New orleans partner

25 [M4F] [M4MF] #Ocean - Well traveled Dom Switch looking to find his match. Think you could keep up?

2020.10.23 17:08 SweetrollSixty-Nine 25 [M4F] [M4MF] #Ocean - Well traveled Dom Switch looking to find his match. Think you could keep up?

To my potential partner,
The first thing you should know about me is I'm an emotional guy. I'm a moody, soft, switchy dom who mixes tender intimacy and rough sex with sarcastic degrading comments. I'm a full spectrum; I'm a rock, a close friend, your gateway to experimentation, a partner.
The second thing you should know is that I'm an avid traveler. Before COVID happened I was backpacking in Europe catching up with about a dozen or so friends and adding to my 18 country tally (Mexico is back on the list for this year!). Along with that I've been on a mission trip to Guatemala and have had several road trips, lengthiest being a Southern trip to the Grand Canyon and back. I've also really begun to grow my cookbook from all the places I've been to. I've been lucky enough to share homemade creole cuisine in New Orleans, split an Adriatic Makerel Croatian style in Zagreb, even most recently having traditional Piedmontese beef while visiting an ex in Turin, Iraly. I have around 10,000 photos from all these trips and am more than happy to share. In two weeks I'll also be visiting Boston for a few days to see my close friend!
On another note, when I have the time, I go for a hike up near the Delaware Water Gap as it's only an hour or so away from where I live. I never particularly fallen in love with the Gap so I'd honestly enjoy some suggestions as I prefer mountains to climb over hills. When I traveled I climbed Arthur's Seat in Scotland and the Pacaya volcano in Guatemala. An introvert at heart, I also have an extensive collection of videogames and musical interests. My Spotify playlist is littered with jazz, indie, and early ska. I even have a jacket signed by Franz Ferdinand. Lately I've been listening to alot of Cody Ash, Kevin Krauter, Jack Stauber, and Weyes Blood.
I am a master of one thing; knowing how to edge someone into orgasmic oblivion while taking every delight at teasing, edging, and breaking you down to your most primal desire. I like the idea of knowing someone in and out and dressing them down mentally as I break every wall of apprehension. With me, every desire and curiosity is an open ended book for us to write our erotic story. I enjoy using restraints and spreader bars, a little gymnastics during sex isn't uncommon. Paddles and spanking are my main weapons of choice although I enjoy using my hands the most because I can do so much with them; pulling, face plowing, guiding, rubbing your clit while I project the thoughts I'm going to do to you. Very little besides scat, child-play and blood is off limits for me. The majority of my play is mental mixed with stimulus.
Basically pouring my kinky big "heart" into this;

About my appearance:

What I look for:

Feel free to message me in chat if this vibes with you! I don't bite much.
Best, with great affection,


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2020.10.23 05:08 eduvina Cade Cunningham

I think basketball gods will side with the Thunder this time. We've seen it happen with New Orleans in Anthony Davis (Chris Paul left) and Zion Williamson (AD left). We've seen it multiple times with Cavs (Lebron left). I believe they will side with us this time after Russ' departure.
An Oklahoma guy playing for Oklahoma is just too good a story for us. He's a PG and he's replacing Russ. Just like Ja replacing Conley or KLove/KAT replacing KG. Point guard is our best player.
Best part is our guards are solid af. CC and SGA. Our 1-2 punch, just like their number.
With the amount of cap space we'll have while they're still on rookie contracts, it's gonna be interesting at the very least. SGA extension will be up and he's our highest paid player by then. We can add another star to pair with Cade and SGA! Then we have a solid defender at Dort on a very very cheap contract. We have landed a prime PG and almost prime Melo at their peak. We have landed a rising Oladipo as well. We can definitely bag a superstar with all the assets we have and the cap space.
Yes it's not a great market but our culture, competitiveness, and great management will attract a star into our fold. 2-3 years from now, my bet on adding is Joel Embiid. But the realistic one we can get is within Gobert tier which is not bad for us still.
Cade is a superstar in the making and he has SGA as his partner. Very versatile and talented. So exciting for the Thunder
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2020.10.22 14:23 readingrachelx Housewife highlights/Daily shit talk - October 22nd, 2020

"When “Housewives” collide.
“Real Housewives of New York” star Barbara Kavovit and the “Real Housewives of Orange County’s” Braunwyn Windham-Burke spent time palling around together in the Hamptons this week.
Windham-Burke, 42, stayed at Kavovit’s home on Tuesday, after celebrating a friend’s birthday in the city on Monday and participating in the Women’s March in Washington, DC on Saturday, per the mom-of-seven’s social media accounts.
An insider told Page Six on Wednesday that Windham-Burke arrived via Blade helicopter.
The insider said that the women — who met at BravoCon in November 2019 — spent time lounging by Kavovit’s pool.
They also filmed Windham-Burke’s “Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen” segment that will air Wednesday.
It seems they also enjoyed the local scenery, as Windham-Burke shared a snap surrounded by pumpkins.
The women went out to Zero Bond in Manhattan for mocktails to celebrate as well. As “RHOC” fans know, Windham-Burke came out as an alcoholic during the Season 15 premiere.
Unfortunately, their fun time couldn’t continue forever, as Kavovit and Windham-Burke drove back into the city on Tuesday.
The two have remained friends, with Kavovit even attending Windham-Burke’s birthday party in her native Orange County."
"In the video , the mom of three shows off her generously sized kitchen island. "It's really nice for me and the kids because a lot of times they just sit up at the barstools and we cook together a lot," she says. "When you cook with kids, you definitely need space to do it. So that is a great feature of this house." She adds: "I also have a lot of storage, which is really good. For it being not such a large home, it actually was designed really well."
Gina also shows the living room, which has multiple purposes. "We kind of made it a half living room, half office," she says. Along with an L-shaped desk where she and Travis catch up on work, the room has a huge, "really comfortable" couch where the whole gang can lounge and relax.
Upstairs, the six kiddos sleep in two rooms, which each have bunk beds that can sleep three. (The kids even got to pick out their own bedding.) In the bedroom that Gina and Travis share, there's decor that the couple picked out together. "I think we actually make a really good team," Gina says. "We tried to make it comfortable. And I obviously wanted it to be cute and stylish, but I didn't want it to be ultra feminine. So, I tried to balance the feminine and masculinity and throw Trav a bone there."
The house also looks directly onto the school where Gina's kids go. "I can actually be in my bedroom and I can look out and see my kids running around on the field at recess at the school, and I can hear, also, the school bells," she says. "I really do love it here so much. It's a great home, great area, I have great neighbors."
"The Real's Garcelle Beauvais is adding "author" to her list of current jobs. The actress, model, podcast host, reality star, and talk show host is set to write a memoir called Finding My G-Spot, according to Publishers' Marketplace.
The industry database described the book as "a memoir about falling back in love with yourself, with never-before-heard stories and advice on relationships, parenting, and career."
No news yet on a release date, but the book has been acquired by HarperCollins' Amistad Press."
"Following the roundtable discussion on race relations in the country today, Race in America: A Movement Not a Moment, in August, Bravo will be continuing the conversation with the upcoming special Race in America: Our Vote Counts airing Sunday, November 1 at 10/9c.
In this 90-minute special, which will also be simulcast on E!, 10 celebs from across the NBC broadcast and cable entertainment networks will come together to discuss the power of the Black vote on both a local and national level. Host Nina Parker will return to the roundtable, which will feature panelists Gizelle Bryant from The Real Housewives of Potomac, Dr. Britten Cole from Married to Medicine Los Angeles, Zuri Hall from Access Hollywood, Dr. Heavenly Kimes from Married to Medicine, Dr. Damon Kimes from Married to Medicine, Tamica Lee from Southern Charm New Orleans, Jon Moody from Southern Charm New Orleans, Wendy Osefo from RHOP, Barry Smith from Southern Charm New Orleans, and Justin Sylvester from E! News.
With the election of a lifetime just weeks away, the roundtable will have an open dialogue on the importance of voting, the changes a new generation can make with their vote, and the effect the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic could have on people going to the polls. The special will also feature an emotional conversation on Black people's voting experience and how it has affected them more than any other race in the country.
The special is produced for Bravo by Lauren Grace Media with Leslie D. Farrell and Dorothy Toran serving as executive producers. Kandi Burruss is also an executive producer."
"Now it can always be “Turtle Time” for Bravo fans.
Bravo teamed up with Nocking Point Wines to launch their first-ever line of wine in conjunction with their newest series, “The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City.”
“The Real Housewives Wines” includes white wine, red wine and a rosé option, and are available to purchase online.
“We are excited to partner with Nocking Point for this special limited edition collaboration that will allow Bravo superfans to immerse themselves in the Bravo universe, engaging with us both on-screen and off,” Maria Laino DeLuca, the senior vice president of consumer and social marketing for Bravo, said in a press release on Wednesday.
“This pairing celebrates the series and offers an escape in a year when we may not be able to engage with each other face-to-face,” she added."
"Larsa Pippen is the latest celebrity victim of a burglary.
The former “Real Housewives of Miami” star, 46, revealed on her Instagram Story Tuesday that not only was her Los Angeles home hit by thieves Monday night but she’s also dealing with an alleged stalker.
“Could 2020 get any crazier? A stalker in L.A. forced me to go to Miami only then to find out my house in L.A. got robbed. Let’s pray for 2021,” she wrote.
The thieves made off with “many personal and high-valued items,” according to The Blast. They allegedly bypassed her house’s alarm system by disabling the electricity “to the whole street.”
No one was home at the time of the burglary, and Pippen, who is NBA legend Scottie Pippen’s ex, remains in Florida.
Neither the LAPD nor a rep for Pippen immediately returned Page Six’s request for comment."
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2020.10.17 12:03 remote-enthusiast Collection of 69 remote jobs from various job boards

Hello friends! These are the open remote positions I've found that were published today. See you tomorrow! Bleep blop 🤖
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2020.10.17 03:04 InfernoAA Rebook Sami Zayn on the Main Roster Part Two: Underdog From the Apex

(For mobile users)

SummerSlam 2016
In the fallout of Battleground, RAW & SD embark on their new eras, Monday Nights setting up an 8-Man Tournament that culminates at SummerSlam to crown the inaugural Universal Champion. The first round sees Kevin Owens defeat Cesaro, Finn Balor defeat Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins defeat Neville, and despite being knackered from the night before, Zayn is able to eke his way past Chris Jericho to advance. He isn’t so lucky the following week though, being paired up against Rollins, who attacks him before the match, capitalising on his injuries to leave him even worse for wear heading into their match, able to pin him for an easy, cheap victory.
Meanwhile, Balor’s ascension continues as he eliminates Owens, the Finals locked in place with Balor & Rollins scheduled to take on each other. However, due to being eliminated from the tournament in the fashion he was, Zayn pleads for a second chance, knowing he has what it takes, thus being granted a rematch against Rollins, in which if he wins, he’s added to the match to make it a Triple Threat! And so, the Architect and the U.F.T.U put on a stellar match the following week, Zayn channelling his underdog heart to pull through to the other end with the upset victory, the UV match now a 3-way!
Come SummerSlam, in the semi-main event of the night, Zayn, Rollins and Balor battle it out for the right to be crowned the inaugural UV Champ! The former IC Champ gets a strong showing throughout the bout, coming close to winning on multiple occasions and solidifying himself as a credible main event talent in the wake of his feud with Owens, finally able to display his talents to the fullest extent. However, no matter the heart and soul he pours into the match, a Coup de Grace from Balor puts him away whilst Rollins is laid out at ringside, unable to break the pinfall, thus crowning Balor the first-ever Universal Champion!

Clash of Champions 2016
Unfortunately, having sustained a shoulder injury at SS, Balor is forced to vacate the title like real life, meaning the search for a new World Champion begins once more. 4 Qualifying matches take place for a spot in the 4-Way Elimination match for the vacant title, one of those match-ups being Zayn vs Rollins, the two men clashing once again in a brilliant bout. As Zayn gets ready to nail his patented Helluva Kick and score the victory though, he’s distracted at ringside by CHRIS JERICHO, allowing Rollins to catch him with a Superkick/Pedigree combo to move on!
As a result of Jericho’s appearance, Y2J invites Zayn to come out to his show, Sami accepting, wanting some answers anyway, ready to raise his fist if need be. Jericho proceeds to run down Zayn, claiming he’s a disgrace to the Canadian name, getting lucky against a living legend like himself and not even going on to win the UV Title at SS. Before the same blunder could be made twice, Chris saved the day and made sure the right Canadian, his new partner Kevin Owens, became champ, and so he did.
Jericho tries to get a sneaky shot in on Zayn to pay him back for eliminating him, going for the Codebreaker, only for Zayn to turn it into an Exploder Suplex, Jericho leaving before Sami can nail the Helluva Kick! Showing him they have unfinished business, Zayn wrecks the Highlight Reel as a horrified Chris watches on, yelling at him to stop, until he finally gives in and pleads that they can have a match at Clash of Champions but just don’t destroy his million-dollar equipment. Seeing it to be a fair trade, Zayn accepts, the match made official for CoC!
It’s a very technical match-up between the Canadians at the PPV, Zayn looking to set-up for his patented Koji Clutch, whilst Jericho aims for the Walls of Jericho, even tossing in a momentary Liontamer and he looks to torture Sami! In the end, the crafty veteran goes to the well with one too many tricks, allowing Zayn to nail the Helluva Kick and score the victory over Jericho once more! Later in the night, the Ayatollah of Rock N’ Rolla appears during the main event to help Owens retain against Rollins, only for Zayn to also appear and chase him off, the distraction though allowing the Prizefighter to remain champion!

Hell in a Cell 2016
As if his issues with Owens were never to end, Zayn finds himself in the title race between Owens and Rollins, the newly-turned face Seth demanding a clean rematch for the belt, only for Sami to step in, stating that with the win he scored over Jericho, the man Owens seemingly replaced him with until he decides to get rid of him like everyone else (which gets uneasy looks from Chris), he believes he should also get a UV Title shot!
Whilst Zayn doesn’t immediately receive a shot, he sticks around as Owens and Rollins go at it again on RAW, this time with no Jericho or Zayn allowed at ringside, only for Jericho’s theme to play which distracts Rollins, causing him to fall victim to the Pop-Up Powerbomb! After the match, he’s beaten down 2-on-1 by Owens & Jericho, only for Zayn to make the save and help Rollins clear the ring of them! As Rollins turns to take a look at the UV Title left on the canvas, he realises it’s already in Zayn’s hands, the former IC Champ clearly not here for Rollins sake, but instead having his own interests at heart.
With the feud between the 4 men only continuing to heat up, Jericho’s interference proving to be an issue, a 3-way Hell in a Cell match is made between them for the title, made to keep Y2J out of the ring! However, Owens & Jericho complain about the decision, claiming that if he’s to be ganged up on by Zayn and Rollins, Jericho should at least be given a chance to be there in his corner, or better yet, in the ring with him. And so, a tag match is made between Zayn & Rollins and Owens & Jericho, the stip being that if the latter team wins, Jericho can be Special Guest Referee in the match! Through all the shenanigans in the world, Owens & co. pull away with the victory, allowing Jericho to don the stripes.
At HIAC, it quickly becomes clear that Zayn isn’t here to help Rollins fight the two off, but because of his own personal issues with Owens, the BG loss still stinging in the back of his mind, and now Owens beating him to the punch by winning a World Title first too thanks to interference from HHH not sitting right with him at all. Zayn and Owens bring their classic violence to the table whilst Rollins interjects with his own crazy spots and Jericho proves to be the master manipulator of the match, looking to screw Zayn & Rollins over as much as he can. In the end, as Zayn is tossed from the apron into the cage wall thanks to a 2-on-1 assault, Owens is able to pin Rollins after a Pop-Up Powerbomb to retain!

Survivor Series 2016
Not much changes here except that Zayn is chosen for the team instead of Jericho, which receives outrage from the former World Champ. Whilst not particularly in it for the Brand Warfare, he’s offered a rematch for the UV Title if he can be one of the team’s sole survivors, and also gets to have a few cool match snippets against the likes of Team SD’s AJ Styles, Dean Ambrose and Randy Orton during the inter-branded match itself.
At Survivor Series, Zayn makes it to a 3-on-2 stand-off against the Wyatt Family, Zayn going right after them due to them being behind his elimination in the Rumble at the beginning of the year, but a miscommunication from Rollins costs Zayn, leading to him to be pinned and eliminated from the match, his chance at another World Title shot wasted…

Roadblock: End of the Line 2016
Following the final Big 4 PPV of the year, Rollins comes out to demand one final shot at Owens, believing that with no shenanigans whatsoever, he can beat KO, but before the champ can come out to respond, he’s cut-off by Zayn! The Underdog From the Underground is clearly unhappy about what happened in the 5v5, Rollins costing Zayn the opportunity to challenge Kevin himself, and as he goes to approach the Architect about it, Seth tries to play it off like it’s water under the bridge, causing Zayn to let loose on the mic!
He claims that Rollins has been eating long enough, being handed opportunity after opportunity whilst Zayn had to scratch and claw his way to everything, Rollins becoming the first NXT Champion like that whilst Zayn had to put everything he loved on the line, Rollins becoming WWE Champion for 200+ days and yet still coming out here to demand more shots whilst Zayn is yet to reach said pinnacle he deserves to be at. He’s screwed Sami out of enough opportunities, now it’s time they put a stop to this with one more match to see who the better man is! Rollins acquiesces and the bout it made official for Roadblock!
Unlike prior encounters where there was a clear face-heel dynamic, Rollins attacking Zayn before their first match and trying to cheat in their second, this one has a lot more blurred lines, both men simply doing whatever it takes to outdo the other on the quest to becoming UV Champ. As Rollins teases putting Zayn away with his old Curb Stomp, he’s caught and reversed into an EXPLODER SUPLEX, a HELLUVA KICK following to put away the ex-Shield member on PPV!

Royal Rumble 2017
With a tough victory over Seth under his belt, Zayn continues on his journey to attain World Title success as he announces his entry into the Rumble, this time entering much earlier into the match, #8 being his position, which only one person has won from, giving him hope that he can become the second. Putting on an incredible Iron Man performance, Zayn lasts the longest out of anyone in the match as he clocks over 50 minutes, surpassing Jericho who gets eliminated a little earlier in the bout whilst picking up some big eliminations like Strowman, avenging the Monster Among Men eliminating him last year, allowing Zayn to make it to the Final 4 also including United States Champion Roman Reigns, Bray Wyatt and Randy Orton! He doesn’t let the star-power faze him, putting on quite the display after making it so far, but alas, he’s tossed over the ropes to the outside, unable to last any longer, his dreams of challenging UV Champ Owens at WM shattered…

Fastlane 2017
Whilst he didn’t walk out as the Rumble winner, his performance didn’t go unnoticed by his peers, namely the man who made it furthest for RAW, the US Champ himself, Roman Reigns. However, as much as he was impressed by Zayn, he isn’t one to hand out title shots willy-nilly, so if Zayn wants a crack at his gold, he’ll have to earn it first. Cue an angry Braun Strowman, who’s clearly not finished with Sami, the two men having issues with each other stemming from the 30-Man extravaganza.
Due to both men wanting to face Reigns, they’re put in a #1 Contender’s match against each other in which Zayn puts on a star-making David vs Goliath performance, getting Strowman over well but still walking out with his own hand raised in victory! As promised, the match between Zayn and Reigns for the US Title is made official for the final stop on the road to WM, Fastlane.
Whilst Reigns was in the main event last year, defeating Ambrose and Lesnar to earn a shot at the WWE Champ at WM, he’s here tonight taking on former IC Champ Zayn, who’s looking to make big on the opportunity and finally start turning things in his favour, rebounding from his unsuccessful World Title chase. At first, Reigns severely underestimates his foe, thinking if Cena could beat him the way he did, he should have no problem himself.
However, this Zayn is a much more evolved version of him, Zayn giving Reigns the type of fight Daniel Bryan gave him two years prior, leaving the Big Dog stunned! Nonetheless, Reigns goes for his patented Spear finisher to cap off the match, but he falls right into the Exploder Suplex/Helluva Kick trap, Zayn nailing a second one just for good measure, before scoring the 1…2…3! SAMI ZAYN IS THE NEW UNITED STATES CHAMPION! Much like Rollins, Reigns is taken aback by Sami’s victory, but ever the sportsman, he shows the new champ the deserved respect, giving him the big rub on his way to the apex.

WrestleMania 33
Back on top as a champion, Zayn could not be happier, making up for his multiple shortcomings the past few months by landing the jackpot. Bringing back an old classic, Zayn re-introduces the US Open Challenge, wanting to give others the same opportunity he once received courtesy of Cena. Multiple challengers step up, but the one leading the pack is the recently called-up Samoan Submission Machine, Samoa Joe! Hired as a mercenary by Triple H to take out Rollins, Joe turns his attention on choking out more souls and claiming gold, and what better place to start at then Zayn’s US Title?
Joe tears into Sami on the mic, bringing up their series of matches one year ago in NXT where Joe ended up as the ultimate victor between the two. He gives Zayn credit where credit’s due for his resilient performances, but he has to remember that he’s no Rollins or Reigns or Owens. He’s the man who’s going to take his title, but he’s willing to give Zayn some time to prepare for their match so there are no excuses afterwards, giving him till WM to accept the challenge! Zayn fires back with his own words, putting Samoa over for his success since Sami left NXT, but now that he’s at the big dance, the only person that’s going to choke at WM is Joe himself, Zayn accepting!
Zayn walks into the match as champion for the first time at the Grandest Stage of Them All unlike last year where he only left with gold, whilst Joe makes his official WM debut, and much like Sami’s the previous year, it’s in a high-profile title match. Their bout is a battle of guts and determination on the challenger’s end, taking everything Joe throws at him and still standing upright, ready to take more. He definitely feels the jabs and chops, his chest left beed-red, and even his face changes colour as he’s locked in the Coquina Clutch, but through one way or another, Zayn is able to secure the 3-count over Joe in another classic bout, retaining his title!

Backlash 2017
Post-WM features the debut of the Superstar Shake-up, wrestlers being switched from brand to brand, Zayn being involved amongst the ones moving homes as he finds himself in the Land of Opportunity, SmackDown Live, bringing his US Title with him! Upon arriving, he makes himself comfortable and at home, resuming his Open Challenges, now with a vast array of new faces to defend against, starting to pick up momentum as he lands a couple wins.
Before he can get too settled in though, he’s interrupted by AJ Styles one week, who states that now that Zayn is in the House That AJ Styles Built, he needs to follow the rules and put the title up for grabs against a real star like himself if a challenge is what he wants. The two men shake on it, setting up a dream match for the ages at Backlash between two world-travelled veterans!
As expected, Zayn vs Styles for the very first time rocks the house, the two putting on a sure-fire MOTN on any card, the tenacity of Zayn matched against the pit-bull aggression of Styles proving to be an entertaining clash of styles. Sami counters fire with fire as he showcases his own technical game as Styles to cinches in the Calf Crusher, Zayn able to turn it around into a Cross Armbreaker! In the end, Styles calls for a Styles Clash, only for Zayn to wriggle free and stack the shoulders for 3, remaining champion by the skin of his teeth!

Money in the Bank 2017
MITB sees multiple stories come to a head as Zayn qualifies for a second straight year, Styles right behind him, berating Sami for taking the easy way out in their match, wanting a proper finish. Nakamura and Ziggler also join the field, their issues coming to a head at the previous PPV too, before simmering over into the annual Ladder match. Rounding out the field are Baron Corbin, who makes his MITB debut, and one man Zayn hasn’t interacted with since their match at HIAC, Kevin Owens.
For the most part, the two men keep their distance from one another, the violence of last year kept safe under the sands of time, but as the opportunity arises, the two stare each other down one year on from, the hatred not having left for even a moment. Zayn is once again champion like he was last year, whilst Owens is without gold, having lost his UV Title to Jericho at WM. Alas, with the two back to square one, they get ready to trade fists… only for everyone else to rush back inside the ring, the two men getting lost in the frenzy.
In the end, Zayn’s hopes are dashed by the Phenomenal One himself, a killer Calf Crusher rendering Sami unable to haul his body to the top of the ladder, opening up the window for anyone else to accomplish the feat. And who but the Prizefighter himself is left the last man standing as he unhooks the briefcase, becoming Mr. MITB! As Sami comes to, he’s distraught by the result, wishing for anyone but his worst enemy to win the match, but alas, that’s all she wrote.

Battleground 2017
In the fallout of MITB one thing is clear for Zayn; his issues with Styles are still unsolved. Styles calls Sami’s victory at Backlash a fluke, wanting him to beat him in convincing fashion as opposed to a shock roll-up. He challenges Zayn to a rematch, but due to Zayn winning the initial bout between them, it’s scheduled to be a non-title match instead in order to allow other competitors to receive their due Open Challenge opportunities by Sami. In the match, Styles taunts Zayn to put him away with the Helluva Kick, pushing him around as he tries to find the tough skin below what he perceives to be a soft layer on top, but in the end, it’s Styles walking away victorious after nailing the Styles Clash!
The following week, the Phenomenal One comes out and says that if the U.F.T.U wants a room in the house that he built, he better earn it, or otherwise he should hand over the keys to US Title and let a more deserving competitor represent the gold. Styles continues to say that Zayn lacks killer instinct, which is why he lost to Owens this time last year, causing Sami to be taken aback. Wanting to prove AJ wrong and with the tally tied 1-1 between them, Zayn offers to put his title on the line at BG in a 2-out-of-3 Falls, the better man between them walking out as champion, Styles accepting.
With Zayn and Styles going at it again for the title and an exciting stipulation to boot, this match tops their Backlash classic, the two going ham on each other. Styles once again pushes Zayn to unlock the darker side of him and bring out the pit-bull whilst Sami opts to remain conservative of his energy, but it only leads to him blundering as AJ scores the first fall off the Calf Crusher.
Styles continues to pick apart the leg, looking to completely take his foe’s base out and tap him out 2 straight, only for Zayn to start fighting his way back into the match, living up to his underdog moniker even when champion, but this time, he starts bringing out a newer side to him, rattling AJ with more aggressive strikes and tighter submissions, pulling out his killer instinct! A BrainbusteHelluva Kick combo is enough to level the scores, 1-1!
In the final fall, Zayn and Styles go tit for tat in their wrestling, both looking to cinch in their submissions and outstrike the other, the stalemate carrying them towards the 30 minute mark. Styles starts getting desperate with his offense as Zayn kicks out of everything Styles throws at him, popping the shoulder up after a Phenomenal Forearm and once again surviving the Calf Crusher, but in the end, the Styles Clash finally does him in, AJ prevailing 2-1 to win the US Title! Zayn may have lost, but in defeat, he’s earned the respect of Styles.

SummerSlam 2017
With his US Title reign now a thing of the past, Zayn has nothing to do at the Biggest Party of the Summer, last year involved in the World Title proceedings but those are already occupied this time around, leaving him in search of the big match that would propel him to World Title status. Enter the man he made his main roster debut against, former 16x World Champion, John Cena.
The Leader of the Cenation back in town, he puts over Zayn on the mic, having kept a close eye on him since their brilliant match in 2015, seeing only bright things in his future. However, as they say, to be the man you gotta beat the man, and well, the Franchise player might know a guy that Zayn could face at SummerSlam… Sami accepts the challenge, determined to get his win back after 2 years of rising up the card.
At SummerSlam, Zayn vs Cena is one of the most hyped matches on the card and for good reason, Zayn silencing any doubters if he even has any left at this point by putting on an in-ring classic against the Face that Runs the Place. Cena unloads his arsenal on Zayn, taking him through the motions and laying the Five Moves of Doom on him, but no matter what he goes for, nothing seems to work!
Zayn keeps kicking out and getting back to his feet, having waited for this rematch for over 2 years, not wanting to lose this time, or it’d invalidate everything he had worked so hard for. Alas, after an incredible back-and-forth over 20-25 minutes, Zayn nails the move that has gotten him so far, the Helluva Kick booting Cena in the face for the 1…2…3! Zayn has just won arguably the biggest match of his career on a grand stage on its own right, Cena raising Zayn’s hand after the match, signalling that the loveable underdog is the future of the business!

Hell in a Cell 2017
With a massive victory over Cena under his belt, there’s only one place left for Zayn to go, and that’s challenging for the WWE Championship. And who holds that title, might you ask? Well, none other than the King of Strong Style, Shinsuke Nakamura! On the night after SummerSlam, Zayn comes out to the ring and lays out the challenge to the Japanese Sensation, remembering their MOTYC last year at Takeover: Dallas in his NXT swansong, not only wanting his win back, but also the title around Nakamura’s waist.
However, he isn’t alone in his challenge, the newly called-up ‘Glorious’ Bobby Roode interrupting the proceedings and immediately inserting himself into the World Title picture, using the momentum from his lengthy NXT Title reign to get him there. Standing undefeated against Shinsuke, Roode believes he’d be a much better candidate to face the WWE Champ than Zayn, leading to a match between them, where if Roode wins, he’s added to the match. And much like Zayn did one year ago leading into SummerSlam, Bobby picks up the win and cashes in on the opportunity, making it a 3-way for the strap at HIAC!
As the bell rings to start the WWE Title Triple Threat, Roode immediately rolls to the outside, wanting to let Zayn and Nakamura tire themselves out so he can slide back in for the easy victory whenever he wants, but unfortunately for him, his adversaries don’t let that happen, Bobby forced to mix in the action, albeit still bringing all the tricks up his sleeves, especially in the No DQ environment.
After a heated battle between all 3 men, Zayn looks to finish Roode off with a Helluva Kick in the corner, only to be nailed with a Low Blow from the Glorious One and a Glorious DDT to cap it all off! But as he slides into cover on Zayn, Nakamura flies in from out of nowhere, knocking Bobby’s lights out with a Kinshasa for the 3 count, just about retaining over his two challengers!

Survivor Series 2017
Unsatisfied about how their match went down at HIAC, Zayn comes out to the ring the following SD and challenges Nakamura to a 1-on-1 rematch between them, seeing as Sami wasn’t pinned in the match. Shinsuke seems eager to do battle once more, but only this time, he wants Zayn to prove he’s worthy of it in front of him, thus leading to a match between him and Randy Orton, arguably one of the tougher opponents the U.F.T.U has had to face, but still, he’s able to come away with the victory, turning the RKO into a BrainbusteHelluva Kick combo to earn the shot!
The long-awaited 1-on-1 rematch between Zayn and Nakamura takes place in the main event of the final Big 4 PPV of the year, Sami’s dreams now on the cusp of materialising. All he needs to do to achieve them is beat Nakamura, but it is definitely a tall task. Nevertheless, he strides into battle with his head held high, the two creating pure magic in the ring once again, topping the classic from Dallas in one hell of a 5* performance from both parties!
Nakamura throws all the knees he can, whilst Zayn fires back with Lariats and borrows European Uppercuts from Cesaro, taking from the wrestling knowledge he can. And alas, with Nakamura in perfect position in the corner, Zayn does the ‘YEA-OH’ taunt, before nailing the HELLUVA KICK! COVER! 1…2…No? Zayn looks around, confused, believing the ref’s hand should’ve slapped the mat a third time, only to see the ref has been stomped into the canvas, and standing over them is… MR. MITB KEVIN OWENS!
Breaking up the count, Owens looms over Zayn and Nakamura with his briefcase, stalking them in wait as a new referee runs down to the ring, Kevin sliding the briefcase over to them, leading to the words Zayn dreaded from the moment KO won the Ladder match. ‘Kevin Owens is cashing in his Money in the Bank contract!’. BANG! POP-UP POWERBOMB! COVER! 1…2…3! The dastardly villain did it. He robbed Sami of his moment to become the NEW WWE Champion! Zayn is heartbroken.

Clash of Champions 2017
The events that closed the night at Survivor Series are the talk of the town as Owens parades around with his newly-won WWE Championship, becoming the first man to hold it, the Universal and NXT Titles, now sitting atop the throne of SD as the tyrannical ruler. Zayn is speechless at first, but quickly he bursts into a mix of emotions, ranging from anger to sadness to confusion. He begs for a shot at Owens, the man who robbed him yet again, but unfortunately for him, Nakamura is the one eligible for the rematch, Zayn getting pinned.
For a few weeks, Sami is nowhere to be seen, as if the loss completely wiped him off the map. However, he finally musters up the strength and courage to return to the SmackDown arena, and upon arriving, is serenaded by everyone in attendance, not a single person there who doesn’t want to see Zayn as WWE Champ. Before Zayn can get on the mic though, he’s interrupted by some very familiar music, as out comes… former NXT and Cruiserweight Champion, NEVILLE!
A man he’s done battle with countless times, having recently lost his throne, the former King of the Cruiserweights is now on SD! He steps up to Zayn, the two staring each other down, before Neville slaps the taste out of Zayn’s mouth! He yells at him that is this really the man he’s become? The man who beat him for the NXT Title has been reduced to this? Taking weeks off and getting lost in melancholy?
This isn’t the Sami Zayn he once knew, and this isn’t the Zayn anyone else recognises either. He should be back on his feet already, taking on the entire world to get the WWE Championship. But if this is truly who he is now, then it seems Zayn wouldn’t mind Neville steamrolling past him to claim that title for himself.
Neville turns to leave, only for Zayn to stop him, a driven look on his face. He demands Neville not go anywhere, because he isn’t going to walk over Zayn. The line to the WWE Title starts behind him, so if he wants to hop on the train, he’s going to have to beat him first. Neville grins, having brought out the fire back out of Zayn, accepting the challenge, the match made official for CoC!
At the PPV, Zayn and Neville deliver another one of their classics that they’ve been putting on since their days in PWG, the two tearing down the house with their unparalleled chemistry. Having put on a more muscle since their last encounter in 2014, Neville’s strength is considerable, but Zayn’s drive to win is even stronger, the U.F.T.U coming away with the victory, revitalising his road back to the apex!

Royal Rumble 2018
With Zayn recharged with energy and motivation, he enters his third Rumble, this one set to be his toughest one to date as he enters at #1, #2 being none other than the man who pinned him at SummerSlam 2016 to become the inaugural UV Champ, Finn Balor! Having never faced off in singles action before, the highlight of the Rumble amongst other special moments like Mysterio returning and the likes of Andrade and Adam Cole featuring in the bout, is the Iron Man clash between Zayn and Balor, both men going the distance, surviving everyone else that came in their way, both clocking over an hour each in the match!
In the classic ‘match in a match’ formula, the two put on a barnstormer even after having already wrestled so long! The finish comes when both men are teetering on the apron, hanging onto the ropes for dear life as they try to eliminate each other. A stomp from Balor misses, opening Sami up to connect the HELLUVA KICK, blasting him off the apron and out to the floor! SAMI ZAYN HAS WON THE ROYAL RUMBLE! THIRD TIME’S THE CHARM!

Fastlane 2018
Nothing can describe the energy running through Zayn’s veins upon winning the Rumble, now set to take on either the Universal Champion Brock Lesnar or WWE Champion Kevin Owens at WrestleMania! Instead of choosing immediately though, he decides to hold off and see how Fastlane goes, the WWE Title still set to be defended there. In the meantime, he receives a challenge of his won for the PPV in the form of the Viper, Randy Orton!
Orton didn’t appreciate Zayn using him as a ticket to a WWE Title match at Survivor Series that he didn’t even win, so he conducts a vicious attack on Sami (Orton is heel here), collecting his due payback. However, he isn’t ready to stop just right there, harkening back to the last time WM was set to be in New Orleans, WMXXX. He lost his World Title to a man much like Zayn in the night’s main event and he would love nothing more than to avenge that loss too by taking out Zayn and claiming his spot at WM, so he challenges him to a rematch for Fastlane with the Rumble shot on the line. Ready to take on any doubters, Zayn accepts!
At Fastlane, the two wrestle a slow, methodical match that works to Orton’s pace, allowing Randy to viciously dissect Zayn, looking to break him down psychologically whilst torturing him physically. Zayn’s mind happens to be impenetrable though, no amount of disrespect or bullying in the ring able to stop him from getting what he wants, Sami able to defang the Viper once more and retain his World Title shot! In the night’s main event, Owens retains the gold, and as he celebrates, here comes the moment everyone’s been waiting for! Sami points to the WM sign whilst Owens holds his title up high, Zayn’s intentions speaking loud and clear; it’s Sami Zayn vs Kevin Owens for the WWE Championship in the main event of WM!

WrestleMania 34
Here it is. The Final Battle. Over a decade of their tumultuous relationship has lead to this. Countless matches with and against each other. Now finally all coming to a head at the Grandest Stage of Them All. 2 years ago, Zayn took Owens’ IC Title on the WM stage, but KO-Mania 3 looks to be his toughest challenge to date. The build to the match sees them recount everything that’s taken place from NXT to WWE, both men hyping the match up exactly how it should be.
With the last match on the horizon, Zayn asks Owens to finally answer the question he’s dodged since REvolution – Why? Owens talks about how Zayn had become selfish, proceeding to climb up the ladder without him instead of reaching down to help him up too, forcing Owens to carve out his own path which involved a lot of bloodshed and broken bones. Back at Survivor Series, he wasn’t going to make the same mistake he made at REvolution, letting Zayn win the top title first. He struck instead, making the WWE Title his, and he’d rather die before he lose it to Zayn.
Zayn fires back, stating that just when he thought things were improving between the two of them in 2013, Owens ruined everything with what he did on the happiest night of Zayn’s career, that was supposed to be spent with his brother. Owens threw all that away, not him, and come WM, he’s going to put a stop to all of this once and for all by beating Owens where they once dreamed to face off: in the main event of WM.
With everything in place for the match to occur, the two proceed to their WWE Title match. It’s not a match about weapons or cheap tactics. It’s a straight-up singles match, like the one two years ago, only much, much bigger with a lot more riding on the line. Amalgamating everything they’ve done from across their countless classics, they combine it into one breath-taking contest with a beautiful story to cap-off their rivalry. In the end, Owens is in the corner, nowhere to go, too exhausted to move. Zayn races across the ring and delivers the HELLUVA KICK, one with all the emotion and drive behind it, before collapsing into the cover. 1…2…3! SAMI ZAYN HAS DONE IT! SAMI ZAYN IS THE NEW WWE CHAMPION! The miracle on Bourbon Street has occurred once more as Zayn closes out WM, achieving his dreams and become the WWE Champion!

SmackDown after WrestleMania
It’s an emotional night on the SmackDown after WM, a massive celebration going down as Zayn holds his newly-won WWE Title up high, sharing the moment with all the fans in attendance. He cuts an impassioned promo about what the victory means to him, before saying that it’s now the fans and his era, so whoever wants a piece of the new WWE Champion, come to the ring right now, first come, first serve!
Out comes Daniel Bryan! The two men stare each other down, Zayn holding his title up high and Bryan performing the "YES!" chant, his first challenger here...
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2020.10.14 20:46 sadpotato231 Cross country road trip, part 4

For those of you who haven’t read any of my posts, I lost my other half of 10 years on august 23rd, my 29th birthday. Before she passed, I told her that I would scatter her across the country everywhere that I thought she would love. I miss her so incredibly much, but I’m doing my best to keep pushing forward while doing so. Each day, I take a log of who I encountered, what I saw, and what I did while I was there. This is part 4 of my story.
Day 1: Blackwater Falls, West Virginia
My life has turned into a weird Groundhog Day spin-off. I’ve gotten my pack time down to about 5 minutes when staying in an Airbnb or Hotel. Everything has become such a routine that I scarcely worry whether or not I have forgotten something by now, I know I haven’t.
After a gorgeous drive to West Virginia, I find that I was not so lucky with my traveling skills at the start of my journey... I cannot find the tent poles. I am beyond furious with myself. I have messed up in a big way. It was a borrowed tent and I just feel like such a jerk. I remember the mania of trying to pack everything up to get out of Hocking Hills, but this is inexcusable. I call Hocking Hills campground to see if someone happened to save the poles and thank god, they had. I quickly realize that now I must plan on my feet. I can pick up the poles on my way back home, so that’s no problem, but the predicament exists with what to do tonight. Do I buy a tent, sleep in the car, or rent a nearby room?
As I research whether or not there is anywhere nearby that I could perhaps book a room at, it starts to dawn on me that I have already paid for this site and that it is likely non refundable at this point and that I will probably be staying at a campground sometime in the future anyways. I decide to search out a place to pick up a tent. If it costs too much, I can always sleep in my car. I head to the nearest camping supply store, which is somehow an hour away.
It has been a full hour of driving and I am still just so upset with myself. It seems that I have always been dangerously absent minded with the simplest of things. Katie balanced me out in that way. She was always prepared with a checklist and never seemed to forget a thing unless she was confident enough that I would remember, which she generally knew better than to trust. Whenever I have a list of things to remember, it’s like trying to memorize an overseas phone number while a room full of people recite the digits of pi. It just can’t be done.
After driving to the closest Walmart, I discover that they are out of every tent that was designed for 6 or fewer individuals. This is an issue. I quickly decide that I am unwilling to spend over 100$ a 7-8 person tent for just myself. I vow to crash in my car for the next 2 nights. While I am extremely frustrated, I have no one to blame but myself. On the upside, at least my car seats are very comfortable.
As I stopped into a gas station right by the campground and spot a 2 person tent for 50$. I’ve been such a roller coaster of emotions over the last 24 hours that at this point, I’m not even phased that I just drove 2 hours for nothing or that I didn’t think to check the only store near the campground in the first place.
I spend the next hour setting the tent up in the dark. I am thoroughly not enjoying myself. The ground is too hard for these stakes to pierce, so I am stuck improvising by weighting down the tent with things from my car. I finish and it’s only 8:16, but it’s completely black outside. Basically my whole first day was just a pain in the butt here, but I’m trying to hold out hope that tomorrow will be better and that my tent won’t blow away or collapse anytime soon.
Day 2: Blackwater Falls, West Virginia
As I sit at a parking overlook, I cannot believe the vastness of what’s in front of me. While in Michigan, we have a beautiful fall, this does not even compare. Stretching out for miles in front of me, you can see an ocean of color splashing onto every tree differently as the change in the seasons begins. As a strong breeze rolls in, you can see the branches below respond accordingly as though they are sounding off in a line. It creates an almost wave-like effect that pleases me greatly. The view is so endless that I have difficulty gauging how far I am away from the horizon. Is it 10 miles away or 100? I honestly couldn’t say. It’s as though, after a few centuries of human expansion in the area, nature put up one final stand that mankind could not refute. Try as I might, I can find no evidence of humanity aside from the road that I am standing on and the cars resting upon it.
The abundance of wind is one of my favorite things about West Virginia. Whether I’m cold or warm, there is nothing that I love more than a strong breeze blowing back my hair. Since I have arrived I have noticed the strongest gusts blowing at a constant pace. While driving, it would blow me about so vigorously that I thought that something was wrong with my tires. Now I know better. This place is made for sweaters. It may be some of my favorite weather that I have ever encountered.
I spend roughly half an hour in my car, waiting for my phone to charge so that I can take more pictures as I go. I realize that I have a rapid charger, but I will need a place to plug it in, so I head to the nearby lodge to find an outlet in the visitor center. I quickly work out that I get an increase in charge by 1% for every 30 seconds. If I let it charge for 5-10 minutes, I should be alright for my hike.
I began at Elakala falls. The trail passes over 1 portion of the falls and heads onward into the woods for another few miles. I did not come here to see the trees. I came for the best possible sights. Like a grizzled Tarzan I start grabbing branches and trees as I swing from step to step as I go further into the deep. At this point I am slightly terrified, but determined to follow this for as long as possible. As the trail continues, it hits me that this is my favorite type of hiking. I love having tree branches to use as a safety net while I step down 3 feet at a time. I test the branch before swinging from it. If my feet slip or I misjudge my landing, I’ve got a strong piece of elm to keep me from meeting the same fate as the water running next to me. Rather than rely on the strength of your footing, using branches and trees allow you to rely on your upper body as you move downward at relatively impressive rates. It’s a nice break from relying entirely on my feet and calves to maintain the journey ahead of me. It also makes me feel like a monkey, which brings a potent euphoria to the child in me. If there was a hike that you could trek through entirely by climbing trees, I’d make a trip every year. I might even move there. There is a shortage of opportunities for a grown man to climb a tree without being looked down upon.
As I continue down my chosen path for roughly 3/4 of a mile, I decide that I cannot safely go further without crossing through the river in front of me. While the current is slow enough to manage, there is a great amount of moss leading up to it and I worry that I may fall if I continue on this course. At this point I’ve passed at least 3 waterfalls that I never would have seen if I had stayed on the course. I pick my favorite fall and sprinkle a small amount of Katie’s ashes in the center of it. I watch as she drifts down effortlessly through the current. 100% worth the 30-45 minutes it took and so much more fun than sticking with the straightforward hike! So far, this is by far my favorite part of hiking on my trip. I continue on the trail for around an hour, but I see nothing that is overly exciting.
I continue on to my next hike, Blackwater Falls. There is a catch and release river that fisherman seem to enjoy a great deal. I decide not to bring Katie’s ashes, as I’m not expecting anything special out of this hike. I get sidetracked at some point and discover that if I am creative, I can stay along the path of the running water for quite some time. I find a lone set of stones that lead out to the center and take a seat for some time while I close my eyes and listen to the sounds. I open my eyes and there is something mesmerizing about the constant motion of the water. It’s the same deep primal feeling that comes with staring into a campfire late at night. My legs are scratched up, but it’s gorgeous here and I’m grateful that I continued. I feel this incredible calmness roll over me as I sit. This is a place that I should scatter her. She would like this. After some debate over whether or not to go back out to the car to get her ashes and then to return to this point, I realize that is the sole purpose of my trip and that I would not forgive myself if I did not return to spread her here.
I walk a mile or so back, hopping on stones all along the river as I go. I feel like a little kid here. It reminds me of summers in Canada with my father, 2 lifelong friends, and their father. Almost as though we were caught dancing in a beautiful flow, we would step on particular rock formations at the perfect angles to project ourselves onto the next one. Muscle memory kicks in and I’m flying. I’m not missing a step. I’m dodging all the suspicious rocks as I go. I pause while I take time to analyze my next movements and discover that I must return back to land for a bit.
As I step through the brush to get back to a safe spot to walk, I see an abrupt movement out in the woods. I get startled... is it a bear? No more than 10 feet from me there is a deer staring right at me. Our eyes are glued to one another, neither taking a step back or forward. As time continues, the deer takes a few steps towards me. I don’t want to scare it off, but I also want to try to pet it so badly. I have to remind myself that if a deer can bite through a carrot, it can probably bite through my finger. I decide to just stay and maintain the stare down in admiration for this beautiful animal. We sit for a good 10-15 minutes with the deer slowly moving towards me as though it wants to be friends. Her ears are perking up independently of one another in response to far off sounds. I want so badly to move towards this deer, but I resist myself. Eventually, she scampers off into the woods and I have a quiet chuckle to myself. Katie would have loved that. She also would have lost a finger trying to pet her. I continue on to my chosen spot and take a seat for some time until spreading a small amount into the fast moving current.
I only made it a total of 6 miles today, but I had a blast. I decide to head to a hole in the wall burger spot for a cheap burger and a cheaper drink while I write out my account of the day. This was the perfect level of exercise for me. I was getting a little down for the last couple days, but this is exactly what I needed to charge me to continue forward. I think I’ve got at least another 3 weeks in me at this point, but only time and my bank account will tell at this point. After finishing my burger and beer, I decide that it’s time for a fire. All around, this has been an awesome place to explore.
Last day: Blackwater Falls, West Virginia/First day Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
I wake up around 2 AM to the icy grips of a late fall night. As hard as I try, I cannot get warm enough to stop shivering without sleeping inside of a cocoon of blankets and a sleeping bag. I’m incredibly uncomfortable and can feel my body starting reject the hard ground underneath me. After an hour of trying to get comfortable, I abandoned my tent in favor of just sleeping in the car. I probably only got a total of 5 hours of sleep, but I’m glad I finally got up and moved. I woke for the day around 9 PM and was packed up by 9:15. Thankfully, I remembered the poles this time. I decide that I need to start making some serious miles if I ever plan on making it to all of the places that I’d like to scatter Katie at. I set my sights for Myrtle Beach, South Carolina and spend the next 8 hours or so on the road.
Somewhere in Virginia, I pulled off the highway and onto what I thought was another highway. I was doing 65 and got pulled over. He wrote me a ticket for doing 20 over and sent me on my way. A real shot to the bank account, but had I been doing 5 more over, he told me that it would have been reckless driving and that I would have had to appear in court. I’m very frustrated with myself for not spotting a speed limit sign, but given how little I slept last night, I guess it’s not hard to imagine that I missed it. I’m trying not to beat myself up over this. I try to remind myself that it was just a mistake and that I will be more careful in the future.
I pull over to fill up my gas tank once I hit South Carolina. I stop in to use the bathroom and immediately smell what seems to be a small scale farm. Out back they have feed for a large variety of animals. There are 20 people in the store and nobody’s got a mask. I hear the accents of the people there and fight the urge to giggle. I had hoped to hear Frank Underwood and instead got Foghorn Leghorn. I quickly remind myself that this is a silly way to view the world and that, while the midwestern accent sounds normal to me, people do comment on it the further south I get.
After 500+ miles of driving, I am beat, but also starving. Out of a desire to get here at a reasonable hour, I haven’t eaten more than a bag of chips all day. My stomach is not going to put up with it any longer. I arrive at my Airbnb and head out to grab a bite to eat. I end up at Big Mike’s Soul Food. Great reviews and cheap prices! I thought I’d try and make up the 200+ dollar ticket by being a little more frugal in the future, but thankfully this place looks like the real deal. As soon as I hit the street corner, the smell of fried chicken and seafood envelopes my entire being. I feel like I’m in an old cartoon. I half expect my feet to leave the ground and to float nose-first towards the source of this greasy delicacy. There’s a line going all the way out to the street for pickup, which I take as an omen of good things to come. I’m going to have a heart attack here and I want you all to know, it’s going to be 100% worth it. I order up a chicken sandwich with a cup of seafood gumbo with great excitement. My waitress is this sweet older lady with the coolest black dreadlocks I have probably ever seen. The waitress tells me it’s going to be a while and brings me out a couple hush puppies on the house. I am beyond thrilled. They’re such an odd little bit of fried goodness. They’re sweet, but not too much so. If you’ve never had them, I would describe a good one like a savory fried donut.
I find it hilarious whenever a waitress thinks they have to bribe me as a way to keep me from being mad. Spit in my food, step on my toes, make me wait days, do whatever you want. I’m still going to tip you reasonably. As a general rule, I don’t believe in complaining at a restaurant. If you don’t like it, just don’t go back. It’s not like the wait staff is cooking your food. In fact, they’re probably more upset if there’s a long wait than you are. The difference is that you are waiting a little longer than you’d like to satisfy 1 of your 1-3 meals for the day. They are waiting a little longer than they would like to see if you financially hold that wait time against them. It’s in their best interest for you to enjoy yourself, they don’t want you to have a bad time, sometimes it just happens. Thank god, this was not one of those times. This was amazing.
The gumbo is unimaginable. I could eat a cup of it every day for the rest of my life. It’s loaded with delicious smoked sausage, shrimp, veggies, fried seafood, and rice. I always forget how much better fresh seafood tastes than the stuff we generally get in Michigan. The broth has this slight kick that lightly tap dances across your tongue with every bite. It’s a light tomato base, but the rice absorbs a good deal of it, making the rice nothing short of immaculate. If there is a God, she is back in this kitchen going to work. I’m practically licking the bowl at this point. The waitress brings out the fried chicken sandwich and I immediately realize that I’ve ordered enough for 2. I thought that I would eat a ton, since this is my only meal of the day and it’s almost 7. I decide to eat one of 4 pieces of the chicken and take the rest home for tomorrow. The breading at this place is out of control. It’s some of the best fried chicken I’ve ever tasted, but at this point I need a wheelbarrow and a tums just to get out of this place. I spot the total on the check is 12$. For 2 meals, this was 100% worth every penny. I thank my waitress and tell her to have a wonderful night. She responds “you know I will baby!” in the first delightful Carolina accent I’ve encountered.
Day 1: Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
There is an eternal debate that has waged on in my mind since I was a child. A debate so divisive that it threatens to split the very fabric of families across the nation. Which is superior? The aquarium or the zoo? Obviously, each city offers their own attractions and sometimes the needs of the few must be sacrificed for the needs of the many to be met. I cannot say where I fall on this debate for fear of isolation from friends and family.
This weather is why the elderly head south for the winter. It’s a delightful 81 degrees for the day. A little humid, but not too bad. I wake around 9 with my fried chicken sandwich from the night before and decide to head out in search of fun. My Airbnb host tells me that Ripley’s has an extensive set of things to do down here ST and she has a coupon that she’d be willing to share. For 40$ you get access to the aquarium and 2 other major attractions of your choosing. I’m excited. I pop a tums preemptively and head out.
There is a hypnotic effect to a good aquarium. As you walk through your first tunnel, fish and sharks swarm all around you. So often, I forget that there is a third dimension that aquatic life is able to move in. There are animals in here that I can only describe as entirely alien. There is nothing like it in all of existence. As I pass through exhibits, being viewed mostly by small children and parents confused by my presence, I am filled with enthusiasm and wonder. I find myself baffled by the casual behavior of the parents who are present. It’s as though they have no sense of wonder left in them. They drone through each exhibit, saliva slowly trailing from the corner of their mouth as they let out in an exhausted voice “yes honey... that’s the one from finding Nemo...” Meanwhile I’m so ecstatic that I actually nudge an equally stoked 10 year old next to me while I point to a color changing seadragon and almost say out loud to a child, “Are you fucking seeing this thing?!” I quickly realize that this would probably be perceived as questionable behavior to parents and exit the area.
I decide to head on for the next event, the Believe it or Not Oddity house. Overall, this was less eventful than hoped for. There were however, a few priceless moments within. A handful of images/objects were made entirely out of household objects (see pictures). There is also a hallway that I pause before I pass through. In front of me is a rotating hypnotic hallway. At the end of the hallway is a still wheel that looks like the old school hypnotism set. As you walk through the hallway on a rickety bridge, it creates the effect of extreme vertigo. I walked halfway through and started to feel the effects of the hallway. I decide to double back and wait for the next group instead. I sit nearby because I know that there is a large, energetic family of 12 just behind me. I give it a fair minute and they come storming through. The children are excited about all the attractions outside of the tunnel, but haven’t spotted the actual tunnel itself. Once they spot it, the adults immediately size up what is about to happen. The children enter one at a time and proceed to nearly fall to the floor. They’re dying of laughter on both sides. Slowly, they recruit more to try and make their way through. The newcomers nearly fall off the bridge and collapse in laughter. This is exactly why I stayed. I stumble through the tunnel like a drunk after last call and continue on to the next displays. A 7 year old comes up to me, slaps me on the back, and says, “tunnel’s rough, huh?”. I will forever maintain that children are the best that humanity has to offer.
As I continue, I start to hear music down the boulevard. I approach and recognize the Cupid shuffle. It’s a stand for street side merchandise complete with music coming from an amplifier to drum up excitement. One of the workers tries to wave me over to do the dance. I firmly decline. You may call me no fun, you may say that I’m just too shy, you may even argue that every society in the history of humanity has some form of dance. However, I do not enjoy dancing. It was one of few things that Katie and I disagreed about, but I would make a point to take part for her enjoyment several times a year. I would do my best to appear enthusiastic, but if there’s a specialized hell for me, it consists of people forcing me to dance. I spot a young homeless man and while maintaining eye contact with the worker, motion to him. The worker doesn’t hesitate to motion him in. In sheer delight, he starts to bob his shoulders and then begins the proper steps. He’s probably the best in the group. I’ve had my joy for the day.
Before continuing, I decide to window shop in the area. It seems that the local economy of Myrtle Beach’s downtown area is based on 4 things and 4 things alone. 1: cheap printed design tshirts 2: sunglasses 3: flip flops 4: henna tattoos That is all. Whether it’s a hotel, an arcade, a bar, or a restaurant, you can be rest assured, all of those things are available at low, low prices.
I decide throughout the night that I will not be spreading Katie here. While, it is gorgeous, and Katie did love the beach, it seems like mostly a tourist trap. A wonderful tourist trap, but a tourist trap nonetheless. I think she would have enjoyed spending a few nights here. She would have loved the gumbo, but she wouldn’t have wanted to be here forever. I decide that it’s time to head home and head to sleep so that I can hit the road tomorrow in search of a better spot.
Quitman, Georgia
I woke around 9 AM and spent roughly 8 hours on the road. I’m starving and exhausted, but I’m finally in Quitman. I have nothing positive or negative to say about this place. It is a town. As a result, I suspect that this post will be short and uneventful I’m staying at a super cheap Airbnb to help break up the trip before my next destination. My host is a retired schoolteacher who makes her living as an author. She looks friendly and sounds like an interesting lady!
I was incorrect about this visit being uneventful. I have just arrived at my Airbnb and am 99% certain that my host is either on meth or some other high level stimulant. Her lips are moving at a rate that I am virtually incapable of keeping up with. She is darting back and forth throughout the house with such gusto that would cause Usain Bolt to be viewed as a casual runner. The inside of her Airbnb has a minimum of 4 taxidermy stuffed animals and the house is at an extremely chilly temperature. I vow to avoid showers in hopes that she wants to stay true to the Psycho theme that she has going. She’s singing “putting on the ritz” in double time while she substitutes certain sentences with “bark bark bark bark bark bark bark”. If I am to turn up missing tonight, there will be no need for secondary or tertiary suspects. It was her without question.
She offers me a drink from her very elaborate bar. I decline. She says, “just smell it!” There is a strong scent of good whiskey with just a hint of almonds. I flash back to a short story by Roald Dahl and tell myself “Not today Landlady!”. I thank her, but tell her that I am very tired and will probably head to bed soon. She quickly exclaims “Oh! You haven’t seen the puppy!” and then darts back into her room. She has 3 dogs, all of which I have seen, so I immediately assume that she is entering her bedroom to pull out her designated murder weapon of the evening and instead she brings out an extremely young puppy. He takes an immediate liking to me and nuzzles up into the crook of my armpit.
Alright... I have accepted my fate. This puppy will bring me great comfort in my final moments. My only hope is that she chooses a tasteful position to place me in when I am just another animal on her wall.
As the night continues, she starts to slow down a bit and tells me that she started hosting an Airbnb after she was diagnosed with a brain tumor that’s pressing up on her frontal lobe and that if she seems a little jumpy, that is why. She shows me the scar and I immediately feel like an asshole for assuming the worst. She has 2 long term tenants who I am shortly introduced to who are very kind and certainly not accomplices to a serial murderer. I decide to retire for the evening to get some rest after a long day of travel and breathe a sigh of relief that I had misjudged the situation.
Pensacola, Florida
I am currently relaxing on a plastic covered outdoor L couch on a patio. The muggy Florida air is enough to take your breath away. I’m 10 feet away from a pool that would certainly quell this overwhelming humidity, but have decided to take a moment to write about my journey thus far instead. Tiny, 3 inch long salamanders skitter across the yard merrily. They exist in a bizarre abundance down here that would be delightful to many, but are a constant annoyance for me. I worry with every step that I take that I will snuff out some poor little webbed footed friend, but also fear that I will experience a level of disgust that only takes place when you stepped in something that you wish you wouldn’t have.
I woke around 9 AM to the sound of a coffee maker running. Fantastic. Despite being a bit batty, my host is nothing if not accommodating. I walk out and see a fresh pot. “Cream, sugar, honey, milk?” She says excitedly. “Just black is fine, thank you.” It’s a damn fine cup of coffee. She offers me a coaster and I let it rest for a moment. She starts on about the history of the road that will take me to Pensacola. “There is a higher concentration of plantations along that road than anywhere else in the world! You’re in for a real treat!” She said with an excited tone. “Are you a big history buff?” “Absolutely” I replied. Despite my better instincts to dodge the impending oral spew that I’m about to be hit with, history is one of my favorite topics, especially when my conversation partner knows something that I do not. “Well you’ll be interested to know that Sherman’s March ended right in Pensacola.” It didn’t. It started in Atlanta and ended in Savannah, but she made me coffee, so I will entertain her. “I didn’t know that!” She responds “It’s true!” She proceeds to tell me about stories involving the horrors that happened during the war. “There was a Union outfit that came through and ransacked the household of a small family and took all their money and food. The south never did anything that bad!” I couldn’t help myself. “Well... there was slavery.” As soon as the words exited my mouth, I was filled with regret. Why would I try to introduce logic to a woman who told me previously that she was hesitant to open an Airbnb “because of the blacks.” “Actually, slavery wasn’t introduced as an issue into the civil war until 3 years into it!” It was about the succession of the south!” She offers me another cup of coffee and before I can object, she has already filled my cup. I grab an ice cube so that I can pound my coffee and head out.
I drive around 4 hours and arrive at my Airbnb. It is, by far the best value that I have been to on my trip. The bed is comfy, the price is cheap, and there is an outdoor swimming pool. I cannot complain, nor would I. I meet my host and she asks what I’m doing here. I tell her and she is immediately touched by my story. “You must have loved her.” She said. “She was my best friend in the whole world” I say while fighting tears back.
It’s around 5 and I haven’t eaten all day, so I decide to head on down to the local Mexican spot, Meriachi’s. I generally sit at the bar while eating alone. I don’t particularly want a drink, but I don’t want to take up a table to myself and it’s the most convenient place when you’re eating alone. I sit down and enjoy some chips and salsa. It’s a fantastic homemade salsa that I would be lucky to come across in Michigan. There is a larger man sitting at the end of the bar who has eyed me. The only way that I can describe him is that he is white and he looks like he has either spent the last 20 years as a tough cop or as a tougher military man. “How’s it going?” He inquired just as I had stuffed my face with some chips. I chew for a moment before responding “It’s going. How about you?” “It’s going.” He says and pauses for a moment. “Where you from?” “Michigan.” “Ah, what are you doing here?” He asks. “Traveling the country right now. This is my 10th stop, give or take.” “No shit. What made you want to do that?” I tell him my story and he grows quiet for a moment as he sips his industrial sized margarita. “I’m sorry for your loss. That’s got to be rough.” “It is, but I’m trying.” This has been my standard response for some time. It starts to feel less sincere in time, but I can think of no more fitting of a response. “So do you live here?” I ask. “I do. I was in the Navy for 20 years, but now I run a self-service pet bath across the street with my wife and a few employees.” I cannot help myself but try to clarify, “A self service pet-bath?” He replies “Yeah, they’ve never even heard of them here. Can you believe that?” I shook my head, though I cannot fathom who would pay to bathe their own dog. He starts up again, “Yeah! We just went and bought an ice cream truck. Get this. It’s going to be an ice cream truck, but only for dogs.” He must be fucking with me. “Wow! What a great idea!” I say as I try to emulate his level of enthusiasm. “We’re just getting ready to go and head up to check on our boat! We booked a flight to check out the repairs on it. You’re welcome to join us on our pontoon tomorrow to spread your girlfriend’s ashes if you’d like!” I take a moment to ponder this and he must have picked up on my hesitancy because he did not bring it up again for the rest of the night. He is joined by 2 employees and his wife, all of whom introduce themselves to me. I decide that, so long as I am being social and within walking distance of my Airbnb, I will order a margarita that I can only describe as comically sized. I watch the bartender throw 3 shots in and then an extra as he gives me a wink and shoots me with a finger gun. Each member of the immediate area seems to know what I’m doing and why. For many, this would be a grave annoyance, but I don’t mind it. I’d rather everyone know than wonder why the guy eating alone looks so dismal.
I make my order and strike up conversation with the group of 4. They ask how far I plan to go and I explain that I’m working on a budget, but that I hope to get to California. I ask the bartender for the bill and see the man I first ran into pull her aside. He passes by me, gives me an embrace from my shoulder and says “You take care of the tip, I got this one. You’re doing a beautiful thing and now I feel like we’re all apart of your journey. I hope you get where you’re going.” I thank him profusely as I fight back the cascade of impending tears and leave a 20$ on the bar top. I didn’t cry, but goddamnit I wanted to.
Given that it was only 7:00 PM by now, I decide that I’m not ready to head back to the Airbnb quite yet. I find a little Irish pub with 2 bars right next door. Katie and I always seemed to have a particular weakness for Irish pubs, so I take it as a partial omen. I decide that since I’ve got at least 2 hours to burn before bedtime and I’m a half a mile walk from my Airbnb, I’ll stop in and hang out for a bit.
In truth, there’s not much area to scan. There’s a football game on, one man, and a bartender who are glued to the tv. I head back for the bathroom and the bartender shouts out “bathroom’s for customers only!” I respond “I’ll take a whiskey and coke and a water, but after I get out of the bathroom.” I have no interest in drinking more, but I also have a problem with confrontations such as this. I grab my drink and settle down next to the television. If I’m being honest, I’m not even sure who is playing. I recognize the New Orleans Saints logo, but am unfamiliar with the other team. Karl Marx once stated that religion was the opiate of the people, but in this country, I would argue that football has become its own religion. While I understand the rules and mechanics of it, I will never know the excitement of this man and woman before me as they cheer and shout at each and every play. In truth, I wish I did. I long for the ability to take part in the activities that those around me seem to enjoy, but I just don’t care. I can always recognize a great play, but could care less whose team it comes from. Perhaps that is the cost of living in a state whose football team has less chance of winning the Super Bowl than they have at winning the lottery.
As I sit for an hour or so, nursing my whiskey and coke, I decide to take it out to the patio to get away from the man in the bar who has been screaming football statistics at me as though he is the Rain Man of sports. I spot 2 50+ year old women out on the patio stumbling about. Clearly they have come from one of the bars next door and are having a much more intoxicated night than I. One of them had a chronic case of the hiccups.
Though it may sound unbelievable, I have trained myself to get rid of the hiccups when they occur. I understand how silly that may sound, given that one cannot possibly control a spasm within the diaphragm, but I have a fairly high success rate in doing so. Katie used to get furious at me when I would get a bout of hiccups and then expel them after a few minutes of intense focus and through a period of muscle constrictions that I had come up with over the years. She absolutely hated the hiccups and I could never manage to explain to another person how I was able to stomp them out so quickly. I turn to the woman with the hiccups, hand her a glass of water, and say “if you drink from the back of the glass, you’ll get rid of them. She chugs the water upright, lets out a loud hiccup and says “didn’t work.” I grab another glass and lean over to show her. “You’ve got to stand up and drink from the back of the glass.” Despite my best efforts, she’s still not getting it. It’s halftime and the man in the bar comes out. He says “2 things my grandma taught me. How to treat a lady and to drink out of the back of the glass when you’ve got hiccups.” He grabs her by the waist gently without being handsy about it and pats the center of her back to guide her in the right position. Instantly, her hiccups are gone. “Grandma’s always right.” He says just before letting out a loud belch and retreating back into the bar.
I decide that this place is dead and boring. I start to walk to my Airbnb when I see that there are pool tables next door. I’m not good at pool, but I love to play. I step inside, head back to use the bathroom and the bartender shouts out, “if you want to use the bathroom, you’ve got to buy a drink.” How often does this happen to these people that it is a constant concern in every bar? I determine that, while I do not want a drink, I certainly need to use the bathroom. “Whiskey and coke and a water.” I shout over my shoulder as I head back to use the facilities. As I’m in the bathroom, it occurs to me that I could have just head back to the Irish pub and I let out a chuckle at my own short sightedness.
This bar is electric. While I don’t care about the game or the teams, I am highly susceptible to the excitement of those around me. On my right, there is an off-duty bartender so ripped that I’m shocked that he isn’t on the field. On my left is an on-duty bartender with a psychedelic T-shirt on. Just across from me is a balding white man in his 40’s who is behaving as though he is an undercover reporter trying to blend in with the youth in the area. The Saints are down, 10-20. With each successful play by the Saints, the man in front of me is yelling “WHO DAT BOI? WHO DAT BOI?” What starts off as a ridiculous chant quickly grows throughout all 12 patrons of the bar while I casually shoot pool. I start to wonder whether there isn’t a regional reference that I’m missing, but certainly don’t want to appear foolish in asking. New Orleans makes a field goal and the score is now 13-20 with New Orleans still trailing at the end of the 3rd quarter.
At this point, my attention has been redirected towards the game. The energy of the patrons is contagious and impossible to ignore at this point. What was once a 3-20 shutdown has turned into a legitimate matchup. The LA Chargers have scored 7 points and New Orleans has scored 14, leaving them at a tie. The Chargers have the ball, push it downfield, and get to a point where they can end it all with just a minute left. The man at the end of the bar shouts out “He misses and shots are on me!” The field goal is up and for a brief moment, you can feel the tension in the air. Each local is holding their breath in anticipation. For a brief moment, the ball is kicked up and towards clearance. It’s all over, no questions asked. Out of sheer chance, the ball starts to blow off to the side, bounces into the goal post, and the bar explodes in excitement while the man across from me yells “WHO DAT BOI?!?”. We’re going into overtime.
“Hey, were you serious about those shots?” I hear the guy next to me ask. “Fuck no.” The man at the end of the bar replies. Overtime begins and it’s clear that the Saints have it locked up. Clean passes and strong running plays until the 30 yard line, where they make a field goal for 3 points. They shut down the Chargers’ rebuttal and the game is over. While I will never understand the excitement of the game itself, I will always remember the excitement of the individuals here tonight. I leave 6$ on the bar and head back to my Airbnb.
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2020.10.14 20:45 IBangYoDaddy First mock of the 2020 season, please destroy it.

I'm using Tankathon's order for picks, TDN's isn't really great when starting out with "the first three picks are the QBs." So with that, let's get started.
The New York Football Giants: Trevor Lawrence
Ok yea I know I bashed TDN because it was just QBs but come on, Danny Dimes is Danny Done, Trevor Lawrence is the second coming of Manning, it's like the Bengals with Burrow, the only way this doesn't happen is if DJ has some late season revival.
Atlanta Falcons: Gregory Rousseau
Coaching staff is gone, which leads a lot of people to believe that the new staff will want their own QB, but looking at the actual team, the offense is doing what it needs to, the defense is shitting the bed, and the Falcons have been horny for a pass rusher since taking Vic Beasley all those years ago. Rousseau has the potential to become an ELITE pass rusher, great size, speed, and power, he is exactly what that piss poor defense could need.
New York Jets: Penei Sewell They just took Becton last year who's already starting to look like a franchise LT, but you know what's better than having a franchise LT? Having a franchise RT to start on the other side (personally I have no clue who would go where, Becton might be better at RT, but has definitely earned the LT spot.) I don't think the Jets have given up on Darnold, much to my dismay, so defending him would be the top priority.
Los Angeles Chargers: Samuel Cosmi
Might seem like a bit of a reach, but the Bolts need a tackle to protect their new franchise QB. Like Herb, he seems a bit raw, and clearly the Chargers aren't intimidated by that, they hope to coach him up to be their future LT.
The Washington Football Team: Justin Fields, QB
Alex Smith should not be starting, and Haskins has proven himself to not even be worthy of a roster spot, but Justin swoops in to become the face of the "new" Washington franchise, and would be a guy that Rivera would love to work and develop with.
Jacksonville Jaguars: Wyatt Davis, iOL
Minshew Mania is in full effect babayyyyy, so they gotta protect their sweet jorts wearin', mom slayin', bomb chuckin' QB with the best iOL in the draft. His best value is of course at guard, but he has the potential to move to tackle if the Jags are desperate to do so.
Minnesota Vikings: Micah Parsons, LB
The Vikings stumbled into getting an elite linebacker here, not a huge need, but it takes that whole LB corps to another level, quickly making it the strength of the defense.
Miami Dolphins: Ja'Marr Chase, WR
Kind of like the Vikings, was debating taking Moses, but I believe he's going to slip just a bit, so another BPA, but still a huge game changer for the Fins. They already have a good receiving corps with Parker, Wilson, Grant, Williams, even Hurns is good depth, but with Chase, they have at worst their WR2 behind Parker, with potential to become WR1, and a great weapon for Tua to get comfortable and grow with.
Detroit Lions: Marvin Wilson, DT
The Lions need some help on defense on a lot of spots, pass rush, run stop, anything, so I gave them the best defensive lineman available, adds value at both pass rushing and run stopping, and has room to grow and become a building block for that defense.
Denver Broncos: Alex Leatherwood, OT
Protect. Your. Quarterback. Simple as that. Their line is piss poor, Lock was getting sacked damn near every play against the Steelers, and Garrett Bolles is still holding Melvin Ingram to this day. Leatherwood can move all over the line if needed, but it's pretty obvious they need to keep him at OT.
Philadelphia Eagles: Shaun Wade, CB
The secondary needs help. Badly. Like really badly. What better way to help that than take a CB coming out of DBU aka Ohio State. Wade adds versatility too, you can play him at Slot, outside, or even safety, which I think the Eagles are gonna test out a bit.
Cincinnati Bugles: Creed Humphrey, iOL
Burrow will die on that field if the Bengals don't address the line, Jonah Williams looks like a good LT, so let's bolster that inside and protect Burrow right up the middle with Humphrey.
Miami Dolphins: Dylan Moses, LB
If Flores is anything like his mentor Belichick, he loves his LBs, and the dolphins are definitely in need of one to help lead that defense. Moses offers elite athleticism and has a good head on his shoulders that could lead with to become a quick young leader of this defense.
San Francisco 49ers: Trey Lance, QB
HOTTAKE ALARM WEE WOO Garoppolo isn't going to lead this team to another superbowl, might not even be able to lead them to the playoffs at the current moment, so when a talent like Lance falls in your lap, you take it, and I think he works really well in a Shanahan run offense.
New England Patriots: Jaylen Waddle, WR
Could go d-linemen here, but without any receivers, the offense is always going to hold this team back, so let's grab my WR2 on my board in Waddle, who adds incredible speed, YAC, and catching abilites to a desperate offense, and if they keep Cam, would be the perfect match.
Carolina Panthers: Kyle Pitts, TE
The Panthers are at their best when they have an elite TE, and you can't get much more elite than Pitts. Thomas is not developing, but on an offense that's already loaded with speed, Pitts adds just another mismatch for defenses that can take a lot of pressure off of Teddy.
Tompa Bay Gronkaneers: Carlos Basham Jr, EDGE
Tampa kinda gets the pick of the litter here, they can go WR since outside of Evans and Godwin they have no one, maybe corner, but personally I think their corners are just fine, so I fall back on EDGE, who arguably the only true one they have is Shaq, and giving him a partner in crime makes that already great defense that much better.
Indianapolis Colts: Kwity Paye, EDGE
From what I've heard from Colts fans about Chris Ballard, it's that he values pass rush and EDGE more than any other position on the defense. Paye is raw, but if you sit him behind Houston for a year, and of course get some help from Buckner, Paye is the best fit for a upcoming defense.
Dallas Cowboys: Jevon Holland, S
The cowboys need defensive help anywhere, pass rush, secondary, hell even linebacker, but with the top edges gone, and all the safeties still available, they take Jevon Holland, another versatile back. Can play nickel or deep safety which would benefit the Boys the most when it comes to different packages.
New Orleans Saints: Pat Freiermuth, TE
IF Drew retires, I think the Saints are gonna test out Jameis first before they try and draft a QB, and to help him out they get a sort of security blanket in Pat Freiermuth, who some consider to be TE1. Jared Cook is good but old and limited, and the Saints haven't hard a great TE since Jimmy Graham, and the offense needs more playmakers not named Michael Thomas or Alvin Kamara.
Las Vegas Raiders: Jay Tufele, DT
Raiders need a bit more defensive talent to take their team to SB contender, and Tufele can add that to the d-line. Like Marvin Wilson, can rush the passer or stop the run, inconsistently, but can still do it. Adds more to the pass rush that the Raiders so desperately need.
Arizona Cardinals: Jaylen Twyman, DT
The Cards aren't getting any help from their d-line, which is making their talented linebackers either play out of position or get exposed easier, so to help them out, Twyman comes in to take the pressure of Jones and Reddick and Simmons, and put it back on opposing QBs.
Kansas City Chiefs: Liam Eichenberg, OT
Eichenberg is an interesting pick, the Chiefs could use some line help at both guard and RT, and Eichenberg can come in and compete at either spot, he has the size and speed to play RT, and the power to play guard, which would make him a likely choice for the Chiefs.
Baltimore Ravens: Trey Smith, iOL
If you pay attention to Ravens games, you notice two things quickly: they have no pass rush, and are getting pressured from inside rather quickly. There's no great edge talent that can really take their defense over the top here, so a stout guard would make a bigger impact for an explosive run offense.
Chicago Bears: Kyle Trask, QB
Not much to say on this, its obvious that the Bears need a QB, and Trask would be an immediate upgrade over Tittyman and BDN. Could easily see a great chemistry with him and Robinson, Trask likes having a go to guy, like Pitts, and obviously it's a different position, but A-Rob and Pitts play the same role.
Cleveland Steamers: Caleb Farley, CB
The weakness of the Browns is their secondary, even with great talent like Ward and Delpit, but outside of those two there isn't much to work with. Taking notes from a division rival over at Baltimore, a team with corner depth and GOOD corner depth can change an entire defense, and that's exactly what they'll be getting with Farley.
Jacksonville Jaguars: Hamsah Nasirildeen, S
BPA here, although the Jags could use a safety upgrade here, and Hamsah is arguably the most complete safety in the draft. Good tackler that can play the run in a division where you'll be going up against Derrick Henry, Marlon Mack, Johnathon Tayler, and Nyheim Hines twice a year.
Buffalo Bills: Tyson Campbell, CB
After watching the Bills Titans game, it's clear to see that outside of Tre White, they don't have another CB that can match up. Campbell can take over that CB2 spot and has the speed to shut down any quick deep threat opposing offenses throw at him.
Green Bay Packers: Christian Barmore, DT
Another BPA pick, Barmore helps a defense that was notoriously bad against the run, and offers a bit of pass rush help.
Shitsburgh Steelers (can you tell my bias yet): Dillon Radunz, OT
The Steelers o-line is aging, with 3 starters past 30, and in a division with possibly two top 10 defenses, protecting your QB, whoever that may be in 2021, is top priority, especially with things returning to normal for them with a high powered explosive offense.
Tennessee Titans: Rashod Bateman, WR
Corey Davis' future with the team is up in the air, but outside of him and Brown, the Titans receivers list is lackluster. With Bateman, they get a big bodied physical receiver who wins contested catches, and has some decent YAC abilities to complement.
New York Jets: Rondale Moore, WR
The Jets have nothing at receiver, Jamison Crowder is a good slot option, Denzel Mims has potential, but yet to see the field, and everyone after is either bad or inconsistent. Rondale Moore isn't going to be a true WR1, he doesn't have the body or build for it, but what he does have is blazing speed, the ability to get past defenders, and slip through unnoticed in the short game. Darnold is going to pick things up now that he has decent protection, and a speedster that can take the top off the defense.
I like what I did in the first half, but during the later picks really proved themselves a challenge. Please, rip this thing to shreds as I said its my first of the season.
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2020.10.14 20:33 AndyJPuente Biggest 2020 NBA free-agency, draft and trade decisions for the Golden State Warriors:

Offseason focus
Draft assets
Cap space breakdown
Team needs

The options in the lottery

Despite finishing with the worst record in the NBA, Golden State is not guaranteed a top-three pick in 2020. Due to a change in lottery procedure, the Warriors have a 47.9% chance of sliding all the way back to No. 5, with a 12% chance of landing at No. 4.
While we won't know where Golden State will pick until the lottery draw on Aug. 20, let's explore the different options that this front office could face in June.
Keep the pick
ESPN's draft experts Jonathan Givony and Mike Schmitz have shooting guard Anthony Edwards, point guard LaMelo Ball and center James Wiseman as the best available players in this class. Small forwards Isaac Okoro and Deni Avdija round out the top five.
However, unlike in 2019 when Zion Williamson, Ja Morant and RJ Barrett were the consensus first three picks among front offices, the same cannot be said this year. Because there is no clear-cut favorite, teams at the top could be drafting more on need rather than taking the best available prospect.
Because the Warriors face real roster restrictions in free agency, playing the conservative card and just keeping the top-five pick likely will be the best option. A player such as Edwards or Wiseman would make an impact next season and could be the Warriors' lone addition in the offseason.
Move back in the lottery
This is what the Pelicans did last year. Instead of keeping the No. 4 pick, New Orleans found a trade partner in Atlanta that had two picks in the top 16.
The Warriors will need to determine if two picks later in the first round is more appealing than one of the top prospects. Would Golden State swapping No. 2 with No. 4 and No. 16 via Minnesota make sense? What about calling the Knicks to move back to No. 5 in exchange for Dallas' future firsts owed to New York (unprotected in 2021 and top-10 protected in 2023)? Boston also projects to have three picks late in 2020's first round.
A trade like this would give the Warriors two shots at finding a real contributor in the draft, along with additional trade options heading into the 2021 deadline.
Explore the All-Star trade market
Unlike 2018-19, when Anthony Davis asked out of New Orleans before the trade deadline, this season was quiet when it came to disgruntled All-Stars, but things change quickly in the NBA.
Teams are waiting to see if Bradley Beal becomes available in trade talks or if Giannis Antetokounmpo forgoes signing a supermax contract in Milwaukee. There are eyes on the 76ers' roster, especially if they are bounced in the first round. And John Collins is an intriguing target if he can't agree to an extension with the Hawks.
Despite the lottery pick this year and the top-three protected 2021 first-rounder from Minnesota, the Warriors face the obstacle of putting together enough salary to send out in a trade for any of these players. Removing Curry, Thompson and Green leaves Golden State with only the Andrew Wiggins contract to use in a deal (with upcoming annual cap hits of $29.5 million, $31.6 million and $33.6 million).
For a team looking to rebuild, taking on what is owed to Wiggins will only be desirable if the picks attached are stunning.

The timeline of the $17.2 million trade exception

The Warriors will have an additional three months from the original July 7 deadline to use the largest trade exception in the NBA. The new, projected Oct. 24 date is a result of free agency starting on Oct. 18. How the Warriors use the exception will come down to team finances.
On top of the salary owed to a player who is acquired using the exception, Golden State will pay a substantial luxury tax penalty. Based on the original $139 million luxury tax projection, Golden State's tax penalty stands at $45 million. If the tax threshold drops to $132.7 million, an extra $24 million is added.
In any scenario, using any amount of the $17.2 million trade exception is going to be expensive. Trading for a player making $4 million would add $15 million to $17 million onto the tax bill (depending on the tax line), while a $16 million player would mean an additional $69 million to $79 million in tax payments.
The actual trade mechanics of the exception are also tricky. The exception cannot be aggregated with another player's salary to take back more than the $17.2 million amount, limiting the pool of players Golden State can trade for.

The Steph Curry extension

Three years removed from signing the first $200 million contract in league history, Curry is now eligible for an extension. With two years left on Curry's contract (at $43 million and $45.8 million), Golden State can extend the guard for an additional three seasons starting in 2022-23.
Here is what a max extension for the two-time MVP would look like:
Even for a franchise player, those are huge numbers as a player enters his mid-30s. The Warriors will need to make sure they're confident in this roster long term and in Curry's health before extending such an offer.

Offseason cap breakdown

After dipping below the luxury tax this season, Golden State will become a taxpayer in 2020-21. The good news is that because the Warriors are not considered a repeater team, the penalty currently projects to be $36 million -- $15 million less than if they had also been in the tax this past season.
Golden State will have the $5.7 million taxpayer midlevel and minimum exceptions available.

Resources available to build the roster

Dates to watch

• The main date to watch is not until mid-October, when the contract of Marquese Chriss becomes fully guaranteed. Chriss has $800,000 protected and would see the remaining balance of $1 million guaranteed if he is not waived by Nov. 1. On his fourth team in as many years, Chriss averaged a career high in points (9.2), field goal percentage (54.2%), rebounds (6.0), assists (1.8) and blocked shots (1.0). Because the Warriors have little flexibility to add in free agency and the former lottery pick has played well, expect Chriss to be on the roster for next season.
Ky Bowman (no protection), Damion Lee ($600,000 guaranteed) and Juan Toscano-Anderson (no protection) do not have trigger dates in their non-guaranteed contracts. Mychal Mulder will see his protection increase from $0 to $200,000 if the guard is on the opening day roster. Bowman, Mulder and Toscano-Anderson are holding down the back end of the roster and could be cut if Golden State retains both second-round picks or adds veterans in free agency on minimums.


• The hard-cap restriction that weighed on the Warriors this season is not lifted until Oct. 19. However, the trades at the 2020 deadline gave Golden State a $6.9 million buffer to take back money in deals.
• The Warriors have used all their available cash in trades for this season. However, they can agree to a deal on the night of the draft to buy a second-round pick and not consummate it until Oct. 23, when their available cash will be replenished to $5.9 million
• The three core players -- Curry, Green and Thompson -- have 15% trade bonuses. The bonuses for Thompson and Curry would be voided because their salaries would exceed the max. The Green bonus would be valued at a total of $10.8 million over the remaining three years on his contract.

Extension candidates

Curry and Wiggins are the two extension-eligible Warriors. Starting on Oct. 1, Golden is allowed to extend Wiggins for an additional two seasons on top of the three he has left on his deal. But it's highly unlikely that Golden State will want to commit to Wiggins through 2024-25 without seeing more from him, and a new contract would put a six-month trade restriction on the forward.
The deadline to extend Curry and Wiggins is Nov. 30.

The draft assets

Here's how ESPN's Givony and Schmitz have Golden State selecting in October:
The Warriors own a valuable first-rounder via Minnesota that is top-three protected in 2021 and becomes unprotected in 2022. From the Andre Iguodala trade in 2019, Golden State will send the Grizzlies a top-four protected first-rounder in 2024. The pick is top-one protected in 2025 and unprotected in 2026.
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2020.10.13 00:56 oceans96 Premature Love Dream

Hey all! First post here, long time lurker. I got out of a pretty tough relationship that had depleted me mentally, physically, and emotionally. Anyway, we broke up around the time Covid came about. I’d have these terrible dreams of her coming back and waking up the next morning just so confused. Is this a message? Do I need to contact her? She contacted me. We tried again to which her sister butted in and stopped it in its tracks.
Now the best part. I’m sad. Upset. Hurt. We played beach volleyball together. I play nightly. Travel hundreds of miles to play. I thought I’d never have that again.
I have a dream a week later after we officially ended it. I am playing in a volleyball tournament. With a girl. But I CANNOT see her face. Her body. Anything. Just a silhouette. My biggest toxic trait is I’m over competitive. So I worked on it. And I remember this dream. We came in 2nd or 3rd. Definitely should have won. And I looked at this silhouette. Hugged her and said, “Thank you so much for coming with me. You did amazing.” I wasn’t mad. I was happy I was playing volleyball with a person I liked. And that dream stayed in my mind for weeks. Months.
Fast forward to the next tournament I played in. I played with 2 friends, one of my dad’s friends, and he (who coaches) brought one of his old players. Beautiful girl. I talked to her throughout the tournament. We continued talking after. I was scared. I didn’t want to be hurt again. We played in another tournament. We played 3 times a week together. Started going on little dinner dates. Doing homework together.
I asked her, “Do you want to maybe go to a COED tournament with me and be my partner in New Orleans?” 5 hour drive. She said yes. We went. Had fun. Played in the tournament. Came in 3rd. And I hugged her. Told her thanks. As we were leaving, many groups were surprised we didn’t win first. 2 years ago I’d be so mad. Today, I realized it’s ok. Life is about being better than I was yesterday and being able to take steps to become better is great.
The girl and I became official last week. I took her to a dinner and drive in movie. She makes me happy and I have appreciated her a lot. But, I was freaked out from the dream and also glad it all connected in the end. That’s the silhouette girl. That’s the girl that I can be happy knowing I tried my hardest and coming up short because we had fun. Hoping this keeps going and we stay together after talking for the past 4 months.
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2020.10.11 22:35 Erhard_Eckmann [Econ] America on the Go Act

America on the Go Act


Almost 10 years ago, a VP Biden advocated for a $53 Bn high-speed rail system to connect Americans, businesses, and goods together. However, his dream was never realized with a Republican majority in the House of Representatives at the time. The Republicans wanted to see a high-speed rail system come through private businesses. How well had their justification held up nine years later? As of yet, no true high-speed rail service was constructed, while some private businesses have plans for niche local routes. At the end of the day, there are many limitations, particularly financing, preventing a single or few businesses from going national with a high-speed rail project. Democrats have backed up President Biden, stating that the delays and regional focus have not benefited a majority of the population, and it will require a federal focus. The Republicans claimed that Amtrak is an abysmal failure and would torpedo the implementation, and frankly, this is one spot that the Democrats agree. In the current state, Amtrak is not fit for implementing and servicing a high-speed rail service, and instead are presenting a new public enterprise to be set up as a for-profit organization that will focus on the high-speed railway and cargo services. However, the Democrats have also admitted that it would be inappropriate to create new public business without reforming Amtrak as well, and have decided Amtrak reforms should be attached to proposed America on the Go Act. Secretary Musk was upset that his own company would not have the opportunity to contract on the project, nor manage a national roll-out of high-speed rail, but is confident that his dream can finally be realized this way.

American High-Speed Rail Corporation (AHSRC)

The America on the Go Act has called for the creation of a for-profit public corporation called American High-Speed Rail Corporation to manage and roll-out high-speed railway services for the United States of America. The AHSRC will operate subordinate to the Department of Transportation and horizontal to Amtrak. Rather than how Amtrak was initially set up by having separate companies and in some cases, private enterprise, running different lines, AHSRC will be completely federally run by a single organization. AHSRC will have the authority to set their own prices and provide discounts to the elderly, students, military service members and veterans. AHSRC will hold rolling stock, manage traffic, and perform ongoing maintenance of the rail services. Because it is a high-speed rail, requirements have been set for passenger HSR lines to have a 10 minute turnaround time allowing five minutes to get off, and five minutes to get on.

American High-Speed Railway Network

The America on the Go Act presents six high-speed rail lines to service the country, with some small connection lines to important economic and population centers (denoted by dotted lines). The service will feature West Coast Line, Southern Line, Trans-Continental Line, Mississippi River Line, East Coast Line, and the Great Lakes Line. Some additional connections have been proposed for consideration by the Government of Canada, and Mexico which will help increase travel, commerce, and relations between the three countries after the Trump era, further affirming the US-Mexico-Canada Trade Agreement.
West Coast Line
One of the major important lines for the United States is pitched to start, with Canada’s cooperation, in Vancouver which will then service the Sea-Tac area before Portland, and then down into the major cities of California like Sacramento, San-Fran, San Jose, and down to LA, and San Diego. A connecting line will provide connections for Reno to Sacramento. In the future, there is a prospective line proposal for Mexico to connect San Diego to Tijuana, and down to Cabo San Lucas in Baja California. Of course, the Canadian and Mexican portion of the rails would be operated by a Canadian and Mexican partner that will coordinate with AHSRC that will not have to change trains or cars to cross the border, but a swap of the managing team. This line will begin construction in 2021, and is to be completed in 2025. This line will be a passenger line.
Southern Line
The Southern Line will begin in Los Angeles and transit to Flagstaff, which has options of a Phoenix to Tucson service, or continuing service to Albuquerque which then goes to El Paso, San Antonio, Austin, Houston, over to New Orleans, then to Mobile, Pensacola, Tallahassee, Jacksonville. From Jacksonville, the line will head south into Florida to Orlando, Tampa, and ending in Miami. This line will be a passenger line. This line will begin construction in 2021 and is to be completed in 2026
Trans-Continental Line
The Trans-Continental Line will be a priority freight line and passenger line with high-speed service from San-Francisco to Salt Lake City, Kansas City, St. Louis, Louisville, Charleston, and ending in New York City. This line will primarily service freight like postal and objects that can be contained in shipping containers. Open cover freight will not be possible at the time of its inception and is expected to have a high-shipping premium. However, this could have great military implications like transporting troops, arms and other items at high speed across the country. This line will begin construction in 2021 and is to be completed in 2026.
East Coast Line
The East Coast Line is another passenger service line with service from Austin to Montreal. The line has connection options for Oklahoma City, and Charleston SC. The mainline itself will service Birmingham, Montgomery, Atlanta, Charlotte, Richmond, Washington D.C., Baltimore, Philadelphia, New York City, Hartford, Providence, Boston, Manchester, and finally Montreal. This line will facilitate east coast interconnectivity and will create options for workers to live in lower-cost residential areas and transit to the cities for work, while also connecting the Western US travelers to the East Coast and vice versa. This line will begin construction in 2021 and is to be completed in 2025.
Mississippi River Line
The Mississippi River Line does not actually follow the river, however, it catches the major cities in the states that have the Mississippi. The line begins in New Orleans, and offers service to Little Rock, Kansas City, Des Moines, and Minneapolis. Ultimately this line will probably have the least ridership out of every line, however, there is no vertical integration across the lines, and the Mississippi Line will facilitate connections across the major lines part-way across the country. This line will begin construction in 2023 and is to be completed in 2028.
Great Lakes Line
The Great Lakes Line is almost as much a Canada line as it is an American line. The purpose of this line is to connect the rust belt and Canadian population centers to the American East Coast. The line will begin in Montreal, with service to Ottawa, Toronto, Detroit, Chicago and end in Minneapolis. This line will have connection options to Louisville, Indianapolis, Pittsburgh, Cleveland, Detroit, and Sault Ste. Marie. This will help revitalize the steel industry in Sault Ste. Marie, the coal and mining industries in Pennsylvania, and the Great Lakes industries, while connecting to big business and ports on the East Coast. This will begin in 2021 and is to be completed in 2024.
Operations and Rolling Stock
The AHSRC has selected the Avelia Liberty high-speed train that will operate at speeds of 220 mph for the American High-Speed Rail Network. These trains are capable of crossing the United States for the longest journey in approximately 13 hours, while not as fast as an airplane, is considerably more affordable for a higher-quality service than a budget airline like Spirit. Night trains that run long-hauls will pull a mix of the passenger seat and sleeper cars, whereas day time trains will pull a three-class arrangement by ticket. Trains will have free on-board Wi-Fi, USB ports and power sockets. Seats will be fixed with an on-board entertainment system. When boarding, passengers will be allowed one overhead, one personal item. Larger items will have bins at the front and back of the seated car to place, and then can be retrieved at the passenger’s destination.
Much like an airport, travelers will have to get their ticket checked along with Federally-approved identification by the TSA. If transiting through Mexico or Canada, or arriving from, persons crossing borders must be bringing their passport and appropriate immigration documents. Customs declaration forms will be passed around to foreign persons coming from Canada or Mexico. All bags, including large items, will have to pass through a scanner, and each person will have to go through a full-body scan. Firearms, and sharps longer than 3 inches with the exception of active-duty military personnel, will not be approved for transit.
All on-board announcements will be first read in English, followed by Spanish, French, and Chinese. Every seated passenger will be given one bottle of water, and all other food or meal services will be available for purchase through a roving cart. Each train will have at least two US Marshals present and armed, at all times during transit. Trains will run across the country beginning at 5:00 AM EST and the last trains leaving at 9:00 PM EST.

Reforming Amtrak and Upgrading Services

Ironically, Amtrak lines have a somewhat efficient service for having such a bad reputation. Amtrak has a reliability of 83%, which is more reliable than domestic airlines at 82%, but just barely. Where Amtrak’s issues truly surface are in funding, and labor relations. For a widespread rail service in the United States, it isn’t often chosen for transportation because the rails are poorly maintained, which makes sense given how poorly funded they are. Amtrak only receives $1.4 Bn annually, which is not nearly enough to keep upgrading the rails, maintaining bridges, salaries, cleaning the cars, replaceable parts and otherwise, making for quite unsatisfactory service. One of the primary issues is, despite being a state-owned enterprise, is the government for some reason believes that it should be self-sufficient and require no funding, which frankly isn’t exactly an option in the current situation. If it is to eventually be self-sufficient, it will require appropriate investment so that it can manage itself and focus on providing a better service and maintaining itself. Shortly, Congress has discussed the auditing of federal institutions to eliminate waste, which would address any overspending or inefficiencies inside Amtrak or other SOEs for that matter, but for the meantime, the funding will have to suffice. The Federal Government has planned to provide Amtrak with $5 Bn annually to upgrade, do maintenance, and perform its services, which will be significantly needed to increase from the current amount.
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2020.10.11 02:58 TorridSouls {Podcast} Ep15: Vibes and Tribes

Hello Fellow Redditors.
We are thrilled to be having so much fun reading and hope to be contributing even more to discussions.
We forgot to post our episodes here, so here's a retro one...
EPISODE 15: Vibes and Tribes:
The skill of finding play partners, what do you look for? Is it physical attraction? Is it mental? Emotional? Do need to get to know others? Do you play and never repeat? Do you prefer established partners. In the lifestyle, just like in life, there are a variety of vibes and tribes. It may seem silly, and obvious, to say this... and it is an obvious truth. You may think everyone is in it for the same thing. We are... aaand we're not. You will meet some people that you jive with, and just as often, you will encounter those who don't. People will approach you strictly interested in the physical activity of sex - for them it may be all about getting as much as possible. Some people will think this is awesome, while others could be offended by the quick assessment and decision to play or not to play. You will also meet people who take time getting to know you, before getting to the point of having sex. Being approached by someone who does not match your vibe can be quite discouraging. In this episode we will chat about the importance of knowing that, even here, in the lifestyle, you will need to find those you resonate with. Listen in and discover how you can be less discouraged and offended, and much more successful when finding others to play with.
We talk about returning from New Orleans and how that feels like our tribe. If you want to join us, here is the link to register for Naughty in N'awlins 2020 and come party with us!
You can find this on any podcast player, or on our website
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2020.10.09 14:51 ZandrickEllison Offseason Blueprint: the Los Angeles Lakers may win the title tonight, but their ambition won't end there

The NBA season is nearly over: be it 1, 2, or 3 more games left. With the offseason looming around the corner, we've been looking ahead with our OFFSEASON BLUEPRINT series. In each entry, we preview some big decisions and make some recommendations for plans of attack along the way.
Like the NBA, we've officially come to the end of the road and to our final team, the Los Angeles Lakers.
step one: know it will never be All Quiet on the Western Front
The Los Angeles Lakers have plenty of fans, but also plenty of people who enjoy watching them struggle (some even run their own sports websites.) It feels like they've been a punching bag for almost a decade now. Even when the team landed a coup and signed LeBron James, there were plenty of skeptics and haters picking at the roster and fanning the flames of front office tension. Even when the team followed that up with a trade for Anthony Davis, there were STILL doubters and haters camped at the gates.
At the end of the day, LeBron James and company only had one way to shut them up: win.
Now, no one can criticize them anymore. Whatever they did to get here -- it worked. LeBron James deserves a huge amount of credit for this presumptive title (no offense, Miami) but there's plenty to go around. Anthony Davis reminded the world that he's a friggin' beast. Frank Vogel did a great job getting the defense to play on a string, especially on the perimeter. The maligned bench with Rajon Rondo, Markieff Morris, and Kyle Kuzma even stepped up in a major way on the road to the Finals.
While the team may be drenched with champagne by the time you read this, they still won't be satisfied. LeBron James went back to Cleveland to win a title. He didn't go to L.A. and recruit Anthony Davis to win a title. He wants to win multiple titles. He may get his 4th ring after this year, which means he'll only be 2 away from catching Michael Jordan. If he can do that, then there won't be any doubt about his GOAT status. And honestly, it's possible. James still looks like a top 5 player (if not 1 overall), and Anthony Davis is in the heart of his prime. With a decent supporting cast around them, they're going to be in title contention for the next two or three years.
However, the Lakers can't get complacent. They deserved this title, but they didn't exactly beat Murderers' Row to get here. In fact, their playoff opponents had the weakest seed value and weakest W-L percentage of any title team since 2000. Next season may be tougher sledding. The L.A. Clippers could be a real threat with better coaching and better rotations. The Milwaukee Bucks could be a real threat with better health. Health permitting, the Brooklyn Nets have the star power and the depth to be a force themselves. It's going to be a dogfight next season. The Lakers still may be the top dogs in that fight, but they're going to have to scrape and claw to get that bone again.
step two: convince your free agents that It's a Wonderful Life
LeBron James is a champion for player empowerment, but that concept is going to put his L.A. Lakers in a precarious position this offseason. Some decisions with be out of their hands. The team has an inordinate amount of player options for next season, with 5 separate players having the right to opt "in" or "out" of their contracts. Let's take a look at each of those one individually.
The most important, of course, will be Anthony Davis. He has the choice whether to opt in to his $28.7M salary. It's weird to say, but $28.7M is a bargain. Davis is a 27-year-old superstar. He deserves the new max and then some. From the Lakers' perspective, the only question will be timing the extension in the best interest of Davis and the team as a whole. If they wait until next offseason to give him a full max, they may have some more wiggle room in salary to bring in extra free agents (in Offseason 2021, not Offseason 2020.) Perhaps they can convince AD to wait until then to accrue more years. At the same time, uncertainty isn't their friend. If the Lakers disappoint next season and LeBron James hits a wall (unlikely, but theoretically possible) then perhaps Davis doesn't want to stay tethered to this older roster for the long haul. Perhaps his relationship with James -- great now -- bleeds into resentment over time. Who the heck knows. Superstar pairings don't always end with "happily ever after." Even that remote concern would make me push for a max extension for AD ASAP.
The second most important player option will be Kentavious Caldwell-Pope. When the Lakers first signed them, it raised some eyebrows and potential tampering conspiracy theories. These days, his $8.5M player option looks like a good value. KCP shot well this year and played hard on defense. Effectively, he looked like the player that Danny Green was supposed to be. Your hope here is that the Lakers have built enough goodwill with KCP and his representatives to make this a friendly negotiation. Whether that means he opts in, or whether that means he signs a long-term deal, it's a relationship that needs to continue.
step three: but convince others to ride off like Shane
Conversely, there are a few player options that the team may try to talk players out of taking. Avery Bradley missed the bubble for personal reasons, but the Lakers' backcourt did just fine without him. At this stage in their careers, Alex Caruso is probably better at the 3+D guard role. Still, it's going to be up to Bradley whether to return or not. He can opt in to his $5.0M player option. The value is OK in the broadest sense, but perhaps the Lakers are rooting for him to test the market elsewhere. The Lakers should take a hard line here and not offer him extra years; if Bradley leaves to chase a long-term deal, so be it. If he opts in, he may be used as a potential trade chip.
Meanwhile, JaVale McGee has a $4.2M player option himself. McGee started 68/68 games in the regular season, but he didn't always look like their best option in the playoffs. As he ages (now 32), he'll continue to struggle with certain matchups. I don't think McGee can match that $4M anywhere else, so trying to convince him to opt out may be a losing proposition. Again, if McGee opts in, then the Lakers need to consider utilizing his salary as a potential trade piece.
Some of those decisions -- whether they want to keep Avery Bradley and JaVale McGee -- may hinge on some other free agents on the team. Backup PG Rajon Rondo has his own player option of $2.7M. All season long, I'd been talking about Rondo as a potential liability for the team. Instead, he justified some of that "Playoff Rondo" talk. Between Rondo and Caruso, you'd prefer Caruso getting extended minutes. Between Rondo and Bradley, it's more of a debate. Rondo deserves more than $2.7M, so I expect him to opt out. Presumably, he appreciates the role and limelight here in L.A. and wouldn't play hardball. If he's amenable to a short-term, reasonable deal, then you'd want to keep him in house. If his playoff hype spirals into outsized offers (anything over $6M or so) then you should thank him for his service and wish him well.
The Lakers should treat backup C Dwight Howard (an unrestricted free agent) in a similar way. Now 34, he's become a role player. Moreover, his role -- as the more traditional center -- is no longer a valuable one either. Still, he's pretty good at that role -- arguably better than JaVale McGee. The team shouldn't over-invest in this one-two punch though. If Howard wants to re-sign for a bargain basement deal, great. If he expects a mid-sized contract or an extra year, then he may be on the move again. For both Rondo and Howard, I'd stand firm on 1 year deals. However, the team can potentially add in "team option" years on top of that. The purpose would be less to entice them into staying and more to make them potential trade chips (in terms of salary matching) later on down the road.
The Lakers will have more free agents to discuss. Markieff Morris is an interesting one; he looked like a shell of himself after some injuries, but he showed signs of life in the postseason. If that's legit, then he could potentially be a good rotational player for the team (when they go "small" with AD at the 5.) The verdict from team doctors will be crucial to determining his value. Alternatively, vets like J.R. Smith and Dion Waiters don't appear to have any value at all. Fortunately, they don't have player options either.
step four: solve the mystery of The Third Man
All season long, we heard that the Lakers would need a third star to emerge if they were going to win the title. Kyle Kuzma never got there, but it didn't matter. Perhaps we've just defaulted into a more familiar era of the NBA. Shaq and Kobe won without another "star." Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen won without another "star" (Dennis Rodman was more of an ultra role player.) With Kevin Durant removed from Golden State, perhaps the bar has been lowered back to reasonable heights for NBA title teams.
Still, the Lakers need to figure out who Kyle Kuzma is, and what his role should be. He averaged 16-6 as a rookie, but showed some signs of a "good stats / bad team" kind of player. That fear hasn't gone away. Since then, Kuzma's shot 30% and 32% from three over the following two years, and played poor defense overall. ESPN real plus/minus metric graded him as a -0.4 and -0.7 defensive impact, while box plus/minus had him at -1.2 and -1.0. That same BPM metric graded him below replacement level overall (-0.2 VORP).
Kuzma has played OK in these playoffs, but he hasn't had a major role. In fact, his minutes per game is down to 23.2 in the postseason so far, with 0 starts drawn. It's clear that Frank Vogel and the team don't believe he's the 3rd best player on the team. He may not even be the 4th or 5th best player.
You may ask: who cares? Kuzma isn't a world beater, but the Lakers beat the world anyway. Still, it's an important question hanging over their heads. Kuzma is under contract for one more year, and then will enter restricted free agency (at a time when they will be a lot of cap space out there.) Based on name value, he's going to get a decent contract.
If the Lakers don't believe he's worth decent money, it may be time to trade him now. (Realistically, the time to trade him was last offseason, but what can ya do.) Kuzma's $3.5M salary is easy to move, and the team can attach other contracts like McGee, Bradley, and Quinn Cook ($3M) to match a deal anywhere from the $3M-$15M range if need be.
What can the Lakers get for Kuzma on the open market? It's hard to tell. He's a polarizing name, so it may depend on whether their trade partner reads reddit or not. I'd call up Detroit and ask about Luke Kennard. If Houston's blowing it up, I'd ask about Robert Covington. If Minnesota's locked into Anthony Edwards at # 1, maybe they'd be open to trading Malik Beasley in a sign and trade. If you want to play dirty, you can tell Portland that Gary Trent Jr. (newest client of Klutch) is going to sign with the Lakers next season no matter what, so they may as well recoup something for him now. Fair? Ethical? Ehh. But hey, it's proven to be effective before.
step five: encourage others to hunt for the Treasure of the Sierra Madre
The Lakers don't have much cap space this offseason, but that's not a major problem. They're not going to have to list job openings on -- available players are going to flock to them. The most obvious reason to join the Lakers would be to chase rings. However, it goes deeper than that. There's not a lot of teams with cap space this offseason, but there are plenty with space next season.
If you're a free agent who's not getting a lot of attention, there's one great way to get attention: play with LeBron James and the Los Angeles Lakers. You can inflate your stock for next offseason, when hopefully you cash in.
If I ran the Lakers, my first call would be to a veteran like Darren Collison. Collison took the season off to pursue his faith, but reportedly he may return next year. If so, he'd be a dream fit for this Lakers' rotation. Collison can run the point when LeBron James rests, but he can also serve as a complementary spacer. The former UCLA standout has become a very reliable shooter -- hitting over 40% from deep in his last four seasons. He's undersized and sometimes outmatched on D, but the team has Alex Caruso ready to match up with bigger guards. Collison's skill set would merit $10+ million in a good market, but perhaps NBA teams are going to want to see him "prove it" after his extended absence. If that's the case, the Lakers can thank their lucky stars and Jehovah for delivering him into their laps.
Other veterans who may be drawn to the Lakers like a moth to the flame would include: the underrated E'Twaun Moore (NO) and likable vet Courtney Lee (DAL). Moe Harkless (NYK) could probably get more elsewhere, but he may decide to bet on himself and inflate his price for next season.
Since Anthony Davis still prefers playing PF, depth at center will be more important for the Lakers than other teams. As mentioned, JaVale McGee will probably be back (barring a trade) and Dwight Howard may be as well. If not, the team could try to recruit a player who wants to boost their stock. Nerlens Noel (OKC) could benefit from the spotlight like that; better yet, his agent happens to be some dude named Rich Paul.
Overall, the Lakers need to keep pushing and trying to improve, be it through free agency, through trades, or through the draft (where they have the # 28 pick.) This team may have been good enough to win the title, but as mentioned, one title isn't going to satisfy this star, this team, and this fan base. Hollywood's all about excess, and the goal will be to overindulge over the next few years.
other offseason blueprints
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2020.10.09 02:45 petiteangel012 Looking for advice on second home purchase

My partner (M 30Y) and I (F 27Y) currently own a three story town home in Ottawa (Orleans). There is roughly 180K left on our mortgage (2.35%), our 5 year term on the mortgage is is set to expire in 2022. We are building a bigger home in the outskirts of Ottawa which is set to close next fall (2021). We're still in planning phase with our builder for the new home so we are not 100% of the price but it should range between 650-700k (which is actually really high) including the lot. Our current home was bought at 250k and could potentially sell today between 400-430k (the market in Ottawa has been very inflated this past few months). I am not ready to sell our current home as I love this property and with the prices of houses soaring in Ottawa I am not sure if we could ever afford another property in the city. I have not spoken to a financial advisor yet since the house is set to close next year and the 2nd deposit for the builder will not be due until the spring. I was hoping to get advice from you guys on whether my plan makes sense.
My plan is to pull out equity from our current home and put it towards the new house to ensure we can make the 20% down payment. Right now we can pull 70k without having to refinance the home, but I am thinking of refinancing the home and pulling out a total of 170k from our current home. we would rent our current home so the rental income can pay the new mortgage of the current house. Although we could probably save the 20% (pinching pennies) without having to refinance the house completely, I think refinancing is the best way to avoid paying additional tax on the rental income we would be receiving. I am also thinking refinancing the house now will avoid additional tax we would need to pay if ever we decide to sell the investment property in the future as the value of the house jumped almost 200k.
We already put 20k down on the new home to reserve the lot and are planning to save an additional 30-40k cash by the time the house is ready next year. Our current house could probably rent between 1500-1800$ a month, our current expenses on the house (180k mortgage) is ~1200$ monthly inc tax&utilities. I think 20% down would mean we would need at least 130-140K cash downpayment. My fear is also affording a new house worth 650k with our current salaries and all the new expenses that comes with a new house (atleast no renos needed!) but we would need to furnish the home increase in property tax etc.
My partner and I salary is roughly ~70k each and we have zero debt (both cars and school is paid off). Currently we only have 3k saved cash after the 20k we put down for the lot. I am planning to save 1k per pay until the house closes, my partner should be saving the same or around 800$ per pay. I am worried about the timing of refinancing the house, finding a tenant (paying the realtor expense) and the closing of the new house. I am aware everything should be timed correctly to avoid paying two mortgages out of pocket (would be expensive on only 140k combined income). I am hoping to find a tenant and moving in with a family member at least 1 or 2 months ahead of completion of the new place (COVID pending + partner isn't 100% on board with living with family lol ).
Happy to heard your thoughts!
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2020.10.07 01:27 SLF_2019 80's Movie Spoilers (Ah! The 80's.....Those Were The Times)

  1. Look Who's Talking: Mollie And James End Up Together
  2. Home Alone : Harry And Marv Get Arrested
  3. The Officer And A Gentleman: Zack Mayo Graduates And He Ends Up Together With Paula
  4. Road House Dalton And Elizabeth End Up Together
  5. The Wizard: Jimmy Woods Wins The Video Game Match And The Money
  6. Cloak And Dagger: Davey's Father Escapes From The Plane's Explosion
  7. The Karate Kid: Daniel Wins The Karate Tournament
  8. The Karate Kid 2 : Daniel Wins The Showdown
  9. The Karate Kid 3: Daniel Wins The Karate Tournament Again This Time Beating Mike Barnes
  10. Howard The Duck : Instead Of Returning To His Home Planet, Howard Saves Earth And Becomes A Band Manager.
  11. Cujo: Cujo Gets Shot To Death By Donna
  12. Silver Bullet: The Preacher Is The Werewolf , But Then He Gets Killed
  13. Home Alone 2: Harry And Marv Get Arrested Again This Time In New York
  14. Twins: The Benedict Brothers Vincent And Julius Finally Reunite With Their Long-Lost Mother And Got Married
  15. The Color Purple: Celie Finally Reunites With Both Her Long-Lost Sister And Her Children
  16. Planes, Trains And Automobiles: Neil Page Makes It To His Family In Time For Thanksgiving And Then Del Joins Him
  17. Back To School: Thorton Melon Graduates (Yay!)
  18. Short Circuit: The Robot That Nova Has Blown Up Turns Up To Be A Fake And The Real Robot #5 Not Only Gets A New Name But Ends Up With Stephanie And Newton
  19. Oscar: Anthony , Dr. Poole , Thresa And Lisa Get Married
  20. The Running Man: Killian Gets Killed And Ben Is Not Only Proclaimed Innocent But Also Ends Up With Amber
  21. Commando: John Matrix, His Daughter Jenny And Cindy Leave The Island
  22. The Accuced: Sarah's Attackers Are Found Guilty And Kathryn Murphy Wins The Case (Based On The 1983 Rape Case Of Cheryl Auarjo)
  23. Suspect: Judge Helms Is The Killer , Kathleen Riley Wins The Case And Carl Is Proclaimed Innocent
  24. Top Gun: Even Though Lt. Pete "Maverick" Mitchell Has Graduated He Decided To Become A Instructor And Then Later Reunites With Charlie
  25. Chopping Mall: The Killbots Are Destroyed Allison And Ferdy Survived (Not Bad)
  26. Predator: Dutch And Anna Survive And Escaped From The Jungle By A Helicopter
  27. Cocktail: Brian's Partner Gets Killed But Then Later Brian Reunites With Jordan Who Is Pregnant
  28. Adventures In Babysitting: Chris, Brad, Sarah And Daryl Got Back To The Anderson House Just In Time And Finally Chris Finds Love Again This Time With Dan
  29. Stripes: John Winger And His Friends Became Heroes
  30. Scarface: Tony Montana Gets Killed
  31. Strange Invaders: Charlie And Elizabeth Escape From The Leaving Spaceship And Ends Up With Betty
  32. Conan The Destoyer: After Defeating The Dream God: Jehnna Becomes A New Queen
  33. Willow: Queen Bavmorda Is Defeated
  34. Labyrith: Jareth The Goblin King Is Defeated
  35. Fright Night: Jerry Dandridge Is Killed By Sunlight And Amy Returns To Normal
  36. The Fly Seth Brundle Gets Shot In The Head
  37. Cat People (1982) : Oliver The Zookeeper Visits Irena Now A Captured Cat In The New Orleans Zoo
  38. Fright Night 2: Just Like Her Brother: Regina Dandrige Gets Killed By Sunlight
  39. The Sword And The Sorcerer: Finally After 11 Years Talon Kills Cromwell And Also Kills Xusia
  40. The Dark Crystal: Jen And Kira Healed The Dark Crystal And The World Is Restored
  41. Red Heat: Rosta Finally Gets Killed Then Later Ivan And Art Became Friends.
  42. BloodSport: Frank Dux Defeated Chong Li (Based On A True Story) (Aftermath: Today The Real Frank Dux Is Still Alive And Is Offically Retired)
  43. Stand And Deliver : The Garfield High School Students Pass The Calculus Exams (In Memory Of Jamie Escalante Who Died In March 30 2010)
  44. Leviathan: Beck And Willams Survived
  45. Deep Star Six : Mcbride And Collins Survived
  46. Masters Of The Universe: He-man Defeats Skeletor.............Or Did He?
  47. Lethal Weapon: Martin Riggs Kills Joshua And Teams Up With Murtagh
  48. Clash Of The Titans (1981) Perseus Marries Andormeda After Defeating The Kraken By Using Medusa's Head Turning It To Stone
  49. Crocodile Dundee: Sue Decides To Not Marry Richard But Ends Up Together With Mick
  50. Romancing The Stone: Joan And Jack End Up Together
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2020.10.06 20:14 PauI_Blart_Mall_Fart A story I wrote after noticing Lebrons and AD’s wholesome chemistry. Love this team!! LAKER NATION

Pairing: LeBron James/Anthony Davis (Lebronis)
Meanwhile at Anthony Davis' apartment,
Anthony Davis is massaging LeBron's back and legs with peppermint oil. "You seem to be carrying a lot of stress In your body Bron," Anthony said while pouring some peppermint oil on his hand to massage LeBron James on the whole body. "That's What happens when you don't cool down after workout,"
LeBron James And Anthony Davis were developing many close friendships, but somehow they were rumored to be dating. LeBron James And Anthony Davis were spotted holding hands at the LA Rams stadium and Dodgers stadium. Some of the fans realized they were about to be boyfriends. LeBron was only dating Lance Stephenson, but little did he know, Lance Stephenson was the first person to know that he noticed LeBron and Anthony Davis going out together. At first, LeBron would always take Anthony Davis to Starbucks have dinner dates movie dates and going out together however in his Instagram he was spotted to be holding hands with Anthony Davis while going to Santorini and Budapest Hungary. LeBron stands at 6'8" and Anthony Davis stands at 6'10" and that's how the height difference can do anything to reflect their own appearance.
For instance, LeBron posted on Snapchat referring to Anthony Davis: my girlfriend is 6'10".
Did this mean LeBron James was rumored to be dating Former New Orleans Pelicans Center, Anthony Davis or was it something else? Ever since LeBron is linked with Lance Stephenson?
since he's dating Lance Stephenson it made him realize Anthony Davis was his love interest.
LeBron's friendship with Anthony Davis,
LeBron and Anthony Davis met when they were classmates in middle school. But there was one thing it happened in their lifetime events and LeBron was the one dating Anthony Davis on The school dances in middle school and high school. They went to homecoming, winter ball and Prom together. When LeBron was 14 he stood at 6'1"and Davis was 6'3"
Now LeBron is 6'8" and Davis is 6'10" they seem to be showing affection towards each other. Same thing happened with Carmelo Anthony and he was rumored to be dating an NBA player that was 10 years older than him which is Marcus Camby.
In the meantime, when College was around the Corner, LeBron would always visit Anthony Davis and decided to start a romantic relationship. Until the time he joined the Lakers to team up with LeBron, Kyle and the others.
4 hours later,
Quinn Cook started laughing so hard that Danny Green got mad at him. "Seriously Quinn? You're the last one to leave the underwear in the bathroom with the nasty stain on it," "Sorry Babe, I never had a chance to clean it," He Laughs. "Yeah go clean it or else I'll make you eat the kimchi,"
"Danny!" Quinn shouts. "Dude I'm just teasing you,"
Kyle Kuzma pays a visit to Anthony's apartment as he sees LeBron being massaged by him. "Damn LeBron, you're carrying too much stress in your body," Kyle shrugs. "At least now you know how to cool down," "Yeah But, I could care less about it,"
Kyle Kuzma: Ok...
Anthony Davis: Yeah But you were the one being tense so.
LeBron James: Why does Kyle had to be a crap?
Kyle Kuzma: Because you mentioned you care less dude.
LeBron James: oh.
Anthony continues massaging LeBron and Kyle was the one FaceTiming Brandon Ingram his wife who is now a Former Lakers and went to New Orleans Pelicans in exchange of Anthony Davis.
"I thought you would stop talking about it," LeBron shrugs. "Oh really because we remember being partners in PE and the Boys locker room smells like socks," Anthony said. " at first we were doing basketball intramurals and the locker room smells so bad,"
"Oh Anthony..." He rolls his eyes. "But at least, I can tell you that,"
Moments later,
Lance Stephenson delivers Starbucks to Kyle, LeBron and Anthony as he greets everyone in the kitchen table.
"oh hey I just came in to check on LeBron to see how he's doing since Anthony Davis came in," Lance nervously went in not knowing that his boyfriend LeBron was hanging out with Anthony Davis.
LeBron James: Hey Lance.
Lance Stephenson: Hi how's everything?
LeBron James: been good yourself?
Lance Stephenson: Great.
LeBron James; That's good.
Lance Stephenson: I was going to ask you something.
LeBron James: What is it?
Lance Stephenson: oh nothing.
LeBron James: No worries.
Lance Stephenson: but I didn't know you were hanging out with Anthony Davis.
LeBrob James: Oh.
Uh oh! Lance Stephenson will find out that LeBron is dating Anthony Davis even though he was his rumored boyfriend. Do you think Lance would lash out at LeBron because he noticed he was cheating on him or do nothing?
How will Lance Stephenson react about LeBron James being linked to Anthony Davis?
To be continued
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2020.10.01 18:18 WizardMama LIVE: Mayor Cantrell "Phase 3" Press Conference

LIVE: Mayor Cantrell
This is a paraphrased summary and I may not be catching every detail, especially about the grants, please check nolaready for additional information.
Mayor Latoya Cantrell
Phased implementation of Phase 3.
  • Will ramp up enforcement.
  • New Orleans has responded twice and flattened the curve.
  • Public schools have reopened and we have not seen any negatives associated with returning PK-4 to the classroom.
  • <50 cases per day for 14 days.
  • Positivity rate <3% for the past 20 days.
  • Over 1,000 tests per day since July 2020.
    • Will be pushing for antigen tests.
  • Past week we have sen no COVID-related deaths in the past week.
  • Because of these milestones will move to Phase 3 on Oct 3.
  • Oct 12th - 5-12 graders will be brought into in-person learning into the classroom.
  • The city is pursuing action against illegal and short-term rental properties.
Phase 3 in New Orleans...
Progressing through phases will continue to be guided by the data.
  • 3.1
    • Restaurants can open at 75% indoor capacity and 100% outdoor capacity with proper social distancing.
    • Bars can sell to-go alcohol only.
    • Indoor public and private gatherings limited to 50 individuals.
    • Outdoor and public gatherings limited to 100 individuals.
    • Retail and Salons can open at 75% capacity
    • Places of worship can have 50% capacity.
    • Face Coverings still apply and 6 ft apart apply as well.
  • Halloween, Brooklyn a 6th grader from Bricolage, emailed Latoyta and asked about Halloween and said please do not cancel. I told her we are not canceling. * Trick or Treat encouraged to start earlier. * Halloween will go but with the requirement of social distancing and masks. * Haunted houses can apply for special permits from the State Fire Marshall.
Dr. Avegno
  • We have entered our 8th month of COVID-19 and have much more ahead of us to come.
  • Today is a good day.
  • We started as the fastest growing hotspot but thanks to the mayor and residents we slowed the spread early on which many communities were not able to do.
  • We have been successful in keeping our numbers down to get children back into the classroom.
  • Cannot forget the 12,000 + New Orleanians who have died nor the 500+ New Orleanians who have died.
  • GO to to look at the data.
  • Average daily cases have remained below the threshold for most of the month of September. A little blip at the beginning of September was from the local universities coming back.
    • Have not seen those cases spread significantly in the community.
  • Remain above the test milestone of 500 tests per day.
  • Go to to see where you can get a test. We strive to have testing available to anyone who seeks a test.
  • Hospital capacity is better than what it was. Hospitals have returned to local operations (They took patients in from around the state during the Summer surge).
  • Outdoor activities are safer than indoors.
  • Timed seated events are safer than uncontrolled gatherings.
  • Some indoor actives have not been linked to the significant public outbreak.
  • Policies should not increase health or economic inequalities that have been exasperated and exposed by the pandemic.
  • Best to take a measured approach which is why there are steps in Phase 3. Want to move within them for 2-3 weeks if data allows. If we see concerning trends we will pause and see what is causing them rather than shutting down and starting from scratch.
  • 3.2
    • Consider expanding outdoor bar capacity for seated table server outdoors.
    • Outdoor capacity incrementally increased for churches and outdoor sporting events that are ticketed or have assigned seating.
  • 3.3
    • Limited bar capacity along with what the state guidelines currently allow.
    • Increase in indoor and outdoor capacity if deemed safe.
  • If you are allowed to go to 75% but cannot space people 6ft apart then you have to stick to whatever that capacity limit is.
  • Masking, social distancing, and hygiene actions are priorities whether you are shopping, having a birthday party, or going to museums. All of that does not change.
  • Just because we are easing restrictions we cannot let our guard down. None of this is going away.
  • Will go into effect 6 AM Saturday Morning.
  • Later night unrolled crowds have been associated with ongoing alcohol sales. This is not just a Louisiana thing is it is seen across the country and world.
    • See when alcohol sales end at 11 we see crowds drinking alcohol in the streets until the late night.
    • Will limit sales of packed alcohol between 8 AM to 11 PM in the entertainment district.
  • Gatherings not a special event space must obtain a permit from the city.
  • Will offer enhanced outdoor seating options.
Peter / Enforcement
  • Office of Business and External Services is making sure the city is operating safely while allowing businesses to open and thrive.
  • Greater enforcement has seen to be successful and we have the best response statewide.
  • Initially, we focused on educating businesses on the guidance and guidelines.
  • Most businesses and residents have been great partners.
  • Shifted from education to enforcement.
  • Bad actors will continue to be shut down for not following guidelines.
  • Working with bad actors to create operational plans so they can open.
  • We do not want to close any businesses but the safety of the people is the goal
  • Seen some instances of noncompliance that had to be addressed.
  • Will continue to work with any business to support them reopening legally and safely.
  • It is vital to continue the progress that we do not undo the hard work of our residents.
  • Enforcement is here to stay in collaboration with the State Fire Marshall, ATC, and Deportment of Health.
  • Offensive activities we are looking for*
    • Looking for bars operating as bars not just doing take-out and Togo service this includes street vending to stationary customers.
    • Capacity issues like overcrowding or large crowd gatherings.
    • Any establishment offering seating or congregation around a bar.
      • Sitting at a bar is not permitted in Phase 3. Even in a restaurant.
    • Mask use and social distancing.
Jeff Swartz
  • Being outside is safer than indoors.
  • Exploring creative ways to support our businesses and residents.
  • Re-imagine public spaces.
    • Every bar and restaurant can expand to outdoor spaces. Will effectively expand the amount of space a business can operate.
    • Provide safe spaces.
    • Activating our streets.
  • Supplementary round of outdoor dining grants for restaurants.
    • Sidewalk cafe grants up to 2k to facilitate outdoor sidewalk eating and seating areas for restaurant and bar locations. Previously available for restaurants now will be expanded to bars.
  • Will be a permanent change to New Orleans not just for the pandemic.
    • Create outdoor dining and seating areas that were previously devoted to parking. Will be rolled out citywide.
  • Additional grant programs will be available more information on
  • French Marketplace will be a safe and social demonstration that will kick off in the next couple of weeks. A Streetery, street closure, where vendors and the public and socialize in the French market during the weekend. Will create new opportunities for French Market vendors and for people to socialize in a safe and socially distanced manner.
Mayor Cantrell


Is there a number, a specific number of businesses that have had to shut down for good or close down?
6 businesses have been closed down. (Mayor misunderstands thinking it was based on noncompliance) we have shut down 6 with proper notice being posted on those businesses.
Any idea on businesses that couldn't afford to stay open any longer
I do not have that number for you. Between March and August of 2020, we can roughly say our businesses only the loss is about $2.7 billion dollars.
How will the 3rd phase approach effect the dome?
The dome is not apart of this, Phase 3 does not speak to large gatherings like the Dome with gatherings of up to 20,000 people. Last week I allowed them to move their pilot forward with 750 people. I was told that went off very well. IT is a pilot and we will continue its ee how that continues to progress. I am in constant communication with the Saints organization and last night I got Roger Goodell and how he is looking for fans to return to the dome. Still al little salty about the flag on the play and I wish he said he thought about the Saints 2 years ago... but right now the priority is on the business that impacts the daily lives of our workforce.
Large gatherings are a large problem. Facial wearing we have to have. Social distancing absolutely required.
Only restaurants can do to-go?
No, all bars can do to-go. We are thinking of the small neighborhood bars which are why we are also making grants available for them to extend to outdoor areas.
For just a 1/4 bar that does to-go drinks do they need have an outdoor space
Indoor sales not allowed, and they will need to be creative.
Any particular trends we need to meet to get to Phase 2
We look at multiple lenses and not just one indicator.... I give you to Dr. Avegno.
Dr. Avegno It depends on what we are seeing. When the universities opened we saw a rise in cases but our parent positive rate stayed low so that means we needed to delve into the data to see if it was coming from a specific neighborhood or community-wide. We were able to conclude pretty confidently that the rise that kicked us above 50 for a few days was from a large number of tests form the initial university testing. If all of the numbers start going up positivity rate, cases, r0, hospitalizations going up that is an indication there is a bigger problem. We may pause analyze and then go back if need be.
Mayor Cantrell
Post Halloween would it be like we are similar to the rest of the state
Yes, but we are working with the state to see if we can be allowed breweries to be allowed to open but that goes against what the state allows. We are working with ATC and the state on the issue of brewers.
Do you anticipate more tourists to come?
I do and I want New Orleans to be the safest place to live and the safest place to visit both in the United States and around the globe. Our airport still remains at 60-70% down but we are hopeful or an uptick if we continue to prove that we are being guided by data and managing the public health of the community with a balanced approach to get our economy back and keep our citizens' safe tourists will come. We welcome them.
What will it take for you to restart add campaigns to get tourists back in
We have been working with our hospitality community to articulate to the public that the city is absolutely open from billboard campaigns to advertisement campaigns mostly using social media. It costs money. We have all been hit very hard. The dollars we have benefited from in the past for marketing are not plentiful as they used to be. Being creative in our approach. People are responding to it and are visiting. They are giving us feedback on why they are visiting, that they had a great time, and felt safe dining. As we continue to move forward and demonstrate we are safe and focused on the public health of residents and visitors, this will play very well for the public and continued vitiation to the city.
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2020.09.28 07:13 PleaseCallMeTall The Waiting: How The Flip of a Coin Decided My Fate as a Tramp

I looked up, bleary-eyed, squinting against the morning sun streaming through green leaves. Squirrels were playing in the bushes and vine-covered trees above my head. I took in the objects surrounding me: suit jacket, electric bass guitar, sombrero, empty water canteens, old trash from the last hobo who slept here. There was a cramp in my ass, and I rolled over and pulled a partially-crushed lime out of the pocket of my fitted corduroy pants.
Somehow I'd managed to unpack and crawl into my sleeping bag. I assessed my own body. The stale taste of old beer in my dry mouth. That very particular type of soreness that comes from sleeping on the ground, after too many nights in soft beds. Head spinning and ears full with the sound of commuter traffic rushing past on its way to work. I had passed out in an overgrown median outside a ritzy golf course in Mobile.
The show at David's old family home had been a success. Two local bands from Alabama opened, followed by two visiting New Orleans bands; “Big Leather”, and David’s own “20,000 Leagues”. Months earlier, before the pandemic, David had worked with Big Leather to record an album full of billowing, sometimes-thumping-sometimes-soft tunes. Their sound landed between The Cure and Bruce Springsteen. I'd laid down saxophone parts for that album, sitting in David's Mid-city living room, drinking PBR's from his fridge. Since cutting the record, I'd watched the band go through different bass players, until I finally mentioned that I had a Fender Jazz and could learn tunes in time to play their release show. Now the record had gotten airtime on independent radio stations in Louisiana and New Jersey, and I was the official fourth member of the young group. We were set to play in Mobile, live, for the first time in nine months.
I arrived at the backyard shack where we often rehearsed, and realized that at 2:30 pm, this was the earliest in the day I had ever seen these friends. Our drummer Ava sat with lead guitarist and singer Leo in makeshift chairs, on the grass of the backyard. They were dressed as 1960's White America ready for a night out. Him smoking Camels and smoothing the hemline of his crisp black pants, her staring off a little, red lipstick mouth set in though, cocktail dress flowing in the breeze. They both had their black hair slicked back, and you could see where the ends were still blond from being bleached several months ago, for a photoshoot.
These cats would look a little square from a distance. Ava's clean-cut look is betrayed by her tattoos, though, and the fact that she actually made that dress out of fabric found in a trash can. The dark circles under Leo's bright blue eyes are an indication of another nearly-sleepless night; hours spent pouring over old recordings and fervently creating art. Aesthetically, Leo and Ava were in a different world from the crusty wooks and hardened train riders with whom I used to travel. In terms of ideals and beliefs, however, these young new accomplices were about as punk as it gets. This distinction of style has taken some time for me to grasp. Authenticity doesn't require dirt, and alternative living doesn't have to mean homelessness.
We loaded up the van with music equipment, personal gear, provisions, and a 2-year-old Pit Bull named Elmer who never seems to belong to anyone but is always around when we play or hang out. We were still waiting for Chris, so I walked the two blocks to the corner store. Mask on, stooping a little to get under the low doorway into the dim bodega. Friendly Puerto Rican guy behind the counter, talking about coaching his son's soccer team. Two small isles surrounded on three sides by glass-faced refrigerators. I paid for snacks and beers and ducked again, snagging a firm, green lime on the way out, from a box that read "FREE LIMES - SHARE THE LOVE".
Chris had their nose buried under the hood of the van when I returned. "Think she'll make it?" I called, surprising them. Chris emerged, dark curly hair bouncing at the ends where it was still dyed blond. They peered out at me with big, intelligent brown eyes from behind oversized grandpa glasses. The mustard-yellow t-shirt and rugged brown slacks fit their friendly and consistent Taurus personality.
Chris’s reply was a smile and a gesture to the top-end of the rusty Ford V-8 that sat obscured like a caved bear in the deep engine compartment. "Your brother checked it out a few days ago” They replied, "I changed the plugs and wires. I think we're gonna be good as long as the tires hold."
We stopped on the way to pick up my partner, Nat. She brought her adolescent dog, Ori, who was like a smaller, condensed version of Elmer, with darker brindle fur and more spastic energy. Nat's halo of golden curls seemed to frame her whole being. The tight black denim and "don't fuck with me" makeup all contained by an oversized, genuine leather motorcycle jacket. I leaned forward as she climbed into the van, and she rolled her eyes and kissed me.
By the time we stopped for gas on the way out of town, the dogs were already losing their shit. They bounded impossibly over the bench seats, going back and forth between the front center console and the rear cargo bay. They tore around in circles, wrestling, teeth bared, on the mattress in back, spilling beers and spreading dishevelment as only excited dogs can.
We departed and Chris coaxed some speed out of the 15-passenger Ford E-350. The Odometer only ready 38,000 miles, but being from 1990, and as the mile counter only had five digits, it had almost certainly rolled back to zero once if not twice. Chris did a head check and pulled into traffic. I yelled "Band Trip YEEEUUP" and cracked a lukewarm IPA as we sailed up the freeway onramp.
As soon as we settled into cruising speed, an ominous shaking started from the rear end. The windows chattered audibly and the bare metal doors clicked as they jiggled. It was almost comical how insistent the shaking was, but the music was turned up and the van seemed to be rolling fine. Chris yelled over their shoulder "Yeah, I noticed that two of the tires had eggs in them. Is that bad? It's probably just from bumping into the curb, right?" The din continued.
We made it 30 miles before sudden smack and a loud slapping clank from beneath the van indicated a blowout. It took almost an hour to dig out the full-sized spare and remove the eight big lug nuts to replace the wheel and tire. A Louisiana Department of Transportation truck stopped to shield us from traffic, and helped inflate the spare a little. We thanked the overweight DOT guy in his bright-neon work clothes, and hit the road.
There was a moment of euphoria after we got rolling again. We'd survived a trial together, managed to keep the dogs from running out onto the highway, cooperated to dig through all of our stuff and access the tools and parts needed from the interior of our temporary shared home. After all of that, just the feeling of moving brought gratitude. I smiled and thought of traveling in sketchier vans through more dangerous places for weeks on-end. Even with the stakes much lower now, still the triumph of making miles was potent and golden.
The second tire blew about twenty minutes later, this time catastrophically. A sickening BANG-SLAM-SCRATCHSCRATCHSCRATCH issued from the right-rear wheel well. The rear end of the nearly 20-foot-long vehicle started fishtailing. Chris had to pull evasive maneuvers to keep us from spinning (and likely flipping.) Traffic was blowing past us on both sides as we lost speed. Cigarette butts bounced from ashtrays, beer somehow hit the ceiling headliner, dogs slid from the bed to wallow and flail on the greasy floor. Nat exclaimed in her matter-of-fact Tennessee drawl "Ohhhhh Jesus take me!"
We avoided getting crunched by any big rigs and came to a stuttering stop on the shoulder. Dust rolled, the motor died. Chris looked back from the driver's seat. Their glasses were askew and they seemed to have spilled coffee on their shirt. "Is everybody okay??" There was no damage done to anyone besides the upholstery, but now we faced a tight spot. The van only carried one spare tire,
We were still in the middle of Mississippi on our way East, and the show started in an hour. Our whole operation was halted, on the side of the I-10, and the sun was going down. The first blown tire was actually still intact (sort of) so we limped up the nearby exit ramp and into a parking lot. We waited, smoked cigarettes, used the dingy gas station toilets, made phone calls.
The van could get towed that day, but not fixed. Two of the guys from another band had their cars at the show. If they left now and maintained speeds that mildly endangered the public, we might make it in time to perform. For now all we could do was sit and wait.
This was one part I had sometimes missed about traveling; The Waiting. So often you find yourself stuck at some junction or obstacle and the only options are to put yourself in the best position to get a ride somehow, or just start walking. Those hours and days start to become a replacement for home. The Waiting is when you fix your gear or practice your instrument. Those are the personal moments when you groom yourself, rub your tired feet, take the time to eat and recharge. You bullshit around with your friends or play with your dog for a while, eventually things mellow out.
You have to learn to overcome boredom, to sit comfortably with your own mind. This can be the scariest thing about living free from the bonds and distractions of conventional life. Your phone's eventually going to die. You're never going to be able to carry enough books to keep you occupied. The beer will run out. When you sink deep into The Waiting, your inner monologue will be the loudest voice. When everything is stripped away, your own mind is left to be confronted. Wherever you go, there you are.
Eli Danger screams into the parking lot in his Subaru Legacy and rips an E-brake turn, squealing tires and throwing the rear end of the car in a 180 degree spin, stopping right in front of our little group. We jump up, arms outstretched, cheering. His car is nearly as old as the van, but in much better shape. Eli is my brother, an auto mechanic by trade, and the best drummer I know. He booked it out here to the Middle of Nowhere to bust the rescue mission. Zach the bassist follows soon after in his pickup.
We throw all the gear in the bed of Zach’s bright yellow Ford Ranger, thanking him and Eli profusely. The girls and the dogs and I pile into the Subaru while Leo and Chris go with Zach and the gear. A stretch of driving east at breakneck speed gets us to the outskirts of town, past the strip malls, off the wider byways into the winding suburbs. Mobile seems to do this thing where streets shooting off of multi-lane roads run parallel, so you kind of have to dive in off the bigger highway into the smaller, slower road. It's sketchy, but people here seem to have gotten used to the move. We almost get creamed by a beater of a minivan as we're making our turn.
It's dark by the time we pull up to the house on the hill. They have a big backyard. My concerns from weeks earlier about neighbors are quieted, seeing how much space there is between these ritzy, Southern-style ranch houses. We're not the Ninth Ward anymore. The dogs explode out of the car, bounding up the hill, Ori nipping at Elmer's haunches and barking her small, high bark. As the lengthy sound of bass carries down to us, that familiar feeling of anxious excitement comes over me. How long has it been since I've seen live music? When was the last time I played on a stage for people? Do I still remember how to dance?
The show was a hit. We'd made it to catch the last two minutes of music from the act ahead of us: Alabama band "The Glutton". Big Leather played six or so tunes. I thumped out basslines along to Ava's bass drum foot, while Leo and Chris wailed and churned, trading lead and rhythm guitar roles back and forth. Leo's singing evoked The Smiths that night, more than ever before.
20,000 Leagues ended the night, and killed it. They're a full six-piece, with rhythm section and two guitars, a keyboard player who's actually legitimately good at tambourine, and David caressing the microphone out in front.
A little drunk by now, I grabbed Nat to dance, about 30 seconds before the song ended. I smiled goofily. She let me spin her around one more time before she sat back down in the grass. The next tune was a ballad, so I shrugged and walked over to stand closer to Zach the bassist, to watch him work. For a while, all was well.
The music finished. Friends milled about until the pizza was killed. It soon became just the musicians and David's parents, sitting around an outdoor patio table. Beers progressed into whiskey and tequila. Cigarettes started to smell of ganja. Popper whiffs were passed around from the little brown bottle. Brain cells were killed, glances were stolen, things were said, cards were dealt, jokes were told, chairs were fallen out of, and bushes were sought out for hearty pissing.
Nat was mad, and she had crossed a threshold of intoxication. We went in circles about the hotel. I tried to explain, feeling suddenly stuffy in my rockstar clothes.
"Hon, we can't do anything about it. It's late, we haven't checked in, and there are tons of people still displaced from Hurricane Sally last week. We're probably just gonna crash here. They have a shed..."
The night got fuzzy. We kept going back and forth. A frustration rose in me, one I've known before. A color of impatience and irritation. Despite having held down a house and a job for years now, I can’t untrain my brain. It’s still The Waiting. I knew it when I was scrubbing furiously in the dish pit, working hard and late for not-enough-an-hour to pay my rent. I knew it when I was running after the city bus, praying it would stop, knowing that I had to make it out to the audition in Jefferson Parish, because I needed that gig. I knew it when I walked past traveling kids in the French Quarter and recognized them but knew that they didn't recognize me anymore because my hands were clean and wore no patches and I carried no pack.
I knew The Waiting and its frustration and anger, when the police raided my black neighbors. An undercover cop posing as a homeless man trespassed in the empty house next to mine, without a warrant, looking for crack that wasn't there. The shaved-head, crossed-arms, black vest standing out front blew me off, saying "there might be guns in there, we have probable cause" Ten dudes showed up to handcuff a skinny 61-year-old man on his own front porch and march him into his unmarked SUV. They found less than an ounce of weed in his house.
I Waited then and I was Waiting now and after the trials to get here the the triumph of the show and the hurt of the woman I love ragging on me, I snapped.
"You know what? I don't need this. I'm out."
I stood up and grabbed my pack and boots out of instinct. I grabbed my instrument out of habit. I pushed the sombrero back on my head, thanked David, and walked through the gate and down the hill. She didn't follow me.
I don't know how far I walked that night, but it felt like I was flying. My steel-toed boots felt like the powerful legs of a swift mounted beast, carrying me through the unsuspecting night. God, how good the fresh air feels, how lovely are the trees when you're passing them at a brisk walk instead of at freeway speeds. I made it a little over half a mile on that initial surge, that momentum from making a bold and foolish choice. But my pack was heavy. I knew I'd need to adjust the straps, rearrange how it was loaded, retie my boots a little tighter. I stopped and sat on a bench and stared into the night for a while, watching cars pass, drinking water from my metal canteen.
"I should go back."
"Maybe I need this. I want to keep moving."
"Let's flip a coin. Heads we turn around and go make it up to Nat. Tails we go to the train yard."
"Tails. Sorry hon. This isn't the kind of coin you can flip on a bluff."
"Let's do this."

Part 2 coming soon?

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2020.09.27 15:24 Britneyfan456 Which Actor had the best run in the 50s?

Best run in terms of anything
Jack Lemmon: Some Like it Hot, Mister Roberts, Three for the Show, Phffft, It Should Happen to You, Once Too Often, Cowboy, Hollywood Bronc Busters, You Can't Run Away from It, Fire Down Below, My Sister Eileen, It Happened to Jane, Operation Mad Ball, and Bell, Book and Candle.
Max von Sydow: The Seventh Seal, Miss Julie, Ingen mans kvinna, Rätten att älska, Wild Strawberries, Prästen i Uddarbo, Kvinnlig spion 503, The Magician, and Brink of Life.
Frank Sinatra: From Here to Eternity, The Man with the Golden Arm, Pal Joey, Suddenly, Double Dynamite, Meet Danny Wilson, Young at Heart, Not as a Stranger, Guys and Dolls, The Tender Trap, Meet Me in Las Vegas, High Society, Johnny Concho, Around the World in 80 Days, The Pride and the Passion, The Joker Is Wild, Kings Go Forth, Some Came Running, A Hole in the Head, and Never So Few.
Gene Kelly: Singing in the Rain, An American in Paris, Invitation to the Dance, It's Always Fair Weather, Summer Stock, It's a Big Country, Black Hand, Love Is Better Than Ever, The Devil Makes Three, Brigadoon, Seagulls Over Sorrento, Deep in My Heart, The Happy Road, Les Girls, and Marjorie Morningstar.
Ernest Borgnine: Marty, China Corsair, Vera Cruz, From Here to Eternity, Bad Day at Black Rock, The Mob, The Whistle at Eaton Falls, Treasure of the Golden Condor, The Stranger Wore a Gun, Johnny Guitar, The Bounty Hunter, Demetrius and the Gladiators, Violent Saturday, Jubal, The Catered Affair, Run for Cover, The Last Command, The Square Jungle, The Best Things in Life Are Free, The Vikings, Summer of the Seventeenth Doll, Torpedo Run, and The Rabbit Trap.
James Stewart: Bell, Book and Candle, Vertigo, Winchester '73, The Glenn Miller Story, The Man Who Knew Too Much, The Naked Spur, Rear Window, Harvey, The Greatest Show on Earth, The Man from Laramie, Strategic Air Command, Anatomy of a Murder, The Spirit of St. Louis, Bend of the River, Thunder Bay, Broken Arrow, No Highway in the Sky, The Jackpot, Carbine Williams, Night Passage, The FBI Story, and The Far Country.
Ward Bond: The Searchers, Mister Roberts, Johnny Guitar, Hondo, The Quiet Man, Singing Guns, Riding High, Wagon Master, Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye, Operation Pacific, The Great Missouri Raid, The Halliday Brand, Rio Bravo, On Dangerous Ground, Only the Valiant, Hellgate, Bullfighter and the Lady, Thunderbirds, The Moonlighter, Blowing Wild, Gypsy Colt, The Bob Mathias Story, The Long Gray Line, A Man Alone, Dakota Incident, Pillars of the Sky, The Wings of Eagles, China Doll, and Alias Jesse James.
John Wayne: The Searchers, Hondo, Rio Grande, The Quiet Man, Rio Bravo, Operation Pacific, The Wings of Eagles, Big Jim McLain, Flying Leathernecks, The Sea Chase, Trouble Along the Way, Island in the Sky, The High and the Mighty, Blood Alley, Jet Pilot, The Conqueror, Legend of the Lost, The Horse Soldiers, and The Barbarian and the Geisha.
Paul Newman: The Rack, The Silver Chalice, Somebody Up There Likes Me, The Long, Hot Summer, The Helen Morgan Story, Until They Sail, The Young Philadelphians, Rally Round the Flag, Boys!, The Left Handed Gun, and Cat on a Hot Tin Roof.
Marlon Brando: The Men, A Streetcar Named Desire, Viva Zapata!, Julius Caesar, The Wild One, On the Waterfront, Désirée, Guys and Dolls, The Teahouse of the August Moon, Sayonara, and The Young Lions.
Orson Welles: Othello, Touch of evil, Mr. Arkadin, Royal Affairs in Versailles, The Long, Hot Summer, The Vikings, High Journey, Ferry to Hong Kong, Compulsion, Masters of the Congo Jungle, South Seas Adventure, The Roots of Heaven, Napoléon, Man in the Shadow, Moby Dick, Three Cases of Murder, Trouble in the Glen, Disorder, The Black Rose, Return to Glennascaul, Little World of Don Camillo, Man, Beast and Virtue, and Trent's Last Case.
Montgomery Clift: The Big Lift, A Place in the Sun, I Confess, Indiscretion of an American Wife, From Here to Eternity, Raintree County, Lonelyhearts, The Young Lions, and Suddenly, Last Summer.
Tony Curtis: The Prince Who Was a Thief, Flesh and Fury, No Room for the Groom, Houdini, The Black Shield of Falworth, So This Is Paris, Six Bridges to Cross, The Square Jungle, Trapeze, Mister Cory, The Midnight Story, Sweet Smell of Success, The Vikings, Kings Go Forth, The Defiant Ones, Some Like It Hot, Operation Petticoat, Sierra, Winchester '73, Kansas Raiders, Forbidden, Son of Ali Baba, Meet Danny Wilson, All American, Beachhead, The Midnight Story, The Perfect Furlough, The Rawhide Years, The Purple Mask, Francis, Woman in Hiding, I Was a Shoplifter, and Johnny Dark.
James Dean: East of Eden, Has Anybody Seen My Gal?,Rebel Without a Cause, and Giant.
Kirk Douglas: Young Man With a Horn, The Glass Menagerie, Along the Great Divide, Ace in the Hole, Detective Story, The Big Sky, The Bad and the Beautiful, The Story of Three Loves, The Juggler, 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, Man Without a Star, Lust for Life, Top Secret Affair, Gunfight at the O.K. Corral, Paths of Glory, The Vikings, Last Train from Gun Hill, and The Devil’s Disciple.
Alec Guinness: Last Holiday, The Mudlark, The Lavender Hill Mob, The Man in the White Suit, The Promoter, The Captain’s Paradise, Malta Story, The Detective, To Paris with Love, The Prison, The Ladykillers, The Swan, The Bridge on the River Kwai, All at Sea, The Horse’s Mouth, The Scapegoat, and Our Man in Havana.
Charlton Heston: Julius Caesar, Dark City, The Greatest Show on Earth, Ruby Gentry, The President’s Lady, Arrowhead, The Naked Jungle, The Private war of Major Benson, Lucy Gallant, The Ten Commandments, Touch of Evil, The Big Country, The Wreck of the Mary Deare, and Ben-Hur.
Rock Hudson: The Fat Man, Bend of the River, Scarlet Angel, Has Anyone Seen My Gal?, Magnificent Obsession, All that Heaven Allows, Never Say Goodbye, Giant, Written on the Wind, Something of Value, The Tarnished Angels, The Earth Is Mine, Pillow Talk, Winchester '73, Tomahawk, Horizons West, Twilight for the Gods, A Farewell to Arms, This Earth Is Mine, Captain Lightfoot, One Desire, Seminole, Bengal Brigade, Sea Devils, Gun Fury, Back to God's Country, The Golden Blade, Taza, Son of Cochise, The Lawless Breed, Peggy, The Desert Hawk, Iron Man, Here Come the Nelsons, Bright Victory, and Air Cadet.
Burt Lancaster: The Flame and the Arrow, Mister 880, Jim Thorpe—All-American, The Crimson Pirate, Come Back Little Sheba, From Here to Eternity, Apache, Vera Cruz, The Rose Tattoo, Trapeze, The Rainmaker, Gunfight at the O.K. Corral, Sweet Smell of Success, Run Silent Run Deep, The Devil’s Disciple, Ten Tall Men, South Sea Woman, and Three Sailors and a Girl.
Elvis Presley: Love Me Tender, Loving You, Jailhouse Rock, and King Creole.
William Holden: The Horse Soldiers, Sunset Boulevard, Sabrina, Stalag 17, Picnic, The Bridge on the River Kwai, Union Station, Father Is a Bachelor, Submarine Command, Born Yesterday, Force of Arms, Boots Malone, Executive Suite, Die Jungfrau auf dem Dach, The Moon Is Blue, The Bridges at Toko-Ri, Escape from Fort Bravo, Forever Female, Love Is a Many-Splendored Thing, The Country Girl, The Key, The Proud and Profane, and Toward the Unknown.
Cary Grant: An Affair to Remember, North by Northwest, The Pride and the Passion, Houseboat, To Catch a Thief, Indiscreet, Crisis, People Will Talk, Room for One More, Dream Wife, Monkey Business, Kiss Them for Me, and Operation Petticoat.
Toshiro Mifune: Samurai Trilogy, Seven Samurai, Rashomon, Throne of Blood, Scandal, The Hidden Fortress, Conduct Report on Professor Ishinaka, Engagement Ring, Elegy, Escape from Prison, Beyond Love and Hate, Pirates, Meeting of the Ghost Après-Guerre, Fog Horn, Conclusion of Kojiro Sasaki:Duel at Ganryu Island, The Life of a Horsetrader, Golden Girl, Who Knows a Woman's Heart, Vendetta for a Samurai, The Life of Oharu, Swift Current, Tokyo Sweetheart, Sword for Hire, The Man Who Came to Port, The Last Embrace, My Wonderful Yellow Car, Sunflower Girl, Eagle of the Pacific, The Black Fury, The Sound of Waves, All is Well part 1 & 2, The Merciless Boss: A Man Among Men, No Time for Tears, I Live in Fear, Rainy Night Duel, The Under World, Settlement of Love, Scoundrel, A Wife's Heart, Rebels on the High Seas, A Man in the Storm, Be Happy, These Two Lovers, A Dangerous Hero, Yagyu Secret Scrolls 1 & 2, Downtown, The Lower Depths, Holiday in Tokyo, Rickshaw Man, All About Marriage, Theater of Life, Yaji and Kita on the Road, The Three Treasures, Life of an Expert Swordsman, Boss of the Underworld, Desperado Outpost, and The Saga of the Vagabonds.
Henry Fonda: Mister Roberts, The Wrong Man, Pictura: An Adventure in Art, 12 Angry Men, Stage Struck, The Man Who Understood Women, Warlock, The Tin Star, and War and Peace
Dean Martin: Some Came Running, Rio Bravo, Career, Ten Thousand Bedrooms, The Young Lions, Little New Orleans Girl, Pardners, Hollywood or Bust, Artists and Models, Living It Up, You're Never Too Young, 3 Ring Circus, The Caddy, Road to Bali, Money from Home, Scared Stiff, The Stooge, That's My Boy, Sailor Beware, Jumping Jacks, My Friend Irma Goes West, and At War with the Army.
Anthony Perkins: The Tin Star, Friendly Persuasion, Fear Strikes Out, The Matchmaker, On the Beach, Desire Under the Elms, Green Mansions, The Actress, The Lonely Man, and This Angry Age.
Gregory Peck: Only the Valiant, Roman Holiday, Moby Dick, Captain Horatio Hornblower, Pork Chop Hill, Beloved Infidel, David and Bathsheba, The Gunfighter, Pictura: An Adventure in Art, The World in His Arms, The Snows of Kilimanjaro, Designing Woman, On the Beach, The Hidden World, The Bravados, The Big Country, Night People, Boum sur Paris, The Million Pound Note, The Man in the Gray Flannel Suit, and The Purple Plain.
Clark Gable: Mogambo, Run Silent, Run Deep, Teacher's Pet, Betrayed, Never Let Me Go, The Tall Men, Key to the City, Across the Wide Missouri, To Please a Lady, Lone Star, But Not for Me, Soldier of Fortune, The King and Four Queens, and Band of Angels.
Gary Cooper: It's a Big Country, Blowing Wild, High Noon, The Wreck of the Mary Deare, They Came to Cordura, Ten North Frederick, Love in the Afternoon, Man of the West, The Hanging Tree, Friendly Persuasion, Vera Cruz, The Court-Martial of Billy Mitchell, Garden of Evil, Springfield Rifle, Return to Paradise, Starlift, You're in the Navy Now, Distant Drums, and It's a Big Country.
Robert Mitchum: Not as a Stranger, His Kind of Woman, River of No Return, Fire Down Below, The Night of the Hunter, Macao, The Racket, Where Danger Lives, The Lusty Men, River of No Return, Angel Face, White Witch Doctor, My Forbidden Past, Second Chance, One Minute to Zero, She Couldn't Say No, Bandido, Track of the Cat, The Wonderful Country, The Hunters, Heaven Knows, Mr. Allison, The Enemy Below, Thunder Road, and The Angry Hills.
Humphrey Bogart: The African Queen, The Caine Mutiny, Road to Bali, Deadline – U.S.A., Sabrina, The Barefoot Contessa, In a Lonely Place, The Left Hand of God, Sirocco, Chain Lightning, The Enforcer, Battle Circus, We're No Angels, The Love Lottery, Beat the Devil, The Desperate Hours, and The Harder They Fall.
Sidney Poitier: Band of Angels, The Defiant Ones, Porgy and Bess, Edge of the City, Virgin Island, The Mark of the Hawk, Something of Value, No Way Out, Cry, the Beloved Country, Go Man Go, Red Ball Express, Good-bye, My Lady, and Blackboard Jungle.
Takashi Shimura: Seven Samurai, Ikiru, Rashomon, Scandal, Elegy, The Idiot, Ikari no machi, Boryōku no Machi, Ore wa yojinbo, Ma no Ogen, Shunsetsu, Tenya wanya, Ginza Sanshiro, Yoru no hibotan, Ginza Sanshiro, Ai to nikushimi no kanata e, Kedamono no yado, Mesu Inu, Aoi shinju, Nusumareta koi, Hopu-san: sarariiman no maki, Muteki, The Life of a Horsetrader, Vendetta for a Samurai, Nangoku no hada, The Life of Oharu, Bijo to touzoku, Sengoku burai, Oka wa hanazakari, Minato e kita otoko, Hoyo, Fuun senryobune, Tobō chitai, Yoru no owari, Godzilla, Taiheiyō no washi, Jirochō sangokushi: kaitō-ichi no abarenbō, Asakusa no yoru, Kimi shinitamo koto nakare, Haha no hatsukoi, Shin kurama tengu daiichi wa: Tengu shutsugen, Shin kurama tengu daini wa: Azuma-dera no ketto, Bazoku geisha, Mekura neko, Mugibue, Godzilla Raids Again, No Time for Tears, Sanjusan go sha otonashi, Shin kurama tengu daisanbu, Muttsuri Umon torimonocho, Sugata naki mokugekisha, Asagiri, Geisha Konatsu: Hitori neru yo no Konatsu, I Live in Fear, Samurai III: Duel at Ganryu Island, Shin, Heike monogatari: Yoshinaka o meguru sannin no onna, Wakai ki, Kyatsu o nigasuna, The Underworld, Godzilla, King of the Monsters!, Arakure, Narazu-mono, Tōkyō hanzai chizu, Bōkyaku no hanabira, Throne of Blood, Sanjūrokunin no jōkyaku, Kono futari ni sachi are, Yama to kawa no aru machi, Bōkyaku no hanabira: Kanketsuhen, Kiken na eiyu, Yuunagi, Dotanba, Aoi sanmyaku Shinko no maki, The Mysterians, Ohtori-jo no hanayome, Edokko matsuri, haha, Forty-seven rōnin, Seven from Edo, Ten to Sen, Uguisu-jō no hanayome, Jinsei gekijō, The Hidden Fortress, Nichiren to Mōko Daishūrai, Ken wa shitte ita, Sora kakeru hanayome, Tetsuwan tōshu Inao monogatari, Kotan no kuchibue, Taiyō ni somuku mono, Sengoku gunto-den, Kagero ezu, The Three Treasures, Beran me-e geisha, Shobushi to sono musume, and Kēdamonō no torū michi.
James Mason: 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, A Star Is Born, The Desert Fox: The Story of Rommel, North by Northwest, Journey to the Center of the Earth, Bigger Than Life, Julius Caesar, A Touch of Larceny, The Decks Ran Red, Island in the Sun, Cry Terror!, Charade, Forever, Darling, The Desert Rats, Prince Valiant, The Man Between, The Tell-Tale Heart, Botany Bay, The Story of Three Loves, Face to Face, The Prisoner of Zenda, 5 Fingers, Lady Possessed, One Way Street, and Pandora and the Flying Dutchman.
Sterling Hayden: The Last Command, The Asphalt Jungle, The Killing, Johnny Guitar, Hellgate, The Star, Journey into Light, The Golden Hawk, Denver and Rio Grande, Flaming Feather, So Big, Flat Top, Crime Wave, Fighter Attack, Kansas Pacific, Take Me to Town, Suddenly, Naked Alibi, The Come On, Top Gun, Battle Taxi, Shotgun, Timberjack, The Eternal Sea, Arrow in the Dust, Ten Days to Tulara, 5 Steps to Danger, Crime of Passion, Valerie, Gun Battle at Monterey, Zero Hour!, Terror in a Texas Town, and The Iron Sheriff.
Harry Belafonte: Calypso, Carmen Jones, Island in the Sun, Odds Against Tomorrow, The World, the Flesh and the Devil, and Bright Road.
Laurence Olivier: Richard III, Carrie, Father's Little Dividend, The Magic Box, The Beggar's Opera, The Prince and the Showgirl, and The Devil's Disciple.
Jose Ferrer: Cyrano de Bergerac, Crisis, Anything Can Happen, Producers' Showcase: "Cyrano de Bergerac", Moulin Rouge, Miss Sadie Thompson, The Caine Mutiny, Deep in My Heart, I Accuse!, The High Cost of Loving, The Great Man, The Shrike, and The Cockleshell Heroes.
James Cagney: Mister Roberts, Run for Cover, Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye, The West Point Story, Come Fill the Cup, A Lion Is in the Streets, What Price Glory, Love Me or Leave Me, The Seven Little Foys, Tribute to a Bad Man, Man of a Thousand Faces, These Wilder Years, Never Steal Anything Small, and Shake Hands with the Devil.
Farley Granger: Strangers on a Train, Our Very Own, Side Street, Behave Yourself!, Edge of Doom, O. Henry's Full House, I Want You, The Story of Three Loves, Hans Christian Andersen, Senso, Small Town Girl, The Girl in the Red Velvet Swing, and The Naked Street.
Bing Crosby: High Society, Alias Jesse James, Say One for Me, Anything Goes, The Joker Is Wild, Man on Fire, White Christmas, The Country Girl, Road to Bali, Scared Stiff, The Greatest Show on Earth, Little Boy Lost, Just for You, Son of Paleface, Angels in the Outfield, Riding High, Here Comes the Groom, and Mr. Music.
Chishū Ryū: Tokyo Story, The Munekata Sisters, Home Sweet Home, Early Summer, Carmen Comes Home, The Flavor of Green Tea over Rice, Arashi, Twenty-Four Eyes, Early Spring, Tokyo Twilight, Rickshaw Man, Floating Weeds, and Good Morning.
Ray Milland: Three Brave Men, A Man Alone, The Girl in the Red Velvet Swing, A Woman of Distinction, A Life of Her Own, Copper Canyon, Dial M for Murder, Lisbon, The Safecracker, The River's Edge, High Flight, Something to Live For, Jamaica Run, The Thief, Close to My Heart, Rhubarb, Bugles in the Afternoon, and Night into Morning.
Alan Ladd: The Badlanders, The Big Land, Branded, Captain Carey, U.S.A, Shane, Botany Bay, Boy on a Dolphin, A Cry in the Night, The Man in the Net, Island of Lost Women, The Deep Six, The Proud Rebel, Saskatchewan, Drum Beat, The McConnell Story, Desert Legion, The Red Beret, The Black Knight, Santiago, Hell on Frisco Bay, Red Mountain, Hell Below Zero, A Sporting Oasis, The Iron Mistress, Thunder in the East, and Appointment with Danger.
Ben Johnson: Wagon Master, Shane, Rio Grande, Fort Bowie, War Drums, Slim Carter, Wild Stallion, Oklahoma!, and Rebel in Town.
Walter Brennan: Rio Bravo, A Ticket to Tomahawk, Singing Guns, Bad Day at Black Rock, The Far Country, Good-bye, My Lady, The Way to the Gold, Tammy and the Bachelor, God Is My Partner, Glory, At Gunpoint, Sea of Lost Ships, Come Next Spring, The Proud Ones, Surrender, Curtain Call at Cactus Creek, The Showdown, Return of the Texan, Best of the Badmen, The Wild Blue Yonder, Lure of the Wilderness, Along the Great Divide, Four Guns to the Border, and Drums Across the River.
Ralph Meeker: Kiss Me Deadly, Paths of Glory, Jeopardy, A Woman's Devotion, Glory Alley, Somebody Loves Me, Teresa, 4 Num Jeep, The Naked Spur, Big House, U.S.A., Run of the Arrow, The Fuzzy Pink Nightgown, Code Two, and Desert Sands.
Edmond O’Brian: The Turning Point, The Hitch-Hiker, 1984, The Girl Can't Help It, Julius Caesar, The Barefoot Contessa, The Greatest Show on Earth, Denver and Rio Grande, Pete Kelly's Blues, The Rack, The Restless and the Damned, The World Was His Jury, Sing, Boy, Sing, A Cry in the Night, The Big Land, Stopover Tokyo, Up Periscope, D-Day the Sixth of June, The Shanghai Story, Shield for Murder, China Venture, The Bigamist, Cow Country, Man in the Dark, Backfire, 711 Ocean Drive, The Admiral Was a Lady, The Redhead and the Cowboy, Between Midnight and Dawn, Silver City, Warpath, and Two of a Kind.
Lee J. Cobb: The Left Hand of God, On the Waterfront, 12 Angry Men, The Brothers Karamazov, The Man in the Gray Flannel Suit, Party Girl, The Trap, Green Mansions, But not for me, Man of the West, The Garment Jungle, Miami Expose, The Three Faces of Eve, The Racers, Day of Triumph, The Road to Denver, The Fighter, The Family Secret, Yankee Pasha, Gorilla at Large, The Man Who Cheated Himself, and The Tall Texan.
Karl Malden: Baby Doll, A Streetcar Named Desire, On the Waterfront, The Hanging Tree, I Confess, The Gunfighter, Halls of Montezuma, Where the Sidewalk Ends, Diplomatic Courier, Time Limit, The Sellout, Bombers B-52, Ruby Gentry, Phantom of the Rue Morgue, Ruby Gentry, Take the High Ground!, and Operation Secret.
Rod Steiger: The Harder They Fall, Cry Terror!, Teresa, On the Waterfront, Oklahoma!, The Big Knife, Jubal, The Court-Martial of Billy Mitchell, Al Capone, Back from Eternity, Run of the Arrow, The Unholy Wife, and Across the Bridge.
Aldo Ray: The Marrying Kind, Pat and Mike, Let's Do It Again, Battle Cry, God's Little Acre, Nightfall, The Naked and the Dead, Men in War, The Siege of Pinchgut, Three Stripes in the Sun, The Barefoot Mailman, My True Story, and Never Trust a Gambler.
Richard Conte: I'll Cry Tomorrow, The Fighter, The Sleeping City, Hollywood Story, The Raging Tide, The Raiders, The Blue Gardenia, Desert Legion, Slaves of Babylon, Highway Dragnet, New York Confidential, The Big Combo, Mask of Dust, Full of Life, The Big Tip Off, Little Red Monkey, Bengazi, Target Zero, The Brothers Rico, This Angry Age, and They Came to Cordura.
Tab Hunter: They Came to Cordura, That Kind of Woman, Gunman's Walk, Damn Yankees, Lafayette Escadrille, The Lawless, Gun Belt, The Island of Desire, Battle Cry, Track of the Cat, While We're Young, The Steel Lady, Return to Treasure Island, The Sea Chase, Fear Strikes Out, The People Against McQuade, The Burning Hills, The Girl He Left Behind, Mask for the Devil, Forbidden Area, Hans Brinker and the and Silver Skates.
Robert Ryan: Born to Be Bad, The Secret Fury, Flying Leathernecks, Hard, Fast and Beautiful, Clash by Night, On Dangerous Ground, The Racket, Horizons West, Beware, My Lovely, Bad Day at Black Rock, The Naked Spur, Best of the Badmen, Inferno, City Beneath the Sea, About Mrs. Leslie, Alaska Seas, Back from Eternity, The Tall Men, House of Bamboo, The Proud Ones, Her Twelve Men, Escape to Burma, Men in War, Odds Against Tomorrow, Lonelyhearts, Day of the Outlaw, and God's Little Acre.
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Marcello Mastroianni: Lulu, It's Never Too Late, Black Feathers, Sunday Heroes, The Mute of Portici, The Most Wonderful Moment, Fathers and Sons, Sand, Love and Salt, White Nights, Girls for the Summer, The Bigamist, Piece of the Sky, Three Girls from Rome, The Eternal Chain, Il viale della speranza, Schiava del peccato, Tom Toms of Mayumba, The Island Princess, The Miller's Beautiful Wife, Too Bad She's Bad, House of Ricordi, Lucky to Be a Woman, The Law, Ferdinando I, re di Napoli, My Wife's Enemy, Everyone's in Love, Love and Troubles, Big Deal on Madonna Street, Doctor and the Healer, Chronicle of Poor Lovers, A Slice of Life, Days of Love, Sunday in August, A Tale of Five Cities, The Accusation, Tragic Return, Eager to Live, Barefoot Savage, Paris Is Always Paris, La valigia dei sogni, Against the Law, A Dog's Life, and Hearts at Sea.
Glenn Ford: The Big Heat, Blackboard Jungle, 3:10 to Yuma, Appointment in Honduras, The Violent Men, The Man from the Alamo, Plunder of the Sun, The Americano, Cowboy, Don't Go Near the Water, Trial, Jubal, The Fastest Gun Alive, Ransom!, It Started with a Kiss, The Sheepman, The Teahouse of the August Moon, Imitation General, Torpedo Run, The Gazebo, Human Desire, Interrupted Melody, The White Tower, Convicted, The Redhead and the Cowboy, The Secret of Convict Lake, The Flying Missile, Follow the Sun, The Green Glove, Young Man with Ideas, Time Bomb, and Affair in Trinidad.
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2020.09.25 22:01 worrywart666 illegal citizens and financial disclosure/ divorce

I have been handling my own divorce as I am currently unemployed, and cannot afford a lawyer. The caveat is that my ex-partner (we have been separated for 3 years) is an illegal citizen. We were young when we got married and didn't understand the complexities of applying for a green card, so we never did it. that means he has been in the U.S. now for over 6 years, undocumented. He is from a northern european country, and currently lives in new orleans. I am from and currently living in Los Angeles.
I recently filed my petition for divorce at the courthouse and the next step is serving him with documents. We have amicably agreed on this divorce and he is cooperating. However, after doing further research, I am noticing that we will both be required to submit a financial disclosure. I am worried that A.) he will not have enough proof or evidence of his financial state, as he has always worked under the table jobs; and B.) that by disclosing this information, he is at risk of being deported.
The last thing I want to do is put him in danger of deportation. I'm worried that divorcing him will potentially cause this. So now, I am at a pause and concerned about how to proceed next.
Is there anyone who can help me?
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2020.09.25 21:46 worrywart666 illegal citizen & financial disclosure (divorce question)

I have been handling my own divorce as I am currently unemployed, and cannot afford a lawyer. The caveat is that my ex-partner (we have been separated for 3 years) is an illegal citizen. We were young when we got married and didn't understand the complexities of applying for a green card, so we never did it. that means he has been in the U.S. now for over 6 years, undocumented. He is from a northern european country, and lives in new orleans. I am located in los angeles.
I recently filed my petition for divorce at the courthouse and the next step is serving him with documents, which I was going to do by mail. We have amicably agreed on this divorce and he is cooperating. However, after doing further research, I am noticing that we will both be required to submit a financial disclosure. I am worried that A.) he will not have enough proof or evidence of his financial state, as he has always worked under the table jobs. and B.) that by disclosing this information, he is at risk of being deported.
The last thing I want to do is put him in danger of deportation. I'm worried that divorcing him will potentially cause this. So now, I am at a pause and concerned about what to do next. However, I have put this off for so long, and I am really ready to severe all threads between us. It's time.
Is there anyone who can help me?
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2020.09.23 15:30 ZandrickEllison Offseason Blueprint: The Houston Rockets are playing an entirely different game than their peers -- but will history remember them more like Nintendo or Sega?

The playoffs continue to rage on, but there are 26 teams sitting at home with nothing to do but twiddle their thumbs, watch the Conference Finals, and wait for next season to start.
For their sake, we wanted to look ahead with the next edition of the OFFSEASON BLUEPRINT series. In each, we'll preview some big decisions and make some recommendations for plans of attack along the way. Today, we're looking at the Houston Rockets.
Last night I watched a documentary about the video game battle between Sega and Nintendo called Console Wars (based on the Blake J. Harris book), so that may bled into my brain and into this particular entry.
step one: trust your Tom Kalinske
When Sega found itself lagging way behind the curve, they made an unconventional hire in executive Tom Kalisnke. Kalinske didn't have any video game experience, having come from Mattel where he dealt with Barbies and He-Man toys. Presumably, rival execs rooted against him. Still, the man had a magical touch when it came to marketing and a vision of the future that went against the grain. The hire turned out to be a home run.
The same can be said for Houston's Daryl Morey, perhaps the first true "nerd" general manager. Other GMs learned to adopt analytics; Morey was born in it, molded by it. He's so far ahead of the curve that other teams still haven't learned to catch up yet. There's a rudimentary stat called "MoreyBall" which adds your three pointers and free throws and then divides by your twos. The league average is about 1.00. Houston Rockets are at 1.51, by far the highest mark in the league.
These Houston Rockets just got stomped by the old-school (in contrast) L.A. Lakers, which many believe showed the flaws in their approach. I disagree. The Lakers had Anthony Davis and LeBron f'ing James. Those are two beasts that are nearly impossible to match up with. In contrast, the Houston Rockets had James Harden, a wobbly Russell Westbrook, and a shaky supporting cast. Their style of play didn't lose the playoffs for them; their style of play kept them in the playoffs as long as it possibly could before superior talent won out (against these Lakers and against Golden State prior.)
Knowing that, the Houston Rockets need to adjust and make over their roster, but maintain their fundamental approach and style of play.
step two: keep speeding it up like Sonic the Hedgehog
In their battle against Nintendo, Sega found an ace in the hole in the form of super-speedy Sonic the Hedgehog. It provided them a huge surge in the marketplace.
When the Houston Rockets traded Chris Paul for Russell Westbrook, there were plenty of theories as to why. Was it a personality clash? A financial consideration? Tilman Fertitta being a frittata?
To be fair, there are some logical, basketball-related reasons as to why Westbrook may have been a better fit for the Houston brand of basketball. Chris Paul is still an awesome player, but he plays at a more deliberate pace, slowly targeting midrange shots like it's Duck Hunt. In contrast, Westbrook is the "Sonic" of point guards, going so fast that he can sometimes veer out of control. After making the swap at PG, the Rockets' pace jumped all the way from 27th (with CP3) up to 2nd this year. That's more in line with James Harden and the smallball approach.
Going forward, the team needs to maintain that identity as they look toward a new coach. Completely reversing course and trying to slow it down or go "big" would be a mistake. We want to find the next Mike D'Antoni, not Mike D'Anti-toni.
For me, two potential coaching prospects immediately jump to mind: Kenny Atkinson and Chris Finch.
Atkinson is the more familiar name, and the easier one to link to this job. His first job as an assistant actually came under Mike D'Antoni, and he's learned to play with a "pace and space" approach. His Brooklyn Nets routinely finished in the top 5 in three-point attempts. It's confusing to me why Atkinson hasn't been a hotter candidate in the marketplace yet given his resume, but he'd fit in easily here.
I'd also say the same about Chris Finch, a lesser known assistant in New Orleans. Finch has a spectacular resume as a head coach in smaller leagues, and has served as a top assistant for Houston, Denver, and now New Orleans. Through it all, his offenses play fast. I happen to like Atkinson and Finch a lot for any team, but I like them for this team especially. Of course, that's operating under the presumption that the Rockets are looking for a younger, cheaper version of Mike D'Antoni, and don't want to reinvent themselves entirely.
step three: don't bust like Buster
When you're locked into an intense competition with your rivals, you can't make missteps like Sega may have when they based their boxing game around new sensation (!) Buster Douglas.
Similarly, the Houston Rockets don't have much of a margin for error. When you're playing small and you're playing fast, you're going to exhaust your players. You need to give them some solid reinforcements. The fact that Houston had poor depth was a death knell for them, especially when Danuel House decided to play his own game of Leisure Suit Larry.
Finding capable depth for Houston is never going to be easy given the fact that they're paying a combined $82.5M for James Harden and Russell Westbrook next season. Their role players are also aging. At the start of next season, P.J. Tucker will be 35 and Eric Gordon will be 32. They have some free agents like Jeff Green (age 34), Thabo Sefolosha (age 36), and Tyson Chandler (age 37.) Help is needed, ASAP. Send AARP while you're at, too.
Trading Eric Gordon would make a lot of sense. For a "shooter," his shooting comes and goes. He only shot 31.7% from beyond the arc in the regular season, and only improved that to 32.2% in the playoffs. And if Gordon isn't knocking down shots, he's a potential liability overall. At 6'4", he has limited size for the wing, which has contributed to some problems the team has in terms of defense and rebounding.
Unfortunately, trading Gordon may be easier said than done. He has an obscenely long contract that will pay him $17M next season, $18M the following year, $19M the next year, and $21M all the way in 2023-24 (when Gordon will be 35 years old.) The Rockets may have to attach picks to get rid of a contract like that.
Sadly, the same may be true for Russell Westbrook. He actually played well for the Rockets this year (pre playoffs), but his contract is fatter than Mario after a pasta dinner. He'll be paid $41M + $44M + $47M (player option). Given his particular skill set, you worry about how he'll age. If the team can flip Westbrook and turn him in 2-3 decent players, they have to consider that. However, I'm just not sure where that trade partner is coming from. The team should listen to offers if they arise, but they shouldn't plan on that coming into fruition.
step four: look for help anywhere you can get it
At the tail end of their fight against Nintendo, Sega ended up passing on an outside firm whose technology ended up becoming Sony PlayStation. Whoops.
In order to avoid the same fate, the Houston Rockets need to scour the Earth, looking for potential help. As mentioned, it won't be easy. They have over $120M committed on their cap sheet already, and no draft picks in 2020. It's going to be slim pickin's.
Still, savvy teams have managed to find rotational players in circumstances like that before. The Miami Heat found Duncan Robinson, the L.A. Lakers found Alex Caruso. Heck, these same Houston Rockets found Danuel House (a legitimately good player, and apparently a good playa as well.) If the Rockets can add a credible 7th and 8th man, they'd feel much better about their chances. Better still, they'd be able to give stars like James Harden some rest. Harden's been a horse in Houston, but if he ended up missing 20+ games, things could get ugly fast.
So where is this cheap help coming from? Some may have to be internal. Ben McLemore has always flashed athleticism and shooting talent, but he still needs to iron out his consistency. Perhaps having another year in the same situation will help him get even more comfortable. I'm even hopeful the team may get some solid minutes from David Nwaba. He's limited offensively, but he's a good defensive player who may pair well with James Harden.
Going forward, I'd like to see the Rockets develop more players in that mold rather than patching together over-the-hill veterans like Band-aids. Former Rocket Isaiah Hartenstein may be worth bringing back to the building. P.J. Dozier (DNE) may be playing himself out of their price range, but he's an intriguing project. I like the ball movement skills of Harry Giles (SAC) and Theo Pinson (NYK.) Perhaps forgotten veterans like Mo Harkless (NYK) or Noah Vonleh (DEN) would take a cheap deal in order to play in the Houston style and buoy their stock for next year. Finding forwards with good size is paramount; this team was partially constructed to beat Golden State and now the Lakers appear to be the biggest threat out West.
The desperate need to DEVELOP talent also speaks to the need for the next coaching staff. Kenny Atkinson has a good reputation in terms of player development, which is going to be crucial as the team tries to manufacture depth around Harden and Westbrook -- not only for this next year, but for the next several years to come. If the Rockets fail to do that, they'll lose this console war and have nothing to look forward to but a Blake J. Harris retrospective in 30 years time.
previous offseason blueprints
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2020.09.23 14:41 GaryNunchucks The Weekly Mock Draft 2.0: Vikings replace Diggs, Bengals protect Burrow

What is The Weekly Mock Draft?
Every Wednesday/Thursday of the season (starting today and ending after Week 17), I will post a mock draft. The order is determined by Tankathon (record and SOS) and will be updated weekly as well. This will be used as a tool to determine how the stocks of the top prospects changed throughout the year and for the fans to have something to look forward to once football games are over for the week. The teams will pick players as if they are drafting today. Enjoy!
1. Carolina: Trevor Lawrence, QB, Clemson
Teddy Bridgewater is not the long-term answer at QB and everyone knows it. If Carolina does in fact end up with the top pick, they will not hesitate to select the athletic Clemson standout, Trevor Lawrence. His bend of size, athleticism, and arm talent combines with physical gifts to create the dream QB many teams long for. The Panthers can have him sit behind Bridgewater for a season or choose to play him from Week 1. Either way, the team will have an exciting QB to build around for years to come.
2. Atlanta: Micah Parsons, LB, Penn State
If games were won solely by offense, Atlanta would be 2-0. However, their defense has came short in the past two games and Thomas Dimitroff needs to make big moves this upcoming offseason if he wants to keep his job. Micah Parsons, without a doubt, is the best defensive player in this class and fits a need at LB. Although he isn't the most consistent tackler, his potential outweighs any concerns, making him a perfect fit for a Falcons defense that needs a spark.
3. Minnesota: Ja'Marr Chase, WR, LSU
Adam Thielen has been great as the WR1 in Minnesota and Justin Jefferson has time to develop as this is only his rookie season. Bisi Johnson has been fairly lackluster in two seasons as a Viking and isn't expected to be a core member of Minnesota offense. The Vikings need a proper replacement for Stefon Diggs and if Justin Jefferson doesn't live up to his expectations as a Round 1 pick, they need to consider Ja'Marr Chase. He is a natural receiver, with a smooth style of play and plucky hands, and could help form a deadly receiving group in Minnesota.
4. Detroit: Dylan Moses, LB, Alabama
The Lions LB trio has been uninspiring in their play so far and players like Jarrad Davis and Christian Jones can certainly be replaced any day of the week. Moses is an athletic LB with extraordinary instincts and range. If Jamie Collins Sr. can keep up the play he displayed in New England, pairing him with Moses would provide a great boost to the young Lions defense.
5. Cincinnati: Penei Sewell, OT, Oregon
The best non-QB prospect falls to Cincinnati at 5 and will be the easiest pick of the draft. Cincinnati is desperate for help on the offensive line, especially the OT position. Rookie Jonah Williams is expected to be a mainstay on the offensive line but is capable of moving around and if Sewell is drafted, he could shift to LG. Another situation would involve both Williams and Sewell playing OT. Wherever the coaches decide to place them, the Bengals will have two talented linemen that can help keep promising rookie QB Joe Burrow healthy.
6. Philadelphia: Caleb Farley, CB, Virginia Tech
The Eagles have had a terrible start to the season, losing their first two games to teams they were supposed to be better than, but all the blame can't be placed on Carson Wentz and the offense. Starting CBs Darius Slay and Avonte Maddox have not performed up to par and although Slay is expected to a star on the Eagles defense, Maddox can be replaced and Farley is the perfect option. The elite Virginia Tech CB may be new to defending WRs but he plays like he has experience. A CB duo of Slay and Farley would certainly come in handy against an NFC East featuring up and coming receivers like CeeDee Lamb and Terry McLaurin.
7. NY Giants: Gregory Rousseau, EDGE, Miami
Dexter Lawrence, Leonard Williams, and Lorenzo Carter have already recorded sacks and showed flashes of pass rushing prowess. Markus Golden has also been solid but the Giants still need a boost at the EDGE position. Rousseau is a raw but terrific edge defender with exceptional length that can help take the Giants defense to the next level.
8. Miami: DeVonta Smith, WR, Alabama
Miami has a great WR1 in top 15 receiver DeVante Parker but his offensive partners, Preston Williams and Isaiah Ford, could be better. Ford enters free agency after this season and Miami could make a dramatic upgrade by drafting Too Tagovailoa's college teammate, DeVonta Smith. The Alabama game changer would be a reliable option in any offense and his chemistry with Tagovailoa will already be there, making him a worthy reach at 8.
9. Denver: Patrick Surtain II, CB, Alabama
A.J. Bouye is out for a few weeks with an injury but nobody was expecting him to play like the All-Pro shutdown corner he was in Jacksonville. Bryce Callahan isn't doing too great but still has the potential to turn around his season. Nevertheless, Denver needs to add another CB this upcoming offseason and if they miss out on Farley, they should consider Patrick Surtain II. He has the ideal combination of height, weight, and length for a CB and has displayed the patience and aggressiveness necessary to thrive as a corner in the NFL.
10. Houston → MIA: Quincy Roche, EDGE, Miami
Miami reaches once again, but this time for the explosive in-state EDGE Quincy Roche. The Dolphins pass rushing unit consists of Raekwon Davis, Emmanuel Ogbah, Shaq Lawson, and Kyle Van Noy, none of whom have made a positive impact yet as Dolphins. A lethal defender like Roche needs to be brought in to bolster the pass rush and fill in one of Miami's biggest needs.
11. NY Jets: Justin Fields, QB, Ohio State
Sam Darnold has not lived up to the expectations of being the best QB from the 2018 NFL Draft and although the blame can be put on Adam Gase and the front office not providing more weapons, Darnold has still failed to try and make the best of his situation. The Jets are likely to have a much higher pick but if the draft were to occur today, they would pick at 11. And since this scenario puts them in the war room today, the Jets will bounce on Justin Fields if he is available. Lance is a natural arm that can make effortless throws with accuracy. If Adam Gase is fired as expected, the new coach will likely want to start fresh with a tough QB like Fields.
12. Tampa Bay: Rondale Moore, WR, Purdue
Tampa Bay has one of the best WR duos in the league in Mike Evans and Chris Godwin. Both receivers made the Pro Bowl last season as deserved and with Tom Brady at the helm, the duo could have as good of a season once they are on the field together. Scotty Miller, on the other hand, is not the type of third option that can change the outcome of a game. Chris Godwin will also be a free agent and there is a possibility that the Buccaneers decide to pass on paying him if they want to spend on other positions of need and if they can find a replacement in the draft. This could also end up being a situation similar to what the Cowboys were in this April, taking CeeDee Lamb at 17. Rondale Moore, like Lamb, is a RAC machine that resembles a running back with the ball in his hands. His presence will make Tom Brady's life easier and perhaps propel Tampa Bay to the next tier.
13. Washington: Alex Leatherwood, OT, Alabama
The departure of Trent Williams left Washington starting Geron Christian Sr. at LT. Christian Sr. is obviously not the long-term starter and could be replaced as soon as next March. Washington could also opt to wait for the draft and pick from a skinny selection of OTs. Leatherwood will likely be available at 13 and Washington should definitely pick him to fully move on from Trent Williams and keep young offensive pieces Dwyane Haskins Jr. and Antonio Gibson healthy.
14. LA Chargers: Tyson Campbell, CB, Georgia
Starting CBs Chris Harris Jr. and Casey Hayward Jr. have not turned any heads with their play so far this season and Desmond King II is frustrated with his role, plus he will be a free agent next spring. Both Harris Jr. and Hayward Jr. will also become free agents together in 2022 and could potentially leave if the Chargers don't perform well. However these next two free agency periods go, the Chargers need to prepare for the future by adding to their secondary. Derwin James and Nasir Adderley are young and promising safeties but CB is the position that really needs to be addressed. Tyson Campbell is a very good outside corner with great athleticism and agility. Drafting him will bump the Chargers up one step in the rebuilding process.
15. Cleveland: Creed Humphrey, IOL, Oklahoma
Cleveland has many needs and two of the most important ones, a leader and an IOL, are addressed with this pick. Creed Humphrey displayed responsibility and leadership as Oklahoma's best blocker and possesses a stronger lower body, helpful in preventing defensive linemen from getting past him. The Browns often rely on Nick Chubb and Kareem Hunt to run the ball and Humphrey will be instrumental in bolstering the team's ground game.
16. Jacksonville: Trey Lance, QB, North Dakota State
Gardner Minshew II has played well and was only 3 points away from leading the Jaguars to a 2-0 record. It has been obvious for the past couple months that Jacksonville's ownership is not interested in winning as they cut star RB Leonard Fournette and got rid of stars on the defensive side of the ball. Minshew II has done what he can to save his job by winning in Week 1 and trying to prove that he deserves to be the Jaguars franchise QB but for now, a replacement seems to be on Jacksonville's radar. The NFL is slowly shifting to an era in which dual-threat QBs reign supreme and Lance fits that mold. He is a competitive athlete with good body and arm strength and could either sit as a backup for his rookie year or start from the beginning and Jacksonville could find a trade for Minshew II.
17. Indianapolis: Marvin Wilson, IDL, Florida State
The Colts get the steal of the draft by landing top 10 prospect Marvin Wilson from Florida State. DeForest Buckner is a defensive star and will be a part of the Colts defense for many years but his teammate on the defensive line, Grover Stewart, is replaceable and the Colts need to improve there. Wilson is a muscular defender with superb physical tools and good mobility for his size. Indianapolis has a young defense that can already get the job done and adding Wilson to the mix makes for an offense's worst nightmare.
18. San Francisco: Wyatt Davis, IOL, Ohio State
San Francisco's IOL needs an upgrade and Wyatt Davis is the ideal choice at 18. Laken Tomlinson has impressed so far at LG and has showed noticeable improvement from past seasons but Ben Garland and Daniel Brunskill are not doing as good of a job protecting their QB. Wyatt Davis, on the other hand, could drastically improve the 49ers offensive line. The 310 lb Ohio State blocker is a physically imposing bully with a natural feel from the game. He comes from an NFL family, providing lots of experience within the game and he would be a cornerstone on the offensive line.
19. New Orleans: Pat Freirmuth, TE, Penn State
Jared Cook is nearing retirement and this is the last season of his contract. With backups Josh Hill and Adam Trautman under contract for the next couple seasons, New Orleans will not have to keep Cook past his prime and they can instead opt for a cheap replacement through the draft. Although Trautman was a Round 3 pick this year, his role is yet to be determined and until he can show that he is worth being a TE1, the position is on the Saints radar. Freiermuth is a polished pass catcher and has garnered comparisons to Rob Gronkowski. If he can live up to the expectations, the Saints offense will become even more exciting than it already is and keep New Orleans atop the NFC South.
20. Dallas: Shaun Wade, CB, Ohio State
Chidobe Awuzie is only under contract for this season and could depart Dallas if a better offer comes his way. At the age of 25, he still has room to improve and even if the Cowboys decide to keep him, another CB would not hurt. Trevon Diggs has not gotten off to a great start in his rookie year but is expected to do better considering the fact that he has had to defend teams with solid WRs these first two weeks. Now that Shaun Wade is the focal point of Ohio State's secondary, he will have his chance to shine and improve his draft stock. His aggressiveness and physical power make for a tone setting corner that will bolster Dallas's promising secondary.
21. New England: Christian Barmore, IDL, Alabama
Lawrence Guy, Byron Cowart, and Adam Butler form an underwhelming defensive line in New England and Bill Belichick needs to address the IDL position once the season ends. A rock solid interior defender, Barmore has displayed immense power and versatility as a member of Alabama's defense. He still has a long way to go until he unlocks his full potential but players like that would be perfect for the Patriots. New England is a great team for developing players into stars and if all goes as planned, Barmore will be a core member of the Patriots organization.
22. Green Bay: Paulson Adebo, CB, Stanford
Green Bay can also consider LB or WR here but Adebo is the BPA and fits a need at CB. Jaire Alexander has lived up to the expectations of being a Round 1 pick and will be the team's long-term starting CB but with RCB Kevin King becoming a free agent after this season, CB could potentially become a pressing need for the Packers. Adebo is an adequate piece in both the run game and the passing game. He has the physical tools, such as long arms and good length, to thrive as a corner in the NFC North, which serves a home to many star WRs such as Kenny Golladay and Adam Thielen.
23. Las Vegas: Jay Tufele, IDL, USC
Jonathan Hankins has shown flashes of improvement in his third season with the Raiders but his DT counterpart, Maliek Collins, has been uninspiring. Both players will be free agents in 2021 and it would be wise to keep Hankins and let Collins go. His replacement would be easy to find, as Jay Tufele is the explosive athlete Las Vegas needs on the defensive side of the ball. The Raiders defense is full of youth and adding an agile 315 lb pass rusher would make a big impact on the team's performance.
24. Kansas City: Rashod Bateman, WR, Minnesota
Tyreek Hill is now arguably the best WR in the AFC after the Deandre Hopkins trade but the other WRs Kansas City has provided Patrick Mahomes with could easily be upgraded through this WR-heavy draft. Sammy Watkins is only under contract for this season and with many teams desperate for a WR, he could be headed to another city. Rashod Bateman's exciting style of play is perfect for the high-octane Chiefs offense and similarly to Rondale Moore, his best quality may be his run after catch skills.
25. Chicago: Jaylen Waddle, WR, Alabama
The Bears need to focus on their offense in the offseason and if Mitchell Trubisky can save his job, the first step Chicago should take is finding weapons for their franchise QB. Allen Robinson II is a top 15 receiver and deserves an extension but even if he gets one, the team's two other starters at WR, Darnell Mooney and Anthony Miller, are more suitable in backup roles and the Bears could certainly find better options. Jaylen Waddle is being projected by scouts to go much higher than 25 but if the speedy Alabama WR is available, it is very possible they choose him.
26. Pittsburgh: Dillon Radunz, OT, North Dakota State
Alejandro Villanueva is perfectly fine at LT and the Steelers will most likely want to sign him to a new contract in March. On the right side, Zach Banner was the starter but he suffered an ACL injury and will be out for the rest of the season. He will also be a free agent come the offseason and it would be a cheaper option to only re-sign the better OT and draft a replacement for the other one. Dillon Radunz has primarily lined up as a LT at North Dakota State and Alejandro Villanueva has some experience at RT, making Radunz an excellent choice.
27. Tennessee: Kyle Pitts, TE, Florida
Jonnu Smith has been a pleasant breakout player for the Titans, amassing 8 receptions, 120 receiving yards, and 3 receiving touchdowns in two games. However, the chance to add a potentially better player at the position in Kyle Pitts, especially since he is a top 25 prospect and an AFC South rival like the Jaguars could steal him at 32. Pitts is a creative route runner and has exceptional awareness on top of an outstanding catch radius. He can be treated as an extra receiver and make Ryan Tannehill's job much easier.
28. Arizona: Josh Myers, IOL, Ohio State
Arizona's IOL may have held opposing defenses to only 0 sacks in the first two games of the season but a large portion of the credit must be given to Kyler Murray and his ability to escape from the pocket with ease. The Cardinals need to address the interior and find players that can let Murray relax in the pocket and find his receivers. Josh Myers has impressed many at Ohio State with his mobility and speed and while there are some concerns about how he will translate to the NFL level, the Cardinals should not hesitate to upgrade their offensive line.
29. Seattle → NYJ: Aidan Hutchinson, EDGE, Michigan
The Jets drafted pass rusher Quinnen Williams in Round 1 of the 2019 NFL Draft and although he was underwhelming in his first season s a pro, he is poised for a breakout year if things go as planned. He could very well turn out to be the bright spot of this dreadful Jets team. Jordan Jenkins has also shown improvement but other than those two, the Jets don't have reliable options to rush the QB. The Michigan power rusher has the prototypical size for an edge defender and could have his best season yet with the Wolverines this fall. Putting him in the mix with Quinnen Williams will give the Jets a much needed boost to the defense.
30. Baltimore: Hamsah Nasirildeen, S, Florida State
DeShon Elliott has become Baltimore's starting FS in wake of the Earl Thomas fiasco but isn't expected to fill the shoes the Pro Bowler left behind. Elliott will suffice for this season but the Ravens need to find Earl Thomas's replacement in the offseason. Hamsah Nasirildeen is one of the more underrated prospects in this class and doesn't get the attention he deserves for his impressive play and if Baltimore can steal him, it truly is over for the rest of the league.
31. Buffalo: Daniel Faalele, OT, Minnesota
Buffalo will consider adding another CB to help Tre'Davious White lead the secondary or add a LB but instead, they reach for Minnesota anchor Daniel Faalele. LT Dion Dawkins is locked up on a long contract until 2025 but RT Daryl Williams will be a free agent this offseason and if he continues improving, his asking price may go up. In that case, the Bills can look to the draft for a new starter on the offensive line and Faalele would be put in a great situation.
32. LA Rams → JAX: Travis Etienne, RB, Clemson
After drafting their franchise QB in Trey Lance, the Jaguars address the hole Leonard Fournette's release left at RB. James Robinson has impressed doubters with an electric Week 2 performance against the Titans but adding a game-changing back like Etienne would still make sense. If Jacksonville can make an RB timeshare work, they will have an exciting young offense to develop these next few years.
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