last but not the least. I'm failing community college. During the summer break, I got help with a therapist as well as my girlfriend supporting my focusing on mental health. Anyway, do you think it's still a wise decision to go to a UC when I transfer? Because right now, I could prolly go to SJSU after some time mending my failures but I want to achieve more. Do you think I can go to like say...UC B? If so, what is one advice you'll give to a student who's failing but wants to succeed? The process for getting a psych eval for adhd/clinical depression is in the works. I might get medicine after some months. i wish I could give you a direct answer, but I really can't. I strongly suggest speaking to an advisor or counselor at your CC or at SJSU to find out what your best course of action is.
As for advice, consider if higher education is the right path for you. It well might be! but for some, it's just not the way to go. People have amazing lives working in trades or working for themselves. If you love learning and want to use the knowledge you gain for a career, go for it. If you're just doing it because "that's what people do," maybe consider what other options you have.
Good luck with whatever you do!
Do you think of Big Data as a natural and/or renewable resource? Would you support regulating Big Data as a public utility or public good alongside ailand/water? Honestly, I have never considered big data as a resource that way. I'd love to learn more about that there something you can recommend as a resource/reading?
What kind of melon is your favorite? Watermelon, easily.
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2020.10.25 02:19 Kiriyume_exe B Data Science UNSW VS B Science/M Maths USYD

Hello, I'm a current Yr 12 student sitting my HSC. I've been doing research into both Bachelor os Data Science and Decisions (UNSW) and Bachelor of Science/Master of Mathematical Science (USYD) and both are about data processing. Now, I'm not sure about which degree would be better to choose if I wanted to pursue Data Analysis in the future. Please give me your guidance!!
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2020.10.25 02:17 discount-ben-shapiro Ordinal vs Interval Data

Apologies if this is beyond basic, but I’m having trouble figuring this out.
I’m in a class going over nominal, ordinal, and interval levels of measurement. Is the following question an instance of ordinal or interval?
What is your current household income? a) Less than $20k b) $20-$40k c) $40-60k d) $60-80k e) $80-100k f) Over $100k
Thank you in advance!
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Templates Examples
1: Smirking cat template(pls use) 1: Catcaughtyouslippin
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2: This meme is so true. 2: [No Data](No Data)
    Author: u/Pep_Gaming_YT     Author: u/No Data
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3: Total Drama meme format that I think has potential. I called it "dusgusted Heather and happy Chris" (First time posting here, hope I done it right) 3: [No Data](No Data)
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This week
1: Smirking cat template(pls use) 1: Found a possible good template
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2: Innuendo meets reality 2: World: we just can’t stop watching even though we know we’ll be f*cked next...
    Author: u/KlerWatchCo     Author: u/FooFooFox
    Score: 756     Score: 83
3: Playing tumble tower (Jenga) 3: You can't hide from buff bird.
    Author: u/Mugiwara_AF     Author: u/Darthvegan66
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This month
1: Negative thoughts corrected by a friend 1: Found a possible good template
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2: Steve in smash 2: should be illegal
    Author: u/FeedTheMii     Author: u/sponge_hitler
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3: Spongebob VS Freezer template 3: Authorised Dealers describing your place on a waitlist
    Author: u/sponge_hitler     Author: u/KlerWatchCo
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This Year
1: New Sonic movie template 1: Let's spend some time together
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2: An Upgrade 2: Lord of the rings
    Author: u/0Markus0     Author: u/rad302
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3: For singular tastes 3: Some told me to do it
    Author: u/African_Watersports     Author: u/Ralle1998
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All Time
1: New Sonic movie template 1: The gif that started it all
    Author: u/Spudtastic-Spastic     Author: u/Whymanwhy12
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2: Credit to u/mallow_dip 2: I once called Hulk Shrek.
    Author: u/Yemris     Author: u/Shiteingann
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3: An Upgrade 3: Let's spend some time together
    Author: u/0Markus0     Author: u/rad302
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2020.10.25 01:03 DragonfruitOk9776 [OfficialLIVESTREAM] "Clayton vs Lipinets" liVe STrEaMs-reddit

[OfficialLIVESTREAM] "Clayton vs Lipinets" liVe STrEaMs-reddit Lipinets vs Custio Clayton Boxing Live Stream. Watch Sergey Lipinets vs Custio Clayton Boxing Live Stream . Official match data for : Sergey Lipinets vs Custio Clayton Boxing Live Stream – Welterweight. Welterweight Live Game FREE Streaming
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2020.10.25 00:44 secondsniglet Washington state - 919 new cases - 102,264 cases total - 10/23/2020 Case Updates

Washington state - 919 new cases - 102,264 cases total - 10/23/2020 Case Updates
The 919 new cases are higher than the 820 yesterday on a slightly higher level of testing (24,091 total tests on 10/23 vs 22,656 on 10/22).
No new deaths were reported today. The department of health does not report deaths on weekends and just add weekend numbers to Monday and Tuesday totals.
The 27 new hospitalizations are lower than the 48 yesterday. However, the department of health says these results are incomplete. Here is what's on the DOH web site today:
COVID-like illness (CLI) hospitalizations are not complete due to a backlog in data processing. COVID case hospitalizations are not impacted by this backlog.
NOTE: We can't compare the department of health total testing results after 8/24 with any earlier periods since there was a methodology change to count total tests instead of the people tested. I never alter previous reported results, so I won't be changing my spreadsheet for historical periods to adjust to the new department of health statistics methodology.
I maintain a complete set of statistics, and charts, based on Washington state department of health web site daily reports on a public spreadsheet.
I got these numbers from the WA department of health web site.
This spreadsheet showing individual county break-downs, compared to the state averages, is maintained by u/en334_0:
This spreadsheet showing Pierce county break-downs is maintained by u/illumiflo:
This spreadsheet showing King county break-downs is maintained by u/JC_Rooks:
submitted by secondsniglet to CoronavirusWA [link] [comments]

2020.10.25 00:43 en334_0 COVID in Washington state, charts per county (October 24th, 2020)

Medium article (same text):
Here are charts for Washington State counties. These charts rely on the New York Times’ published data on COVID-19 in the United States. I am primarily use their county-level data set together with population estimates (Wikipedia reports on US Census data from 2019).
I have produced charts of new cases of COVID-19 as
7-day trailing averages
scaled to cases per 100k.
Google sheets link
All of my charts and tables are shared in a public Google sheets document:


Washington state
Nationally, there has been a rise in positive cases. Washington state maintains a consistent below-average relationship to this trend. In fact, in the past 2 weeks, the gap between WA and USA has grown from a difference of about 7 to 10.
Without more context, we might say that either WA is doing better and better or the entire USA is doing poorly.
King County
King County’s performance is up for debate. Zooming into the last two weeks, although the County is below average against the state-wide and national average, the slope of the King County curve is in an uptrend. Visually, it appears to mimic the same slope as the national count.
So, even though King County is below the state-wide average, the current pattern implies that it will meet or exceed that average in the next week.
King County last 14 days:
All counties ranked by trailing average case per 100k as of 10/23/2020 Here is a ranked list of all counties as of 10/23/2020. I have added Washington State as a whole to help contextualize the numbers.
Walla Walla County shows a sharp increase over the state average
Walla Walla County past 14 days:
Walla Walla is ranking 2nd worst in the state. This is accompanied by an aggressive uptrend in positive cases. This is not as dramatic as Whitman County’s outbreaks. Instead, by my quick visual review, its slope (against the state average) is reminiscent of Yakima County’s outbreak in March.
Yakima County in March 2020 shows a similar trend as Walla Walla County today.
Whitman County
Finally, despite improvements in the past month, Whitman County continues to lead the table at a rate three times higher than the state average.
Want to see your county? Check the google sheet or ask in comments.
I chose trailing averages and scaled to population (“per 100k”) to help readers identify how COVID-19 is trending in each chart and to allow readers to make fairly direct comparisons county-to-county.
These charts compare each county against the entire state. This allows us to say whether or not a county has generally been doing better or worse than the rest of the state. I am using the trailing averages and trend line comparison to mitigate the way that testing patterns have changed since the early months.
I have refrained from speculation about the reasons for each county’s performance in this post and concentrated on simple language: above vs below average and a month to month comparison.
submitted by en334_0 to CoronavirusWA [link] [comments]

2020.10.25 00:16 classicwfl Breakpoint Gameplay Experience: The Lone Sniper Challenge

Seeing as how I'm obsessed with getting immersive sniper gameplay, I thought I'd outline how I've been playing as of late in order to boost my experience and challenge in the game while I wait for SGW Contracts 2.
The Goal:
Create an immersive, challenging experience for snipers that also enhances realism without being TOO overbearing, as well as being adaptable to people of a variety of skill levels.
Difficulty settings:
First, you'll want the following set for your Ghost Experience settings:
You may notice I didn't include the Difficulty - Enemies setting. That's where you'll set things based on YOUR needs. I personally play on Normal because I have physical handicaps that make faster reactions difficult for me, but feel free to crank it (or even drop it down)! This is the main point of adaptability here. I'll note the second further into it.
Also, no AI teammates allowed! This is embracing the idea of being stuck behind enemy lines here, alone. No spotters. If Breakpoint ever allows you to just take along 1 AI teammate, I might get behind that, but having a team of 3 others makes the game way too easy to cheese (seriously, I cleared a Wolf camp just by having my AI teammates sync shot everything while I hovered around with a drone).
The equipment:
You've got one rifle here, and for the challenge, I picked a rifle that will allow you to get an immersive experience. Here's what you'll use, and how you'll load it out:
You may be thinking.. Wait, why skip the suppressor?
Because in the real world a .338 rifle would not go unnoticed being fired 30 meters of a person suppressed (yes, it gets detected at 29 meters in Breakpoint - see my notes below for links to my guides that include all that data and more). In fact, even the 201 meter detection range when unsuppressed is suspicious. So, we skip it. This encourages longer-range shots and more careful planning of your shooting positions (also encouraging you to shoot & move).
The Recon A1 is the rifle of choice with the loadout suggested because fully maxed it'll line up with the reticle pretty well; See my immersive sniper guide linked at the bottom of this.
For the pistol, take whatever you like. This can be suppressed, although it does break immersion a bit per my notes above. I personally rock the 5n7.
Class, skills & tools:
Class-wise, the Panther is my go-to. Once again, see links below for more on why. Otherwise, I'd say Pathfinder or Assault: Both are fairly plausible (along with Panther) gameplay wise. Sharpshooter class is a no-no, unless you want to NOT use sensor launcher (which is too magical for this play style, and honestly, armor buster is a bit much, too - no matter how good your hand-loading is, if you see that much of a difference in ballistics, you'll probably break your rifle).
Skills-wise, you'll want Rolling Thunder, Sensor Hack & Slim Shadow. Do NOT take Ballistic Advantage, because that'll interfere with the ranging of the rifle. I'd suggest not changing these out for additional immersion.
For tools, this was a hard one to determine. Stims, binoculars (for getting range to targets) and sync shot drones are the core. That leaves you 1 slot to customize to your liking. I typically carry mines to cover lines of retreat and handle vehicle choke points, but the question is.. Should you be allowed to swap out stuff as-needed?
I say yes, as long as you're not in the middle of an engagement. If you're outside a camp or undetected and not anywhere near enemies, go ahead. If you're in the middle of a firefight, I'd call it cheating.
The only no-no is the sensor grenade: You're not rocking fancy optics that allow you to actually see enemies behind walls and the like.
General gameplay requirements:
The main thing that isn't controllable by Ghost Experience settings is this: No helicopters. You're a sniper, not a pilot, and helicopters are insanely difficult in the real world. Everything else is fair game.
However, if you've got difficulty operating vehicles or holding down keys to move for longer amounts of time, feel free to allow limited use of them.
Fast travel is allowed: Erewhon can pick you up and drop you anywhere you need to go. Pretty much any place you'll need to hit is within around 1km of a bivouac.
Feel free to pick up enemy weapons in the field, but no swapping of attachments! What you pick up is what you use. Also, pro tip: Remember where you dropped your sniper rifle in case you need to use it before you head back to Erewhon to get another one :)

That's the guide! Let me know your thoughts. Been enjoying playing this way for a while, and it's really made the game much more slower paced and challenging.

Guides and information noted above:
Pathfinder Vs. Sharpshooter:
Immersive Sniper Guide (covers the details of the Recon A1 and TARS101):
My full guide list (including sniper rifle & DMR evals):
submitted by classicwfl to GhostRecon [link] [comments]

2020.10.24 23:51 DieHermetischeGarage Podcast-PlayList vom Samstag, 24.10.2020

Die gesamte Tages-PlayList
Sendung Titel
BR Zuendfunk "Pink Resistance" - Wie Donald Trump den Mainstream Pop politisierte (1)
SWR Zeitwort 24.10.1931: Die George-Washington-Brücke in New York wird eröffnet (2)
SWR Wissen Das totale Jetzt - Die große Gereiztheit unserer digitalen Gegenwart (2/2) (3)
WDR Feature Die Akte Hanna - Ein Leben im Blick der Securitate (4)
WDR Zeitzeichen UN-Charta tritt in Kraft (am 24.10.1945) (5)
Zeit Titel wo min
00:05 Lange Nacht über Besatzungskinder in Deutschland nach 1945 (Arp, Doris) DRK 170:29 ?
05:05 70 Jahre Freiheitsglocke (Groth, Michael) DRK 56:42 ?
06:10 Das kontrollierte Virus - ein chinesischer Mythos? (Freyeisen, Astrid) DRK 6:20 ?
06:48 Proteste in ganz Polen wegen Abtreibungsverbot (Pallokat, Jan) DLF 1:30 ?
07:48 Trumps versteckte Truppen: Rückenwind für rechtsextreme Milizen (Kößler, Thilo) DRK 6:21 ?
08:42 Das Wichtigste heute Morgen (Sawicki, Peter) DLF 5:04 ?
11:09 Klaus Brinkbäumer, Stephan Lamby: 'Im Wahn - Die amerikanische Katastrophe' (Rabhansl, Christian) DRK 17:23 ?
11:30 Bob Woodward: 'Wut' - Ein Präsident in Rage (Brink, Nana) DRK 5:40 ?
11:39 David Enrich: 'Dark Towers' - Wie die Deutsche Bank Trump groß machte (Zantow, Andre) DRK 7:03 ?
11:49 Peter Schneider: 'Follow the Science?' - Es gibt nicht 'die eine Wissenschaft'! (Morshäuser, Bodo) DRK 5:42 ?
12:36 Showdown in Belarus? Märsche, Demos und ein Ultimatum (Nagel, Christina) DLF 2:47 ?
13:23 Tod eines Lehrers und Freiheit im Netz: Nach dem Mord an Samuel Paty (Noll, Andreas) DLF 5:56 ?
13:46 Von Corona keine Ahnung: Inhaftierte Kanadier waren in China völlig isoliert (Freyeisen, Astrid) DLF 5:06 ?
15:18 Konzertverstalter Michael Russ über den Zehn-Punkte-Plan der Grünen (Elsäßer, Fabian) DLF 6:35 ?
15:18 Großes Kino: Kantemir Balagovs 'Bohnenstange' (Leweke, Anke) DRK 8:00 ?
15:30 Godard - Der permanente Kinorevolutionär (Rebhandl, Bert) DRK 15:06 ?
15:35 Corsogespräch: Autor Dominik Feldmann über Philosophie in harter Rockmusik (Elsäßer, Fabian) DLF 10:28 ?
15:51 Laura Veirs mit 'My Echo': Riot Grrrl mit Mitte Vierzig (Hughes, Jessica) DLF 5:43 ?
16:30 Ermittlungsverfahren: Die ICANN streitet über den Umgang mit Whois-Daten (Welchering, Peter) DLF 9:14 ?
16:40 Die ENISA und das BSI berichten über die IT-Sicherheit in der EU (Rähm, Jan) DLF 4:12 ?
16:44 Die Schwierigkeiten der Kommunen mit Open Data, Interview Henrik Scheller (Kloiber, Manfred) DLF 7:04 ?
16:51 Das Digitale Logbuch: Mondraketen (Schönherr, Maximilian) DLF 2:47 ?
17:05 Amerika wählt. Demokratie am Abgrund? B. Waldschmidt-Nelson vs. C. Hacke (Köhler, Michael) DLF 24:54 ?
18:05 Der Zusammenstoß - Requiem für John Brasch (Koch, Egon) DRK 54:09 ?
18:19 Arbeitsschutzkontrollgesetz: Arbeitsminister Heil wirft Union Blockade vor (Günther, Anja) DLF 1:05 ?
18:21 Polens Präsident Duda positiv auf Corona getestet (Pallokat, Jan) DLF 1:35 ?
18:23 Italien: Nach den Corona-Protesten in Neapel (Pongratz, Elisabeth) DLF 2:59 ?
18:26 Deal mit Israel bringt Sudans Übergangsregierung in Schwierigkeiten (Kühntopp, Carsten) DLF 3:11 ?
18:30 Nigeria Präsident Buhari bestätigt 69 Tote bei Polizei-Protesten (Sadaqi, Dunja) DLF 1:42 ?
18:32 Vandalismus in Berlin Granitschale vor dem Alten Museum mit Graffiti beschmiert (Ossowski, Maria) DLF 1:09 ?
19:05 Corona: Berlins Strategieschwenk - Eigenverantwortlichkeit ist richtig (Habermalz, Christiane) DLF 3:47 ?
20:05 Memory Garden (Podcast) (Merzouga) DLF 49:58 ?
23:15 UA Sibylle-Berg-Stück am Gorki: 'Und sicher ist mit mir die Welt verschwunden' (Mumot, André) DRK 6:54 ?
(#) Info
(1) Musik verbindet und war schon immer wichtig für soziale Bewegungen. Joan Baez, Tori Amos oder Tracy Chapman lieferten damals den Soundtrack für die Bürgerrechtsbewegung. Heute hat die Politik den Mainstream-Pop erreicht, und damit Lady Gaga, Madonna, Billie Eilish und Beyoncé. Was Donald Trump damit zu tun hat, hört Ihr in diesem Generator.
(2) "Sie ist die schönste Brücke der Welt" meinte Le Corbusier. Brückenbauer Othmar Amman: "Was haben wir anderes gemacht, als zwei Wäscheleinen zwischen zwei Pfosten aufzuhängen?"
(3) Im digitalen Dorf erleben wir manchmal beglückende, oft stressige Sofort-Konfrontation mit immer anderen Ansichten. Und alle fordern gleichzeitig unsere Aufmerksamkeit. Das totale Jetzt. Was das mit uns und unserer Kommunikation untereinander macht, berichtet der Medienwissenschaftler Professor Bernhard Pörksen von der Universität Tübingen.
(4) Die rumäniendeutsche Helga Höfer arbeitete in Bukarest als Journalistin für den Bayerischen Rundfunk. Das machte sie interessant für den Geheimdienst. Über dreißig Jahre später öffnet Senta Höfer die Securitate-Akte ihrer Mutter. // Von Senta Höfer / Regie: Cordula Dickmeiß / DLF Kultur 2019 /
(5) Die Charta wird zum Wegweiser für den Staatenbund namens 'United Nations'. Der Name sei Franklin D. Roosevelt in einer Nacht gekommen. Mehrere Monate arbeiten Diplomaten von 50 Staaten an der UN Charta, die am 24. Oktober 1945 in Kraft tritt. Die UNO ist geboren. Ein Staatenbund, der sein höchstes Ziel bislang nicht einzulösen vermochte: Weltfrieden. Autorin: Claudia Friedrich
submitted by DieHermetischeGarage to DasOhrIstDerWeg [link] [comments]

2020.10.24 23:37 Joejoejo344 All Oculus Quest Multiplayer/Co-Op Games: Oculus Store and SideQuest

Wanderer: Google maps VR with friends
Bigscreen: Watch films with friends
Cook-out: akin to Overcooked
Epic Rollercoaster: Rollercoaster shooter game
Raccoon Lagoon: akin to Animal Crossing
Drunkn Bar Fight: Co-Op, Bar fighting with silly weapons
Path of the Warrior: Co-op, like streets of rage/Gorn
Star Trek Bridge Crew: 4-player, Command your own ship and complete missions in space
Spaceteam VR: 4-player, yell comands at each other to complete tasks
Tsuro The Game of the Path: Asian spiritual themed board game
Kingspray Graffiti: Grafitti with friends
SculptrVR: Multiplayer art and 3D sculpting
SWORDS of GARGANTUA: co-op, multiplayer, similar to fighting up the tower on SAO
Ironlights: Sword Dueling PVP
Skyworld: Kingdom Brawl, akin to TABS but PVP
Sairento VR Untethered: Tron Ninja Battle arena with co-op
Elven Assassin: 4-player tower defense, bow and arrow with powers and abilities to unlock
Wands: PvP Magic duels
Immersed: Productivity, co-working
vSpatial: Productivity, co-working
Spatial: Productivity, co-working; take a picture of face, impose it onto your VR face

Zombie games

Arizona Sunshine: co-op zombie campaign; 4 player horde mode
Death Horizon Reloaded: co-op zombie campaign; horde mode coming soon
Drop Dead Dual Strike Edition: co-op horde mode

Sports games

Blaston: Face to face PVP shooting dual
Cloudlands 2: Golf VR, pass and play co-op and online co-op
Echo VR: 3D Rocket league with frisbies
Sports Scramble: essentially Wii sports VR
Eleven Table Tennis VR: PVP or PVE Table tennis
Racket Fury Table Tennis VR: PVP or PVE Table tennis
RUSH: Skydive Race In a Wing Suit with friends, good adrenaline rush, but not for the queasy
Creed Rise to Glory: Boxing multiplayer, though there may not be many on the servers, so bring a friend
Poker VR: emphasis on Poker
PokerStars VR: emphasis on Casino games
Racket Nx: Raquetball VR
Pro Putt (by Topgolf): 4-player golf multiplayer
Walkabout Mini Golf: 5-player golf multiplayer
Premium Bowling: Single, Local, and Online multiplayer

Racing games

Mini Motor Racing X: Multiplayer, Single User, Co-op, it's like PS1 Micro Machines
Death Lap, pvp destruction derby/twisted metal type racing game
Void Racer Extreme: Essentially Tron bike racing
VR Karts: Sprint: Kart racing
Dash Dash World: essentially Mario Kart in VR

First Person Shooters

Onward: Compared to Rainbow Six Siege, co-op, multiplayer
Solaris Offworld Combat
Dead And Buried II: Co-op and competitive modes
Population One: 18-player Battle Royale

Social hub

Dance Central
Oculus Venues: VR TV with friends
TribeXR DJ School: learn how to use a DJ deck and screw around with friends
Rec Room
Multiverse: free, multiplayer and educational, flat earthers wouldnt appreciate this one
Alcove: Family oriented social hub

Non-Conventional Multiplayer

Penn & Teller VR: One person in headset, one person pranks playing irl
Puppet Fever: 1 Quest and mobile devices, use puppets to play shrades
Acron: Attack of the Squirrels!: played between 1 rift and multiple mobile devices
Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes: One person in headset, 1-4 people read the bomb defusing manual, work together to defuse bombs
Synth Riders: Rhythm game, can see your friend's scores, but that's all
Beat saber: Rhythm game, can see simple avatars of your friends/strangers playing
The Under Presents: Minimal social interactions
The Climb: You can see your friend's ghost data from their past climbs
FitXR: You can see your friend's ghost data from their past workouts
Box VR: Exercise game, can see your friend's scores, but that's all


Pavlov: FPS
Contractors: FPS
Crisis VRigade: Co-op, similar to TimeCrisis
Cybercade: Arcade shooter
War Yards: PVP dual
Hyper Dash: 5v5 online multiplayer VR shooter
Pokémon VR: The more I mention this game, the more I fear it'll get hit with a cease and desist
HiBow: Bow and Arrow-based Battle Royale
Triton VR: Shared-space multiplayer FPS
MissionX: Shared Space multiplayer FPS
Colonicle: 4v4 FPS, A class based competitive parkour-shooter
Song Beater: Quite My Tempo! Beatsaber but you can use multiple weapons like fists, guns, tonfa's and so on
Range Day VR: Gun range emulator, its updated frequently, many guns and many things and ways to shoot, guns and the mechanics of the guns are emulated closely
Air Brigade: Fighter jet emulatodog fighter
Reflex Unit 2: 3rd Person Tank Fighting
VR TANKZ!: Tank battle simulator, realy simplistic graphics
Dead Shot Heroes: Attack the tower game, kill, lvl up, get powers. full crossplay. its pretty fleshed out
PocketRacer: Make your own crazy tracks and then race on them
Pick-up League Hockey: Skill based hockey
Dino Encounters: a multiplayer dinosaur zoo with mini games and feeding
Art gate: A marketplace for Post-War and Contemporary Art in virtual reality, art is also sold and bought here in rooms with over 100 people apparently
OctoRaid: Asymmetric game, evil giant octopus vs 5 others
Fugitive 3D: VR vs PC/andriod phone Cop vs Robber
Laser Storm Arena: 4 player space pirate shooter, needs a pc to be used for a server and a server client
The Blood Eclipse: 6-player zombie game; two zombie players and four human players, similar to left 4 dead 2 multiplayer
Ghost League Pre-Alpha Demo: High speed locomotion jumping and flying obstacle course
Neos VR: Social versatile world maker
Battle Area VR: FPS like halo
SlashMates: mob killer
Secret Of Harrow Manor: feels like resident evil, horror searcher and shooter. look for health bullets and other loot to survive
VR Club: Become a club DJ or join the dance floor, full body avatars
VRZone: Multiplayer room builder
Snow Fortress: Build a snow fort, then have a snow fight, more fun than i make it sound
NES SPACE: Play nes games, even multiplayer, also you are able to make a retro style room to play the game in
Pétanque: Play Bocce Ball with a roommate
Abu Dabi: Catapult projectiles into another players targets while he defends them and trys to shoot yours down
Mawashi: A GTA V: Sumo-Remix mini game remake
MRTK Online: Basic intractable physics blocks can mess about with friends
KitchenIslandVR: Cookout but slightly different
CineVR: Big Screen but slightly different

Coming soon

Tetris Effect- multiplayer up to 3-players coming summer 2021
Axegend: offline demo available now; online game in development (?) (Dungeon crawler mob killer with end boss, many skills and weapons, also traps)
Oathbreakers VR: Spellcasting PVP and PVE
Expanded from this post by u/Captain_caveman1
Comment if I missed anything! I'll do my best to keep it updated
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2020.10.24 23:10 Acanthardfv [Official]"Lipinets vs [email protected]

[Official]"Lipinets vs [email protected]

🔰LIVE🔴🆗✅GO►Watch NCAAF Live Sream Reddit

🔰LIVE🔴🆗✅GO►Watch NCAAF Live Sream Reddit

Lipinets vs Custio Clayton Boxing Live Stream. Watch Sergey Lipinets vs Custio Clayton Boxing Live Stream . Official match data for : Sergey Lipinets vs Custio Clayton Boxing Live Stream – Welterweight. Welterweight Live Game FREE Streaming
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2020.10.24 23:10 Acanthardfv @>>[[email protected]]!!Lipinets vs ClaytonfREE bY rEdDiT

@>>[[email protected]]!!Lipinets vs ClaytonfREE bY rEdDiT

🔵🔴📱➤➤Live Lipinets vs Clayton

🔵🔴📱➤➤Live Lipinets vs Clayton

Lipinets vs Custio Clayton Boxing Live Stream. Watch Sergey Lipinets vs Custio Clayton Boxing Live Stream . Official match data for : Sergey Lipinets vs Custio Clayton Boxing Live Stream – Welterweight. Welterweight Live Game FREE Streaming
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2020.10.24 23:09 Acanthardfv !!Official/Reddit]!!Lipinets vs Clayton''liVe StreaMs-reddit-

!!Official/Reddit]!!Lipinets vs Clayton''liVe StreaMs-reddit-

🔵🔴📱➤➤Live Lipinets vs Clayton

🔵🔴📱➤➤Live Lipinets vs Clayton

Lipinets vs Custio Clayton Boxing Live Stream. Watch Sergey Lipinets vs Custio Clayton Boxing Live Stream . Official match data for : Sergey Lipinets vs Custio Clayton Boxing Live Stream – Welterweight. Welterweight Live Game FREE Streaming
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2020.10.24 23:00 emmamarie1 Continuous plot with repeating time values on x-axis

I am plotting a set of data against time. The values for time are the times in which the data was recorded, and spans over multiple days.
The time values are not equally spaced, but I do have some reoccurring values that are causing my plot to jump back and forth rather than plot each measurement one after the other in sequential order.
Does anyone know how I can fix this?
Wrong Plot

'Correct-ish' Excel plot
(Pictured are the wrong plot in MATLAB vs a plot in Excel with each measurement value plotted to the corresponding time value in sequential order.)
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